Top Reddit IAmA's The latest IAmA's collected from Reddit IAmA Supervisor at Spencer Gifts. Hi Reddit! I used to write code for an audience of machines, but then I self-published my first thriller, Daemon, which went on to become a NYT bestseller. Now I write books full-time.

Here is proof:

My latest sci-fi thriller, Change Agent ( ), explores the implications of CRISPR genetic editing technology. I'm ready to answer your questions about that or other topics.

Let's do this!

Update: I'm going to stick around to answer some of these remaining questions.

Let me say how much fun this has been, and I greatly appreciate your questions!

Update #2: Wow -- just looked up and realized the time. I have to go. But I am constantly amazed by my readers. Whenever I meet you at events, I invariably think how fortunate I am to have such a thoughtful readership. I will always endeavor to deserve you. Thank you, one and all!

Sat, 29 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
NonprofitIamA Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia and as of this week I am the founder of WikiTribune AMA! My short bio: Hi I'm Jimmy Wales, and this week I launched a crowdfunding campaign at to presell monthly support for it. Wikitribune is a new news platform which brings together professional journalists and community members working side by side.

I think its strengths will be in having a good community of thoughtful people to help make sure everything is evidenced-based and accurate to that evidence, and I also think there's an interesting opportunity in the business model... I estimate that for every 500 monthly supporters at $15/month I can hire 1 journalists - so if, for example, a popular subreddit wants a full-time journalist to cover their beat... this is a mechanism for that.

Wikitribune is a completely new thing from me personally, independent of both Wikipedia/Wikimedia and Wikia.

My Proof:

UPDATE: All done, this was great, be sure to go to and bookmark it to be ready for the launch!

Thu, 27 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Director / CrewIamA (Afghanistan Veteran and Filmmaker who documented his experience deploying and the process of returning home. I finally finished my film after 8 years, and published it to YouTube.) AMA! My name is Tyler Owen Morris. I am a former Marine, and a professional video producer. In 2009 I was deployed to Helmand, Afghanistan. I began filming the week I was informed I would be deploying, and now after almost 8 years I have finally completed my first film! "Removed from Reality"

I am told it's quite good, but I'm far too close to it. Several Marines that were on the tour have called it "nostalgic"- which I have taken as a sign that I got something very right about the feeling(s).

I am uncertain to my legal ability to 'sell' the film for distribution, and I really just want people to see my work- so I just put it on YouTube. I hope you watch it, and I hope you get something out of it- I know I got a lot out of making it! Ask me anything!

TLDR; I made a film about the War that I can't sell- so I put it on YouTube.


Thu, 27 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
MedicalI am a 26 year old father with brain cancer. - AMA! I am a 26 year old father that has brain cancer. I had a tangerine-sized grade II oligoastrocytoma tumor removed 14 months ago from my right-frontal lobe. I completed one month of radiation treatment, and took the oral chemotherapy drug Temodar on a cycle for 5 months. Since January 1st, I have completed all of my treatments, and I will continue to get regular MRIs every 6 months - AMA!

PROOF: 1) Here is me about to get radiated..

2) Me with my hair mostly gone after radiated.. (at the MN Medical Cannabis dispensary LeafLine)

3) My 5K Run/Walk Sponsorship fundraiser for Brain Tumors research link: )))))))))))))! (PS Feel free to donate money to brain cancer research here, ::wink::)


One of first MRI post-op I saw(It got worse in other ones, but obv this still looks bad):

angle 2:

My radiation mask:

MY SKULL STAPLED SHUT(Somewhat graphic, beware):

Thu, 27 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
NonprofitHi, I’m Rachel B. Tiven, CEO of Lambda Legal, the oldest and largest legal organization fighting for the civil rights of LGBTQ and HIV+ people in the U.S. Ask Me Anything! Bio: We are the lawyers behind many of the pivotal cases in the struggle towards full equality. We kicked off the marriage movement in Hawaii in 1993, helped win nationwide marriage equality in 2015, and today we are defending marriage in states where it is under attack.

