We are the creators of narwhal for reddit on iOS AUA!

May 24th 2017 by det0ur • 5 Questions • 265 Points

/u/charliewonders and myself are the developer/designer duo behind narwhal for reddit ( /r/getnarwhal

We saw the request in and we are here to answer any questions you have!

We launched narwhal for reddit a couple years ago as a fresh design take on reddit for iOS 7. Since then, we've been improving it to be a gesture-based efficient and simple viewer of all reddit content


Hi guys! I gotta say that from all the reddit apps available, narwhal has become my favorite! You guys nailed with with features like gesture based options.

What do you see in the future? Are you guys thinking of expanding your portfolio of apps or just focus on nawwhal to make it even better?

Thanks for doing this AMA!


Thanks for being an awesome user of narwhal :)

We always have a ton of different ideas for apps, but we always just keep spending more time on narwhal. This has always been a nights and weekend sort of project for us outside our normal day job so its hard to fit in time for anything else besides improving narwhal.

Hopefully we will have some other apps in the future!


What's next?

Sent from narwhal :)


Oh man, there is always soooo much to build. We get a ton of feedback in /r/getnarwhal and try to record it all on our trello board. The most recent requests that we have been seeing the most of are:

  1. Autoplaying GIFs in the main feed
  2. Reworking our implementation of search
  3. More UI customization
  4. Improve user profiles
  5. Mod features


What was/is the most difficult part for you guys to get it up and running? Did you guys already have a ton of background in coding or app development when yall started? How many days do yall wait to pick off a scab?


The most difficult part was getting the experience right with the design and interactions. It is always a challenge to have an app that is simple to use, but powerful and easy to configure.

We both had a ton of design and development experience prior to starting. I actually used to work for Apple and we had both made other apps for clients in the past together.

Gotta let it fall off naturally!


If you were to convince a user to switch to your app from, say, RiF, how would you do so?


I'd say that most people convert to narwhal after only a few minutes of use! We provide an extremely efficient way to browse content and perform any action you would like to on it.

Swipe to the left to upvote. Swipe right to save it for later. Long press to open in safari. 3D Touch for a quick preview.

And we allow you to customize a TON of stuff in the app while keeping it simple. Re-arrange the menu, change the app icon, change behavior of how images/video are loaded, etc.


Could you make the UI more like iOS's apps with navigation on the bottom, instead of the top?


We could, but then we'd be the same as all the other apps. We like having our super customizable side menu that can take you anywhere in the app at any time!