Top Art Reddit IAmA's The latest Art IAmA's collected from Reddit ArtI’m an artist who made $50,000 from a piece of toast. AMA! My story:

6 years ago I quit my job at a high-end design firm and started painting full time. My boyfriend (now husband) suggested I paint food portraits on stark white backgrounds because I love food, and I had trained in photorealism.

A few months in, I painted toast on a 4x4 canvas. I loved the simplicity and quirkiness of the subject matter.

I sold the original, I started a series of limited edition (100) prints of the original (which is nearly sold out), and I sold a few toast commissions based on the first.

I’ve painted many different foods over the last 6 years, but I am proud of the toast and all it has accomplished (sounds weird when I say it like that, but you get the idea).

Ask me anything!

Proof: Instagram

EDIT: Here's the video of me painting the toast

Sun, 22 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ArtHello Everybody! I am Robert Bateman, artist, naturalist and environmentalist. AMA! You may know Zach from his comic, SMBC. You may have heard of Kelly from media about this super-creepy parasite she co-discovered.

Together, we wrote a book called "Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything." It's a big nerd-out about a bunch of future tech, along with weird stories and fun facts. An NPR review said it "feels like a slightly drunken lecture by a couple of enthusiastic professors."

Ask us about the book, parasites, cartooning, or this one research project where they found that students will obey robots that come bearing cookies.

Zach will be answering as /u/MrWeiner. Kelly will be answering as /u/sciencegal.


Sat, 21 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ArtI'm an artist whose newest book on creativity is literally handwritten... AMA. After years of being "a person who posts stuff online," I'm now a fulltime designer and author. My first book is a creative journal called 1 Page at a Time that's available in 17 languages. My newest, THINGS ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OF THEM, came out yesterday and is thirteen handwritten essays about the anxieties and challenges of being a creative – basically, anyone who "makes" anything.


Wed, 04 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ArtIamA professional digital colorist. I restore and colorize black and white photographs, working with several museums, TV stations, publishers, and institutions from all over the world. AMA! My short bio: Hi guys! People have been requesting me to do this for quite some time now, so I decided to give it a try! My name is Marina Amaral, I'm 22 and I live in Brazil. One day I decided to combine my fascination with history and skill using Photoshop by restoring and putting color into photos that were originally black and white, allowing people to see history from a new and colorful perspective. Each photo is made to be realistic by recognizing the value behind each one of them, respecting and preserving their stories, paying attention to the finer details and maintaining their original essence. Every completed work has gone through long and in-depth research and is supported by the opinions of experts in each particular area if necessary, to faithfully reproduce the original colors and atmosphere. My work ranges from simple portraits to complex and detailed images, taken from various historical periods covering a wide range of topics.

I've been doing this professionally for two years. I work with several publishers, magazines, TV stations, production companies, museums and institutions from different parts of the world. WIRED magazine has made an incredible story on me and my work, which you can read here.

I'm working on several exciting personal projects at the moment and I'll be glad to share some of my thoughts with you!

You can have a look at my work here: || Facebook page || Instagram

My Proof:

EDIT: You can commission me to colorize family photos as well:

Edit 2: I've been answering the questions for 7 hours and will continue doing it tomorrow morning. Really impressed by your support and interest. Thank you! x

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ArtWe are Mondo, purveyors of pop culture, and this is our first AMA! As us anything! HEY THANKS FOR ALL THE QUESTIONS! I have to wrap up because my hands are starting to feel like two tiny hamster paws, and also I need to edit DIY Astronaut EP 2. Pick your social media poison if you want more shitty robots: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

See you soon Reddit!!

Hi Reddit!

Fricking excited to do my first AMA. I don’t want to go all cheesy on you but Reddit is where this journey started for me and how I got this -very- weird job. I owe you.

So about two years ago I started building robots and posting them on my YouTube channel and /r/shittyrobots. Today I’m a full-time inventor of useless machines and a host of Adam Savage’s I’m also, more recently, the founder of my own shitty astronaut training program. Because if nobody else will have you, just make your own thing.

