Top Athlete Reddit IAmA's The latest Athlete IAmA's collected from Reddit AthleteI am a 70-year-old aikido teacher, practicing since 1979. AMA! My short bio: I began practicing aikido in 1979, at the age of 33, and have been teaching it since the mid-1980s. Our dojo teaches a Tomiki style of aikido and is part of the Kaze Uta Budo Kai organization. I recently turned 70, and continue to teach classes a few times a week. Aikido is still a central aspect of my life.

In addition to practicing and teaching aikido, I also write a blog called Spiritual Gravity. In addition to aikido, I've been interested in spiritual things most of my life, and this blog combines my two interests. There are plenty of aikido drills and advice on techniques, etc. There are also some articles on spirituality as it relates to aikido and life.

I'm here to answer any questions you may have about aikido, teaching, spirituality, or life in general. Ask me anything!

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AthleteI am Jamie Sinclair, the 2017 National Curling Champion and Winter Olympic Hopeful. Have no idea what Curling is? Let me tell you about it. AMA! My name is Sean Stratton I am a 24 year old environmental scientist and I am currently running for New Jersey District 18 Assembly as the Green Party candidate. I’m here to talk to you about my political platform and the experience of running as a young adult and third party candidate.

I decided to run for office 5 months ago after a friend’s tap water test came back containing 82 ppb of lead. This led me to research the federal Lead and Copper Rule along with conducting Open Public Record Act requests (for anyone not in New Jersey this is called Freedom of Information) to my hometown and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. What I found was that my hometown was not sampling the correct locations as per the federal regulations and they were not providing the correct notification to residents who had their homes tested. From this I began to look at other towns and found that we have multiple towns and cities here in New Jersey that have breached the federal action level for lead in residential drinking water. 3 examples are Newark, Trenton, and Milltown. This is significant because even during the height of the Flint Michigan crisis, Flint never exceeded federal standards.

This is when I decided I would run for office; I believe that everyone has the right to clean drinking water and in order to provide this we need to drastically rebuild our infrastructure including our water distribution system. I also believe that every worker deserves a livable wage which is why I support increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour here in New Jersey. Finally, I believe that all citizens no matter how rich or how poor have the right to healthcare. I support universal healthcare and will push for a New Jersey single payer healthcare system.

Want to get involved? You can check out my Facebook page or Nationbuilder:


EDIT: Wow! 7 hours and I definitely got way more questions than anticipated! Was great talking with everyone and I definitely learned a lot! Remember to vote in your state and local elections, they're important!

Wed, 04 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
AthleteI go 90 MPH and Pull 5 G-Forces while wearing a full body spandex suit. Hi, my name is Chris Mazdzer and I am a 2x Olympian in Luge and local sledding hill champion. AMA! Hey everyone I am sorry that I didn't get to answer all of your questions but I need to get back to training and building my sled for the upcoming year. I leave Wednesday for Germany and will be on ice in less than 2 weeks!!! If you want to follow my story and abnormal life follow me on Instagram @mazdzer and @mazdzer for everything else. It was a made up name in the early 1900's and since their are just a few of us I have the digital market on it!!! I really appreciate all of your questions and everyone joining me on this thread, Thank you so much!!!!!!

I go by Chris and my last name is pronounced “Mazder”, that second Z is to throw off telemarketers. I’m a 2x Olympian and 7x National Champion in the sport of luge for Team USA (basically ultimate sledding). I grew up in lake Placid, NY but over the past couple years I find that I Live out of my suitcase, which changes locations about every two weeks. I have been lugeing “not losing” since I was 8 years old and am currently training to be the fastest man on ice who wears a full spandex suit, and yes… its tight in all the wrong places. I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of a good time (thank god for auto correct) and enjoy pushing the limits of life. Its important to build the best you and always sleigh the day! AMA!!!

Check out all of the Winter Games AMA at u/TeamUSAOlympics


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AthleteI'm John Urschel, MIT mathematics PhD student and retired NFL offensive lineman -- AMA! I'm John Urschel, MIT mathematics PhD student and retired NFL offensive lineman, here to answer your questions about math, football, chess, Fiona Apple, and whatever else you may be interested in!

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This AMA is in partnership with the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, California, organizers of the National Math Festival.

I'll start answering questions at 2pm, and end at 3.