Long before marriage, our cases built the foundation for many of the advances we’ve made for the LGBTQ+ communities. The 1996 breakthrough Romer case was the first time the Supreme Court said that gays and lesbians have the same right to seek government protection against discrimination as any other group of people. In 2003, we ended the criminalization of LGBT lives by overturning state sodomy laws in Lawrence.

Earlier this month we won a pivotal employment discrimination case on behalf of a lesbian who lost her job after someone saw her kissing her girlfriend goodbye in the parking lot. In that case, the full Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals said that discriminating against someone because they are lesbian, gay or bisexual is a form of sex discrimination, and it is against the law. (Four circuits have already held that discriminating against transgender people is sex discrimination.)

And we are most certainly not going back! Right now, we’re busy fighting against a hostile Trump Administration, fighting the so-called “bathroom bills” mushrooming all over the country; defending the Affordable Care Act, which is the most successful AIDS-fighting program in American history; fighting employment discrimination; and challenging fringe religious groups that want carve-outs to laws that protect everyone.

Wherever LGBTQ rights are at stake, we’re on the case… so ask me anything!


EDIT: We're all done! Thank you so much for your thoughtful questions and support. We appreciate you all! If you are seeking assistance with a legal matter involving sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV, please call the Lambda Legal office in your region and ask for the Legal Help Desk.

Thu, 27 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyIamA iOS Jailbreak Tweak Developer AMA! Hi,

I am LaughingQuoll,

I am a software developer from Australia. I've been coding for around four years now. In particular I've made several websites for small business.

Recently, around the last year or so, I got into Jailbreaking iOS. And I loved it.

I've been making iOS Tweaks since December 2015 and my first public release was late January 2016.

One of my more notiable tweaks is Noctis which is a dark mode for iOS.

So go ahead, ask me anything.

I'll try my best to answer as many as I can!

EDIT: Wow, this blew up faster than I expected. I'm taking a slight break, keep those questions coming. I'll try and answer as many as I can when I get back!

EDIT: I'm back and answering more questions. Keep them coming!

EDIT: That's all folks. Thanks for the questions.


Wed, 26 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
TourismHey, Joe from "Joe Goes." Recently made videos in Rome, Prague, Munich, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and Reykjavík. AMA! Hi. This is Joe from "Joe Goes." I make man-on-the-street comedy videos at events and in cities in different countries that are not North Korea.

YouTube page:

Joe Goes playlist:

Just finished putting out videos from a trip to Rome, Prague, Munich, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and Reykjavík. I traveled alone, hiring local camera operators in each city. Raised about half the money to do it on Indiegogo. I did the fundraiser last May, planned the trip from May through September, shot the videos in September & October, and edited them from October through now. So it's been a year of work. OH GOD I'VE WASTED MY LIFE. Oh well. :D

EDIT - All right, thanks everyone! This was fun. Really appreciate the support, and hope you enjoy the videos. :)


Wed, 26 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
GamingWe are Phoenix Labs, makers of Dauntless. AMA! Hello!

We are Phoenix Labs, an independent game developer based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Our game is Dauntless, a co-op, action RPG in which you’ll discover a shattered world, forge powerful weapons, and hunt the ferocious behemoths threatening our survival.

You can see an early version of Dauntless in our Pax East Trailer and check out our debut at the Game Awards.

We’re starting our Tech Alpha soon and will be going into Closed and Open Betas later this year.

We look forward to answering your questions about Dauntless and our studio!


Earlier this week, we solicited questions from /r/Dauntless and have answered the top five below.

EDIT: Going to bed for now. Will continue to answer questions in the morning! Thanks everyone!

EDIT 2: Back in the saddle! Keep the questions coming!

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
HealthI am 26 and fighting brain cancer. I am married to wonderful Russian immigrant with a 2 year old daughter named Alice - AMA! I am a 26 year old father that has brain cancer. I had a tangerine-sized grade II oligoastrocytoma tumor removed 14 months ago from my right-frontal lobe. I completed one month of radiation treatment, and took the oral chemotherapy drug Temodar on a cycle for 5 months. Since January 1st, I have completed all of my treatments, and I will continue to get regular MRIs every 6 months - AMA!