Ask me anything!

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ArtI am Betvin Géant. I once thought I was Jesus Christ and I was hospitalized for a week because of it. I wrote a graphic novel influenced by my experiences with mental disorder. AMA! Hi! We're Frank Conniff, Trace Beaulieu, and Carolina Hidalgo of Movie Sign with the Mads.

Here we are:

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ArtKris, Rob & Dave from Cyanide & Happiness here. Ask us things. Last week I brought Marco Rubio a spine to replace the one he lost when he voted to confirm Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Today the Senate will be holding a hearing and possibly voting on Tillerson’s nomination. Sadly the spine and I will be working from my office at Greenpeace for this one.

I’m also an attorney, and spent several hours at Dulles International Airport yesterday volunteering my services for detainees affected by Trump’s executive order. AMA!

The spine in the news:

Reddit thread:


Thu, 02 Feb 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ArtIAmA Oil painting artist who painted the first Paranoma painting in my country, Kuwait! Ask me anything! I've been studying lions in Africa for nearly 40 years. My research has been important in reducing the prevalence of lion trophy hunting and raising awareness regarding conservation challenges. I spend my days working to improve the future for African lions in both fenced and unfenced reserves, and starting at 5:00pm Central Time, I'm an open book. Ask me anything!

Edit: We're done for the day. But if you'd like to learn more about lions, the Lion Center or me, you might be interesting in checking out my two books on Amazon: Lions in the Balance

Into Africa


Want to help out? We're currently hosting a Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money for additional camera traps in Africa!



Sat, 31 Dec 2016 0:00:00 EDT
ArtI'm Brandon Bird, pop culture artist, Jerry Orbach expert, world's #1 Sears fan Ask away!


You can find my new music here:

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 0:00:00 EDT
ArtWe are Penny Arcade's Mike "Gabe" Krahulik and Jerry "Tycho" Holkins and Lone Shark Games's Mike Selinker, Chad Brown, and Tara Theoharis. Ask us anything! My short bio: We are Penny Arcade and Lone Shark Games, who work together on a lot of things including the upcoming Eyrewood Adventures game Thornwatch. We also do these things:

My Proof: Here is some of us! And here were answering your questions!

Hey guys, this has been great! Thanks for having us on your Reddits!—M, M, J, C, & T

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 0:00:00 EDT
I worked on the 77th floor of World Trade Center Tower 2. AMA I posted this earlier in an AskReddit thread that was inexplicably removed. It seemed to be interesting to some people, so I thought I'd add it here.

Here's my story about the day of September 11, 2001.

For a few weeks in late August and early September 2001, my (now ex) girlfriend had been having fainting spells on the subway, so on September 10, she went to a doctor who told her to drink more water and be sure to have breakfast before she went to work. On the 11th, we woke up early so we could have breakfast together. Of course, since any shift in schedule is unpredictable, I left 5-10 minutes later than I normally would have.

As the N train approached the Cortlandt St. stop (which was inside the WTC) the conductor announced that we would be bypassing that stop due to a "smoky condition". Several people groaned, but I distinctly remember making eye contact with the woman in the seat directly across from mine, and our glance said, "Oh, well. What are you going to do? It could be worse."

I got off at Rector St. and looked up the tracks; there definitely was smoke filling up the tunnel. When I got up to street level, there were papers, some singed or charred, falling all over. People were confused. Sirens blared. I thought that it would be best to stay out of everyone's way and get to work.

Downtown NYC is built like a maze with high walls, so I had to walk a few blocks just to get my bearings. I had only been in the city for about a year, so my uptown/downtown sense was largely based on finding the WTC or the Empire State Building--if you know what street you're on, and you find either one of those, you know which way is which. So I found the right clearing of buildings and saw my office in flames.

By then, the second plane had hit, so both buildings were blazing, but I had no idea what was going on. I figured that it was just a fire--nothing so odd; sometimes there are fires in buildings, right? I thought to myself, I wonder how long it will be before we can go back to the office? Looking again, I guessed that it was pretty close to the 77th floor, but still I wasn't all that concerned. I was a bit confused as to why both buildings were burning, but I knew I'd find out soon enough.

