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Jun 6th 2017 by Official_Funcom • 11 Questions • 103 Points

Edit from AndyB: 2:30 PM EDT - Thank you for joining us! We couldn't get to every question here, but there's some questions that ended up getting asked a few times--be sure to look over the answers and see if we have an answer for your question. We're going to end the AMA for now, but we'll try to go back and answer other questions later on today. Cheers!

Hi, Reddit!

We are the Norwegian game developer Funcom, creators of Anarchy Online, The Longest Journey, Age of Conan, and Conan Exiles.

We're less than a month away from the official launch of Secret World Legends, the free-to-play relaunch of 2012's The Secret World, the online RPG where ancient myths and legends cross over into the modern day. Game Director Romain "Tilty" Amiel will be on deck to answer questions you may have about the game, the development process, or whatever else you may want to know about life! We'll try to answer as much as possible.

We're starting up at 1:00 PM EDT, so about 20 minutes from now. We'll go for about an hour!

We posted yesterday about this AMA on our official Facebook page and Twitter, complete with image of a dazed Game Director, and spoke to mod /u/pussgurka for permission to post this 3 days ago (We originally wanted to do this Monday, but ended up having to push it back).

Proof: (If ya need more, we got it!)


Hello Tilty (and the rest of the team)! Thanks for holding this AMA! I love the game and the work you are putting into it, but we are here for questions now, so here's mine:

1- Will faction deck costumes return? How about the basic ones now tied to classes? Will the ones we don't pick be obtainable?

2- How much time will we have until Whispering Tide? Recent videos seem to imply it'll be very soon, and I worry many players won't be geared enough or far into the story to experience it. Have you thought of maybe making it a recurring yearly event or part of the story? Since it's a key part of the story, it'd be nice if future players could at least experience it at some point.

3- The info on AUX weapons has been vague at best, are they completely scrapped, or any plans for them? Maybe fully fledged weapons? Maybe secondary only? (Whip and brace were so cool!)

4- Augments got removed, but will AEGIS still be in? (I think an overhaul was mentioned, but I hope it's not gone, it made Tokyo into a really unique area)

5- Have there been any changes to the flow of the story to avoid anachronisms? In TSW it's easy to miss "The Girl is Gone" at Lidiya's terminal, or even all of Issue 7 before players reach tokyo, and both are quite important. (Lidiya appears during Issue 8, and the love hotel cutscene with the TV shows the player doing Issues 6 and 7).

6- Is there a proper way to obtain the lore/legend in the Polaris container? Everywhere I look people either give you the password or talk about how the website is broken.

7- Speaking of which, if you do some kind of launch stream, will Tilty finally grab a lore to celebrate? :p


1- yes. yes. yes.

2 - We will be announcing some of the post launch release dates soon(tm), but it will be fairly soon. We do have some plans to be as inclusive as possible to allow as many players as possible to participate. We aren't planning to have this event repeatable currently, but there will be different events happening regularly throughout the year.

3 - maybe? :)

4 - Too early to answer that, we'll give you more info when we get closer to the release of Tokyo, but it's good news!

5 - A lot of the story has updated to include some of the issue content, particularly when it includes important character.

6 - Yup we'll make sure the clue is obtainable!

7 - Never!


Will there be an open beta? If so, what dates do you anticipating it being?

Will there be a publicized list of what cosmetics/items do and don't transfer from TSW to SWL?


Can't answer this right now, but we'll have more information about that later this week.

I can look and see if we can publicize the list. There are over 4000 different pieces of clothing getting transferred, so it might long.


Hey Funcom,

I have to say I'm actually pretty happy about Secret World Legends. I was always very interested in the story and lore, but I'm usually not one for MMO gameplay. I'm hoping this will reinvigorate me to play the game some more.

Anyway, a couple of questions:

  1. If I bought a copy of the original game but I'm not also a subscriber, will I get any benefits for that in Legends?

  2. Is there any way to make the game play more like a 3rd person shooter or action game? It looks like that's the direction you're going in, but it also looks like most skills are still controlled by the number keys.


1 - running out of time, but I answered this in another answer. 2 - Combat has been update to feel more action oriented, but you will need a few more keys than just the mouse buttons if you want to master your "class" :)


Hi! Thanks for the AMA, here are some Qs:

  1. Will seasonal events make a return in Legends?

  2. If they do, have you planned adding more celebrations throughout the year?

  3. Will guilds/cabals still be society specific or is there added room for Cabals formed of multiple different societies? In The Secret World players mostly organized those through forums.


Yup we have plans for several events throughout the year, the first event being The Whispering Tide 2017 edition :)

Cabals now allow players from any faction to join.


HI; my question is: how do i make sure that my vanity/ clothing items transfer? If I bought a uniform once is that enough? Do they have to be bought account wide? Will any of the suits that could not be bought on the store like the black morphs be available?>


The transfer will be based on you owning the individual clothing piece on at least 1 character.


Any comments on the cabal system? Are there any new features? Is it multi-faction now?

Also, will folks who have been in the game prior to Legends have a flair or way that new players and old friends can help locate them? It would be awesome as a long time player to be able to offer help to someone if they needed it while running around without having to access chat.


Yup Cabal now allow members from all factions.

Not currently. There are a few clothing pieces that will be exclusive to TSW. As for helping other players, You can still create special chat channels with the purpose of helping new players :)


When is the Release date expected? I did some Videos on AO years back would like to also makes some videos on Secret World in the future. Funcom has always been one my favorite MMO companies.


SWL will release on the 26th of June on the Funcom platform and 31st of July on Steam


Will there be different levels of sprint speed as there are currently in TSW? Will the Master Planner achievement for master planning all the non-AEGIS dungeons and the uniform reward carry over, or will it be obtainable in SWL?


There will be 6 level of sprints available. Same as in TSW.

The combat system having changed quite a lot, we needed to update the master planner achievements also. We'll talk more about that soon (tm)


What is the biggest problem you have at work?


People refusing to speak French...


So I love the story and universe behind Secret World, but I'm really not keen on grinding it out again to get my character back ready again for future content.

Since Legends isn't an MMO like TSW, has there been any thought put into a sort of "easy mode" for people who just want to experience the story but not have to think too hard about the mechanics?


There has been several changes to the story, so definitely a few things to discover this time around.

We tried to ensure that the game will be simple enough for players that just want to enjoy the ride and discover the story. We're keeping the more difficult dungeons for end game dungeons and lairs.

We have even added a 'story mode' for the dungeons, that allows you to do them with small groups while leveling, focusing mainly on the story.


Hi Titti! Would I have to buy a new copy of the game? Also, would you consider bringing this game to Nintendo Switch?


The game will be F2P.

I'm not sure about the Nintendo Switch although now I really want a Ur-Draug Amiibo.