PROOF: 1) Here is me about to get radiated..

2) Me with my hair mostly gone after radiated.. (at the MN Medical Cannabis dispensary LeafLine)

3) My 5K Run/Walk Sponsorship fundraiser for Brain Tumors research link: )))))))))))))! (PS Feel free to donate money to brain cancer research here, ::wink::)

Let's do this!

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceI am Emily Calandrelli, an MIT Engineer who's an Emmy-nominated Science TV Host - AMA! Hey everyone! I'm Emily Calandrelli, an MIT engineer who came to be an Emmy-nominated science TV host.

I did my undergrad at West Virginia University in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and got my Masters at MIT in AeroAstro and Tech and Policy. I'm the host and a producer of FOX's Xploration Outer Space and a correspondent on Bill Nye Saves the World. I recently created a children's science chapter book series – the Ada Lace Adventures.

I love finding creative ways to get people excited about science and tech - AMA!


EDIT: That's all for me, folks! Signing off now. Thanks for all your great questions. You all are the best. Till next time!

Tue, 25 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
AcademicWe are SEDS UCSD, the undergrads that designed, tested, and launched one of the first 3D printed rocket engines. Ask us anything! Who we are: A multi-disciplinary, entirely undergrad group looking to advance the new space movement. We seek to make getting to space cheaper and easier than ever before through our research in 3D printing and propulsion technologies.

What we've done:

What we're working on:


For more information:

EDIT: That's it for now, everyone! If you'd like to keep up with what we're doing or ask us more questions, we update Facebook, Twitter, and our website.

If you'd like to help us keep innovating and growing the next generation of aerospace leaders, we encourage you to contribute to our Triteia project and help us get to the moon!

Thanks for your time and ad astra per aspera, The SEDS UCSD Team

Tue, 25 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
GamingIamA I spent the last 2 years turning my idea for a MMORPG into a board game and raised over $250,000 to make it, AMA! AMA! Hi Everyone,

I’m Frank, world builder and game designer of The City of Kings.

I spent the last 2 years designing an open world board game with skill trees, professions, procedurally generated creatures, side quests, the holy trinity, raid like combat and much more, heavily inspired by Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft and Diablo.

You can watch the trailer on YouTube here.

A few months ago, I quit my job to work on this full time and have now raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter to fund manufacturing.

I’d love to answer your questions about designing games, building worlds, running Kickstarters or anything else you wish to know!

My proof: Twitter post here

Mon, 24 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Request[AMA Request]The parents that named their child Dovahkiin so that they could recieve free games from Bethesda for life. Quantum computing is a completely different paradigm from classical computing, where weird quantum properties are combined with traditional boolean logic to create something entirely new. There has long been much doubt about whether it was even possible to build one large enough to solve practical problems. But when something is labeled "impossible", of course many physicists, engineers, and mathematicians eagerly respond with "Hold my beer!". QCs have an immense potential to make a global impact (for the better!) by solving some of the world's most difficult computational problems, but they would also crush the math problems underpinning much of today's internet security, presenting an unprecedented challenge to cryptography researchers to develop and standardize new quantum-resistant primitives for post-quantum internet.

We are mathematicians trained in crypto at NSA, and we worked there for over 10 years. For the past year or so we've been at a small crypto sw/hw company specializing in working on a post-quantum research effort, and we've been reading a broad spectrum of the current research. We have a few other co-workers that will likely also chime in at some point.

Our backgrounds: Rino (/u/rabinabo) is originally from Miami, FL, and of Cuban descent. He went to MIT for a Bachelor's in math, then UCSD for his PhD in math. He started at NSA with little programming experience, but he quickly learned over his 11 years there, obtaining a Master's in Computer Science at the Hopkins night school. Now he works at a small company on this post-quantum research.