EDIT (3 PM) - Thanks for all the great questions, Reddit! Sorry I couldn't get to them all, but you can find me on Twitter [@johncurschel]

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AthleteOlympic Gold Medalist & 4 time X Games Gold Medalist...Ask Maddie Bowman anything now! Elijah and his CI journey

My Bio: My husband and I met working at a mental health group home for the deaf and hard of hearing. We are considered CODAs (Child of Deaf Adult) in the deaf world which meant that we are hearing children raised by deaf parents and fluent in sign language. Fast forward 6 years to the day our son Elijah was introduced to the world. We expected him to pass his newborn hearing screening just like all of our nieces, nephews and older sister before him... but he didn't pass. We were stunned and heartbroken, yes heartbroken. You would think that this news wouldn't be so bad for a couple who were raised by deaf parents but it wasn't that simple. We have first hand seen the struggles our parents faced with in unemployment, communication barriers and the fight for education standards among the deaf children. Don't get me wrong...I take pride in my parents and my unusual upbringing. The thought of my son facing those barriers was too much for my heart to bare. We initially ruled out cochlear implants as an option because we grew up thinking that it didn't work very well and the sound quality was sub par. Not to mention, we were also well aware of the strong opposition to cochlear implants, especially on children. It didn't take long for us to learn that there was a lot of misconceptions about cochlear implants within the deaf community. We ultimately made the decision to pursue cochlear implants after doing endless hours of research and talking to other families. We announced announced to our family and friends that we would be exploring cochlear implants for our infant son. That sparked a lot of anger within our family. Half of our family members did not speak to us for about 6 months. Two of my husbands siblings have deaf spouses and our news caused a firestorm on his side of the family. My son was implanted at 9 months old and activated at 10 months old. Our family members ended up working through their differences with us after my son received his surgery. They chose to put aside their difference for the sake of Elijahs happiness. I think Elijah has definitely changed a lot of lives with his journey.

Elijah is 2 1/2 now and he is doing amazing with his implants. He's has a fairly large vocabulary in spoken English and ASL. I still get anxious when deaf strangers see us out in public with our son. There are a lot of neutral/supportive Deaf folks out there but not very many are forthcoming about their support. My parents seem to be skeptical (but are supportive) about how well it works. They cannot hear him speak and so they tend to assume he's unable to hear speech.

One interesting piece worth mentioning is that my sons hearing aid video went viral a couple years ago. That's a whole other can of worms we opened in the deaf community.


Wed, 06 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
AthleteWe are 4 time National Bronze Medal Ice dancers and World Team members. Our Olympic season kicks off in just two weeks. ASK US ANYTHING AS WE PREPARE FOR MAKING TEAM USA! Hey guys! We have to run back to the ice! Thank you so much for your questions, it was great to chat with you all! We will be logging on throughout the week to get to any questions we missed, so feel free to keep posting!

We started our partnership in 2011, and have since been 4 time National Bronze Medalists and World Team members. Our Olympic season kicks off in just two weeks, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Come chat with us, and ask us about what it is like training as a team, for the biggest competition in sports! Follow us on Instagram : @splashmadison @zachtdonohue Twitter: @madihubbell @ZachTDonohue

If you didn't get enough, and want to check out some more info, read my blogs at


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AthleteI am Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer involved in the Ryan Lochte Rio gas station scandal. Ask me anything I came to America at 22 with nothing - lived in the back of my van - and pitched my way into HSN with zero experience. Since then, I’ve sold more than a billion in products, had my own show on Discovery Channel, and started a successful production company.

Now, I’ve written a book that teaches others how they can learn to pitch, so you can take control of your life and find success like I did.

Ask me anything about:

*my life’s journey *working with Billy Mays *what really happens behind the scenes of infomercials *having my own TV show *running a production company *Anything pitching! Like how mastering the skill of the pitch can change your life. *Anything at all! This is an AMA!

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[AMA Request] Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (The married VO artists who work with Brandon Sanderson) That's all the time I have for today. Thanks everyone!

I’m a 5 time Grammy-nominated guitarist with six #1 blues albums to my name along with a string of #1 mainstream rock singles and numerous awards. My new album Lay It On Down just came out last week - buy it at Amazon - and I’ll be on tour throughout the summer/fall.


Sun, 06 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
AthleteI am Minda Dentler, a polio survivor and the first female wheelchair athlete to complete the Ironman World Championship. I’m working to end polio. AMA! On June 12, Rotary and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced an extension and increase of their financial commitment in an effort to eradicate polio worldwide once and for all. Additionally, 16 governments and several organizations have just pledged $1.2B to eradicate polio. Rotary has already contributed over 1.6 billion U.S. dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer time to the eradication of polio. When we succeed in eradicating polio, it would become only the second disease to be eradicated by vaccines, the other being smallpox.

Personally, I have known Dr. Salk, creator of the inactivated polio vaccine, and Dr. Sabin, creator of the oral polio vaccine through my work at the National Institutes of Health. In 1979 the last case of endemic polio was reported in the U.S. I, along with Rotary International president, Clem Renouf, brought to Rotary the idea to make it our chief goal to eradicate polio worldwide. For the last 11 years, I have been carrying on the visions of Drs. Salk and Sabin as the vice-chairman of Rotary International’s PolioPlus program, which helps oversee Rotary’s polio vaccination efforts worldwide.


In 1916, polio was an epidemic in the United States with over 27,000 cases and 6,000 deaths. Following the availability of Dr. Salk’s inactivated vaccine in 1955 and Dr. Sabin’s oral polio vaccine in 1962, polio began to decline in developed countries where they were used. That decline began to accelerate as groups such as Rotary International began to champion the issue in the early 1980s.

Today, polio is nearly eradicated globally, as we’ve seen a 99.9% reduction – from an estimated 350,000 cases in 1988 to just 6 reported cases so far in 2017. Polio is virtually eradicated, but there is still so much more to do. If we don’t continue to vaccinate, we could see 200,000 new cases every year – giving polio an unprecedented resurgence.


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AthleteI am Patti Catalano Dillon, a Native American and a former World and American record holder for long distance road racing, and a pioneer for women's athletics. AMA. Hi Reddit, I’m excited to be hosting my first AMA live from E3 2017.

I’ve been working in video games for the last 31 years, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented people in the industry. Not only are video games the fastest growing form of entertainment, they’re beloved by communities of players around the world and we believe that they can enrich peoples’ lives.

Beyond games I’m passionate about new technology, new methods of managing creative talent and new types of transportation… and chocolate!

Yesterday we held our annual E3 conference where we announced what I think is one of our strongest lineups of games in recent years. If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil it for you, watch it here >>

Edit 1 - I'll start answering questions at 10:30am PT keep them coming!

Edit 2 - Thanks so much for your questions, I really enjoyed hearing from you all, unfortunately that is all the time I have for today. I hope we can do this again soon!

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Request[AMA Request] Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party Dr. Hynek spent some 20 years debunking UFO reports for the Air Force, until he realized that there was something real going on, and that UFOs were worthy of serious scientific study. I’ve spent the past five years researching Dr. Hynek’s dual careers as a prominent astronomer and pioneer in celestial imaging and as a world-renowned UFO researcher, and have come to share his beliefs that the UFO phenomenon represents a new aspect of reality, and needs to be studied.


Wed, 14 Jun 2017 0:00:00 EDT
PoliticsIamA Jared Polis, Member of Congress, announcing my candidacy for CO Governor on Reddit! AMA! My short bio: My name is Michael Eckert, Sgt USMC. IG @Michaeleckert_fit

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Mon, 12 Jun 2017 0:00:00 EDT
AthleteI am Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and I have dedicated my life to CrossFit. AMA! We will be departing from Brussels, Belgium on July 1st as a part of the Mongolia Charity Rally, and we will be driving 11,226 miles to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia all in the pursuit of delivering an ambulance to be used in rural Mongolia’s fledgling healthcare system. We purchased an Ambulance last week, and had it inspected by a mechanic. Besides a few minor issues, she’s almost prepped for the journey. Our tentative route is below. It currently takes us through 23 countries where 20 languages are spoken, and 16 different currencies are used. If you have any suggestions for places to go, things to pack, skills to learn, please let us know. Otherwise, ask away!

Ambulance Pics:

Map Link:



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AthleteI'm NASCAR driver Matthew DiBenedetto. AMA My short bio: I am riding the favorite, Classic Empire, in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 6, at Churchill Downs. Since starting my riding career in 2005 after coming to the U.S. from France, I have won more than 2,300 races and $139-million in purses but never the Kentucky Derby. I will answer questions at noon ET (9a PT) on Tuesday, May 2!

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OtherIamA Still Ken Bone, the guy in the red sweater. AMA! My short bio: Hello!

Some redditors suggested that I should do an AMA about becoming a smith, so here it is! If you'd like to know how to start that kind of a business, just shoot me a question and I'll answer!

About me: I was born in a tiny hamlet in the woods of Poland. My stepfather was the village blacksmith and I learned by observing him. When I was 15, I left the village and went to the nearest city to seek a better life. I found work as a helper at various smithing shops and finished my high school, then the university. Faced with little job opportunities beyond McDonald's, I decided to start a swordmaking operation of my own.

My company, AudentiaGuild, makes highly embellished swords, armour and other metalwork.

I'm 26 now. Took me some time getting there!

I also teach sword moves on YouTube - some of you might know me as The Sword's Path. My background as a fencer is mainly in HEMA, but I also trained kendo, kenjutsu and sport fencing.

Here's one of my previous posts, if you'd like to see my crafts!

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