I decided to walk to my gf's office in SoHo. I knew that news of a fire at the WTC would move quickly, but I hoped that I could get there before she heard about it. I would have called, but lines at every payphone were 10 or more people deep, and it was before everyone in the world had a cell phone. So I walked. The long way, around City Hall. I didn't want to be in any first responder's way.

The worst part, and I'm hesitant to write this, because I hate even admitting that I had to witness this, is that before I started to walk to her office, I stood watching the fire. Then someone jumped. I didn't believe what I saw, and I was still watching when two more people jumped. That's when I put my head down and left.

On the way, I walked with dedication, with purpose. I had to show my gf that I was all right. But I was sickened by the thought that people, possibly my friends and coworkers, had to make such an awful decision. I walked faster.

People on the streets were taking photos and video. I wanted to tell them to stop, that photos wouldn't do anyone any good, but I couldn't, because I knew that I'd probably think the same way if I didn't have such a close relationship with that building.

I reached her office around 10 am. I still didn't know what had happened, and I didn't fully understand the urgency with which her coworkers hurried me to her desk. When I got near her desk, where most of the people know who I was and where I worked, they broke into applause. I held her for several minutes before I learned anything about any planes.

At that point, my only priority was to call my parents. Of course, that wasn't easy because Arizona had just changed all of its area codes, and her office's phone system would not accept outgoing calls to unknown area codes. So we called everyone we knew and asked them to call my parents for me. I now have several people across the country, some of whom I've never met, that I will always cherish for making one phone call.

There were rumors about other planes and other landmarks. I heard that the Pentagon had been hit by a plane. I heard the Supreme Court building was in ruins. There was talk of gas leaks and explosions, even a troops on the ground type invasion. I heard that Tower 2, my building, had collapsed. I didn't know what to believe. Facts wouldn't be sorted out until much later. Two other friends of ours, who also lived in our Queens neighborhood, met up with us at my gf's office, and we sat there, not knowing what to do at all. By 1 pm, we decided to go to lunch. Amazingly, restaurants in SoHo were still open. I had a burger.

The trains were not yet running so we started walking uptown. The streets were frighteningly still. No cars, very few pedestrians. We walked up to 34th St when we heard that some trains were running again. We caught an F to Queens, and I talked to my parents around 4 pm. I had still heard nothing of any my coworkers. By 8, a bunch of people congregated at a friend's apartment. No one wanted to be alone. When I finally got in touch with a coworker, all but 4 from my company had been accounted for. Soon after, no one could stand watching the same footage over and over, so we put in children's movies. I fell asleep on a futon with 4 other people watching The Great Muppet Caper. The next morning, I got a parking ticket. I'm still mad about that.

My company, amazingly, lost only 4 people that day. We had the entire 77th floor and part of the 78th floor. The last people out said that they saw part of the wing in the 78th floor conference room as they left.

My immediate coworkers were already down in the 40s, taking the stairs down when the plane hit our building. They saw what happened to the north tower, and despite instructions from the building management, they decided to get out.

I had it easy. I always knew that I was fine. My gf, my parents, and tons of people all over the country knew that I worked in the WTC, and they had to spend the day worrying about me. I received hundreds of emails and phone calls over the next couple of weeks from people just saying they were happy to hear that they I was okay and that they loved me. I feel I played an important role in humanizing the whole catastrophe for those people. It's easy to brush off a number like 3,000, but it's impossible to brush off someone you know, even if that someone is just a close call.

Proof: My business card:

My second paystub (the first was actually a check I had to deposit)

Sat, 10 Sep 2016 0:00:00 EDT
ArtIamA glass artist. Every week people from all over the world come to Seattle to watch me submerge their loved one's cremains into molten glass. AMA! Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Bug Hall started his career as an actor in the role of Alfalfa in 1994's The Little Rascals. Since then, Hall has had roles in numerous film and television productions, including Masters of Sex, Castle, and Revolution. He can be seen next in the film The Long Run. Bug plays the lead role of Arthur Davidson in 3-part mini-series Harley and the Davidsons premiering Monday, Sept. 5 on the Discovery Channel.

Chek out our promo here:


Thu, 08 Sep 2016 0:00:00 EDT
ArtI am Ryan North, author and cartoonist and I one time I messed up walking my dog so badly it made the news. AMA! Hi I'm Ryan! You might know me from (IN ROUGHLY CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER):

  • writing Dinosaur Comics (13 years with the same pictures!)
  • writing the first 35 issues of the Adventure Time Comics (they won Eisner and Harvey awards!) (those are a big deal in comics, honest)
  • co-editing the Machine of Death anthologies (it became the #1 bestselling book on the day it launched and then Glenn Beck (remember him?) got mad at us) *reviewing the crazy Back to the Future novelization after the author was stung to death by bees
  • writing The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl for Marvel (no link; sadly you gotta buy those to read them, Stan Lee gots to get paid)
  • turning Shakespeare into an illustrated choosable-path adventure with To Be or Not To Be (the #1 most-funded publishing project on Kickstarter when it finished)
  • and most recently, Romeo and/or Juliet which comes out today and which you should check out because PERSONALLY, I think it's PRETTY OKAY.

Also as promised here's that time I messed up walking my dog so badly that it was reported on in the international press and now sometimes when you search "ryan north" it autocompletes with "hole". HERE'S PICTURES OF MY DOG

My Proof: Twitter

AMA! Let's talk about writing, or comics, or non-linear second-person narratives, or dogs, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. anything, really, hence this subreddit

UPDATE: it's been two hours and I've answered EVERY QUESTION. I'ma go get some fried chicken parts and answer whatever are new ones show up when I get back. Thank you all for the fun questions!!

UPDATE 2: the fried chicken parts were delicious and now I've answered all the questions again! Thank you everyone <3

Tue, 07 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
ArtI am Josiah "Jazza" Brooks, professional YouTuber (600k+ subs), artist, animator and author AMA! This AMA is now closed, thanks so much for attending everyone, I hope you found it a positive experience! Sorry I couldn't answer everyone (I TRIED!), you guys are awesome. Much love - Jazza

My short bio: I've been creating cartoons for the internet since I was 12 years old, when I graduated high school at 17 I just kept making cartoons and games in flash and paid my way through sponsorship and advertisement revenue. My early flash games were some of the first to be monetized and saw the scene boom then die when the iOS app store took hold of the market.

I started my YouTube channel Draw With Jazza in the hopes that it might grow into a way to help pay my bills, since the flash game scene was falling fast and it was, at the time, the only way I knew how to pay my bills. I used it as a way to teach my self-taught digital art techniques, and the channel grew into a 600k+ sub community with monthly art competitions, meet-ups around the world, and loads of artistic entertainment and educational content.

I'm currently finishing up my first How-to-Draw book for print-publishing in the USA (and international distribution), my channel is officially sponsored by Adobe, and I work with some of the (IMHO) best art brands in the world for my art competitions and content. I'm also finishing a 10 minute animated short which was funded by Screen Australia and Google entitled "The Tale Teller" (to be released in mid July this year).

I'm also a dad to a now 13 month old boy (dubbed 'mini-Jazza' to the internet), married happily, and working on even bigger exciting projects I can't yet talk about!

My channel:

My Vlog:

My 'Draw my Life' (to share a little more about myself):

My Website:

My Proof:

Sun, 22 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT
ArtIamA Mouth and Foot Artist - Alana Tillman - AMA! Hi Reddit, I am Alana. I am an artist born without the use of my hands. I paint using my mouth and my feet.

A post of my work was on the front page this morning

I woke up this morning with a lot of emails thanks to Reddit... Thank you all for the kind comments. I figured I would do a question and answer session with you guys.

My Proof: - Just posted about this on my IG as well

I'm going to bed guys! It's late here. Ill try to answer remaining questions when I wake up in the morning. Thank you!!

Sat, 26 Mar 2016 0:00:00 EDT