John (/u/john31415926) graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Mathematics. After graduation, he went to work for the NSA as an applied research mathematician. He spent 10 years doing cryptanalysis of things. He currently works as a consultant doing crypto development in the cable industry. His favorite editor is Emacs and favorite language is Python.

Disclaimer: We are bound by lifetime obligations, so expect very limited responses about our time at NSA unless you're willing to wait a few weeks for a response from pre-pub review (seriously, I'm joking, we don't want to go through that hassle).


Edit to add: Thanks for all the great questions, everyone! We're both pretty beat, and besides, our boss told us to get some work done! :-) If I have a little time later, I'll try to post a few more answers.

I'm sorry we missed some of the higher ranked questions, but I'll try to post answers to most of the questions. Just know that it may take me a while to get to them. Seriously, you guys are taking a toll on my daily dosage of cat gifs.

Sun, 23 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
HealthI am a 56 year old female with a BRCA-1 gene mutation. I've survived cancer 4 times and have undergone a hysterectomy and double mastectomy. AMA! My name is Tamara Ammons. I was born October 31st, 1960 in Hawthorne, California. I'm the oldest of 3 siblings. I graduated from High School in 1978. I birthed my only child on January 1st, 1994.

My first job was waitressing at a diner called Polly's Pies. Then I moved on to Albertson's, where I was manager of the service deli for 17 years. Then I managed a Hallmark for 6 years. My last position was manager at Sears in the Del Amo Fashion Center. I was there for 6 years. I worked up until I was 45 years old. I am now on permanent disability.

I am a huge animal person and I love movies. My biggest passion is working in my backyard garden. I love growing pumpkins, carrots and many different flowers.

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. Then in 2009 the breast cancer returned: At the recommendation of my physician, I had both of my breasts removed, as well as my uterus. In 2012 I developed pancreatic cancer which progressed to Stage 3. In October of 2016 I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I currently do intravenous chemo therapy bi-weekly and a daily 2,500mg regimen of Capecitabine(Xeloda).

I want to use reddit to reach out to people who have any questions about being newly diagnosed or anything at all. Here is my proof:

Sat, 22 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Unique ExperienceI am Mr. Trash Wheel, I’m a trash-eatin’ googly eyed sentient machine in Baltimore’s harbor, here for an Earth Day AMA! My short bio: I was born in 1942 in the village of Barta, then Romania, now called Plavnia in Ukraine. My father was drafted into the Romanian Army (then allied with Nazi Germany) in 1942, eventually coming home after the Battle of Stalingrad, only to be drafted again in 1944 but this time by the Red Army after the Russians took the Romanian region of Basarabia.

We were now part of the Soviet Union. I grew up in a house with my Mother and Grandparents. I had a total of 7 brothers and sisters, 3 of whom eventually succumbed to hunger and diseases around 1946, when the Soviets started taking all our food to send back to Russia. My Grandpa also died of hunger when he refused to give up his horse. Back then we relied on roots and small rations of soups as everything was for the collective.

In 1956 I finished 7th grade in the local school. I wanted to study, but everything was far away, we had no roads and no chance to reach any other schools so I started learning how to sew from my neighbor in her improvised shop. This unfortunately didn't help our condition as I couldn't earn any money with my skills.

Once Stalin died, a lot of deported men and women where allowed to go back to their homes, and in 1962 I met one of those men, who wanted us to marry. We did, but I set a condition: I would only become his wife if I we moved to his village, Cuza-Voda, since they had a high-school and I could study 3 more years.

Having finished high-school, I moved to the capital city of Moldova, Chisinau, to become a pharmacist while my husband studied in the Music Collegium. We eventually moved back Cuza-Voda, had a daughter and lived through the Soviet Union, after which our country became the independent Republic of Moldova in 1991. It is indeed weird to see all these countries named in such a small region; now imagine having 3 different identities throughout your life: Romanian, Soviet and Moldovan.

My family was always very patriotic and I'm a big History and Geography fan. It'd be my pleasure to answer any questions you might have.

My Proof: This is me with my Granddaughter, who is helping me with this AMA and translating things to English: Last summer, and this is us now.

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT