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Hey Reddit. I’m Nick Antosca, creator and executive producer for SYFY’s Channel Zero: No-End House. This installment is inspired by Brian Russell’s Creepypasta tale about a bizarre house of horrors, and premieres tomorrow (9/20) at 10/9c on SYFY.

I’m here to answer any and all fan questions - ask me anything.

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4:45pm - I've gotta go to North Hollywood and it's rush hour, so I must wrap this up. Thank you to the /r/IAmA and creepypasta community!


Hi Nick,

I'd like to start by saying I absolutely adored Candle Cove and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the show!

1.) What are your influences on the tone and production of Channel Zero? Have they changed at all in-between seasons?

2.) To someone who wants to break into the world of film and television production, what is the best advice you could give as to where to start? What kind of things should they study and work on in order to get recognized and work their way up?

Thanks so much for your time! Can't wait for tomorrow's premiere!



1) They do change between seasons. Candle Cove was influenced by Stephen King and, of all things, Haneke. Craig and I talked about Haneke, David Lynch, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Days of Heaven, and other things not traditionally considered horror movies. No-End House was influenced by John Carpenter, Solaris, Night of the Living Dead, It Follows.

2) It depends. If you want to break in as a writer, as I did, then first of all, read as much as you can. Not just scripts but plays, novels, short stories. Master storytelling structure. Watch shows and movies that you like and outline them so you understand how the structure works and what you like so much about them. I would study history, philosophy, literature more than film theory. And then write as much as you can, and finish what you write. Block out time every day to write. Focus and eliminate distractions. (Ideally avoid social media. I would quit twitter and IG or at least shut them down for long periods of time if I didn't have a show to promote.)

I recommend the book DEEP WORK by Cal Newport. It was extremely useful to me.

More practically, it helps a lot to be in or around LA, and it's extremely valuable to meet people who will mentor you and help you along the way.


Thanks so much for your reply! :)

Also, out of pure curiosity, is there any hope that we'll be getting some adaptations of shorter/more obscure creepypastas down the road?


Yes. The fourth installment (which I'm writing now) is from a much more obscure creepypasta than Candle Cove or No-End House.


Did you ever figure out who was phone? Or is that a spoiler for a future season?


They warned me to watch out for trolls...

But yeah, that's season 4. You guessed it.


Hi Nick, Just wanted to check in on the status of my marriage proposal? Also, how rad is it to have Jeff Russo as a composer? Best, Tosca


Jeff Russo is a rock star (literally) and I love working with him! I'm so glad he does our music. I tracked him down because I loved his work on Fargo.

My girlfriend has first dibs on marriage, but Tosca Antosca would be a great name. If I ever have a kid, can I name him/her that?


Whats your favorite Horror movie?

If you could direct 1 horror movie remake what would it be and why?

What is the most enjoyable part of your show in your opinion? (I don't have cable)

Is Hanibbal coming back?


My favorite horror movie changes depending on my mood and the day.

Some classic favorites are THE SHINING and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (both of which I saw as a small child and like imprinted on in some way, like a small animal does to its mother). Some others are LOST HIGHWAY, KRISHA, CACHE and WAIT UNTIL DARK.

I don't think in terms of movies I'd like to direct. It's possible I might direct something eventually, but I think in terms of what I'd like to write and produce. Showrunning is my dream job.

Most enjoyable part of the show for the audience depends on the person... maybe the weird shit like the Tooth Child, maybe the strong directorial voice each season, maybe the characters? Most enjoyable part for me is collaborating with people I admire to put stuff from our nightmares on screen.

I hope Hannibal comes back!


This season seems to look and feel different from the first season tonally. Did you find it difficult to move away from the tone of Candle Cove in order to write this season?


No, that's one of the most exciting things about the show.

Writers, producers, and directors spend so much time trying to get things made. We all have so many ideas we are passionate about that never get to the screen for a million different reasons. So to be able to make a show where every season I get to start fresh and we're basically making a new horror movie every year or so.... it's just really cool and rare and fun. It's daunting to start from scratch creatively every time, but it's very very exciting.

Candle Cove, I wanted a more restrained, eerie feel with NO jump scares. I loved Craig Macneill's film THE BOY and thought he would be perfect. The style matched with the main character's feelings of repression and claustrophobia.

For NEH, I wanted something more kinetic, with a roving camera and an immersive sense of paranoia. Steven Piet directed every episode of the season, and he is amazing. His film Uncle John is the reason I went after him.


Followup if that's cool:

Are you happier with No-End House than you were with Candle Cove? I was blown away with how into that season I got, AHS can't hold me that well, but you and the rest of the team managed to keep it worth watching every week.


I love all my children!

I would say we challenge ourselves to do something different every season, and of course we always want to up our game and make each season scarier/ show the audience something they haven't seen before. I am incredibly proud of both seasons.


I loved your Friday the 13th script. What was your inspiration for the story? Who did you envision as the characters?


Thanks! That was fun. I literally got to write one draft and then Paramount regime changed and they moved on. We hadn't talked about cast much.

The hope was to make an F13 movie where the characters were fun to hang out with, and had real hopes and dreams and goals and quirks, like Dazed and Confused.

And then Jason shows up and shreds them.


Pineapple on pizza or no?


I love pineapple and bacon pizza.