Top Author Reddit IAmA's The latest Author IAmA's collected from Reddit AuthorI'm Ned Colletti, former GM of the LA Dodgers. Ask me anything. Hi, everyone. I'm Ned Colletti, General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2006-2014. I'm currently promoting my new book THE BIG CHAIR. You can buy it here:

Before the Dodgers, I was an assistant General Manager of the San Francisco Giants after getting my start with the Chicago Cubs (my home team). Currently, I'm a baseball analyst on Spectrum SportsNet LA.


Ask me anything - I'm ready!

UPDATE: Great questions all around - we had fun! More questions than I could answer . . . thanks for having me, Reddit!

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AuthorI’m Jocko Willink, retired Navy SEAL Officer, author, and host of JOCKO PODCAST and I'm here for you to Ask Me Anything. My name is Jocko Willink. I'm a retired SEAL Officer and author of the books Extreme Ownership, Way of the Warrior Kid, and Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual. I also host the podcast, JOCKO PODCAST, where I talk about leadership and human nature through the lens of war and human struggle. Outside of that, I own Echelon Front, a leadership and management consulting company that works with businesses in every industry. I’m also a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, an avid surfer, and father of four “highly motivated” children.

Wed, 11 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
AuthorWe are Hemant Mehta and Camille Beredjick, the editor and author of Queer Disbelief. Ask us anything! Hemant Mehta is the editor of, a YouTuber at the Atheist Voice channel, and a podcaster.

Camille Beredjick is the author of Her work has appeared in The Advocate, In These Times, BuzzFeed,, and elsewhere. She studied journalism and gender studies at Northwestern University and lives in Brooklyn with her fiancée.

We've just finished a new book called Queer Disbelief, about how the LGBTQ and atheist communities overlap, where the comparisons break down, how religion hurts (and helps!) LGBTQ people, and more. It's the culmination of more than a year's worth of research, interviews, and analysis.

We're raising funds on Kickstarter to finish the project and would appreciate your support!

Hemant is r/Mpromptu. Camille is r/camilleberedjick.

Ask us anything!


UPDATE (3:25p ET): We will still be answering questions, albeit a bit more slowly. Thank you for the great ones so far. And please consider supporting our Kickstarter for Queer Disbelief, where Camille goes into tremendous depth on these issues. It's really a fantastic book and we can't wait for you to read it.

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AuthorI'm Gabriel Wyner, author of Fluent Forever. I'm also running a Kickstarter for a language learning tool that's become the most funded app of all time. AMA! Hi Reddit!

My name is Gabriel Wyner. I'm a former opera singer with a mechanical engineering background, and in 2014, I wrote the book Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language and Never Forget It, where I look into the science of memory to find ways to reach fluency in foreign languages faster.

2 weeks ago, I launched a Kickstarter for a language learning tool that's become the most funded app of all time.

AMA about languages, memory, opera singing, living in Europe, dog training, treadmill desks, whatever. I'll answer juuust about anything.

Edit: This was awesome! Thanks so much everyone! If you have more questions, keep dropping them here and I'll answer stuff as it comes in.

Proof Pic:

Doggo Pic:

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AuthorI am Brianna Goux, a 19 year old redditor who has published her first young adult sci-fi novel, AMA! Proof is this picture of me wearing the shirt that I attended the speech in. It says "baby killer Erdogan!"

the moment of interruption

I am also a former fighter with the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), fighting against ISIS in Syria. I am on the board of the nonprofit organization North American Kurdish Alliance, which helps to raise awareness of and promote solidarity with the Kurdish people. I'll start answering questions in just a few minutes.

Fri, 29 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
IamA a Federal Government Whistleblower, I blew the whistle about contract fraud, regulatory report fabrication, and worker exposure to toxic chemicals at NIH, AMA! The Associated Press is launching Future of Work, a series of stories exploring how technology and global pressures are transforming workplaces across the U.S. and around the world. The first installments went out this week and focus on workers’ relationships with robots, and how automation is changing the availability and nature of employment in manufacturing.

There’s a paradox in how we think of modern American manufacturing jobs.

While it’s true that many of these jobs have gone overseas, U.S. manufacturers have actually added nearly a million jobs in the past seven years, and federal statistics show nearly 390,000 such jobs are unfilled.

But this isn’t the kind of assembly-line work your parents and grandparents did. More and more factory jobs now demand education, technical know-how or specialized skills to run robots. Many of the workers laid off from low-tech factories lack such qualifications, and training opportunities are limited, particularly for older workers. Japan is way ahead of the U.S. in introducing robots to the workplace, but it hasn’t resulted in some of the job reductions observed in other nations. It has also not created the surge in higher-skilled employment. So, it turns out, there are plenty of manufacturing jobs. There just aren’t enough of the right kind of workers to fill them.

Here’s your chance to talk about this with some of the Associated Press journalists who reported these stories in text, photos, video and graphics across three continents. We are writer Dan Sewell and photographer John Minchillo in Cincinnati: business writer Yuri Kageyama in Tokyo: economics editor Fred Monyak in Washington: and enterprise editor Jeff McMillan in Philadelphia. Ask us anything!


This AMA is now closed. Thanks to everyone who offered questions!

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
BusinessIamA professional bill negotiator (a job I just made up). My brother and I quit our jobs and saved people (and cost Comcast & Friends) over $2,000,000. AMA! I argue with telecom companies for a living to help save people money on their bills. If you’ve ever been furious at Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner, you’ve probably got good reason. No one really loves these companies, and it’s because they’ve got some of the shadiest business practices around, including overcharging just about everyone on cable/internet/cell phones.

That's why my brother and I created BillFixers. We haggle with these companies for our customers, getting better rates/promotions/more data/whatever we can. We were tired of them getting away with their price gouging so now we fight back.

I’m here with my brother (u/gutenbergbible) to help give advice on how to negotiate with these companies to save money - without losing your mind. We specialize in telecom bills but we’ve worked on everything from airline refunds to business software. Turns out, just about everything is negotiable! Ask us anything!

Our Story

Three years ago, I was studying to be a lawyer, my brother was in college and working freelance as a graphic designer, and both of us were haggling with our cable companies 1,000 miles apart. We decided to start a side gig negotiating bills for fun, came up with the name BillFixers, and posted on r/entrepreneur, which blew up pretty much immediately.

These days, we’ve got a team of more than 20 people, including people who are better at negotiation, customer service, and development than we ever were, been featured in The New York Times (who called us ethically ambiguous) and NBC Nightly News, and we’ve negotiated more than two million dollars out of the pocket of companies like Comcast and AT&T and put it back into the pockets of their customers.


More Proof:

We want to help people get themselves better deals on their monthly bills and stop getting ripped off by these giant corporations. Ask us anything about dealing with your cable/internet provider, how to negotiate, net neutrality, or really whatever you want!

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Music-LiveI am Dizaster, World Famous Battle Rapper Starring in Eminem's New Movie "Bodied", Ask Me Anything... Here's the trailer for the new movie

I have battled in a ton of leagues against the best rappers from around the world.

Drake hosting my battle vs DNA

Facing off against the legend Canibus

Me vs battle rap legend Iron Solomon


Shouts to /r/rapbattles for making this happen

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
AuthorI'm a bestselling horror author who just published a new book-- ZOMBIE-IN-CHIEF: EATER OF THE FREE WORLD portraying Donald Trump as a literal zombie. Reality has outpaced my wildest imaginings. . . I'm Scott Kenemore, author of 10 horror novels and satires about the undead. (Though I might be best known for disagreeing with Max Brooks about the awesomeness Return of the Living Dead on panels at San Diego Comic-Con.) After the 2016 election, I thought it'd be interesting to write a book where a Trumpian figure runs for president while harboring a secret so dark he must conceal it even from his closest advisors and aides; namely, that he is a member of the walking dead, and seeks the nation's highest office in order to turn America into a wonderland for brain-eating zombies. He wants to build a southern border wall. . . to keep delicious humans IN. He wants to cut govt.-funded access to healthcare. . . because hobbled, sickly humans are so much easier for zombies to catch. And Mar-a-Lago's location near the Caribbean is no coincidence, for it functions as a recruitment center for the rich and powerful who might wish to join the elite ranks of the ravenous unliving.
The late, great George Romeo was the master of using zombies for political criticism. I find them salient to the 2016 presidential election because—just like zombies—the candidate who won did so many things you “can’t” do. Dead bodies “can’t” rise from their graves to feed upon the flesh of the living—and political candidates “can’t” make fun of handicapped reporters, alienate minority groups, and speak enthusiastically of groping women . . . and still expect to get elected president.
Until they do. A chief function of horror is to challenge what we know to be possible and true. Realizing you’ve been dead wrong about something is one of the scariest feelings of all. (Half the horror is being eaten alive by the zombie, but the other half is realizing you were so very wrong about what kind of world you were living in. First of all, ouch, my brains! But second of all, how in the heck is this even happening?!) For these reasons, I think the 2016 election can probably be best understood as a horror story. Ask me anything.

The new book:

My website:

Proofs, I has them!

EDIT: Thanks everyone! I'm going to step away for a bit, but if anyone has additional questions I'll try to get to them later this evening!

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AuthorI am INFJoe, an artist, creator of INFJoe Cartoons, and author of Text, Don’t Call. AMA! My face

Proof I'm disabled x

My face and glass related stuff X X X X

My face and my service dog's face butt

Evidence of dog training. X X

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
AuthorWe are the authors of The Science of Orphan Black: The Official Companion. Ask us anything! My face

Proof I'm disabled x

My face and glass related stuff X X X X

My face and my service dog's face butt

Evidence of dog training. X X

Sun, 13 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
OtherIAmA young 5th generation farmer in California, AMA My face

Proof I'm disabled x

My face and glass related stuff X X X X

My face and my service dog's face butt

Evidence of dog training. X X

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AthleteWant to get inside the mind of an elite Olympic medalist? I'm Figure Skater Ashley Wagner, and I'm Six Months Out from Going for Gold. Ask Me Anything! The Exploratorium is a playful learning laboratory in San Francisco with 600+ interactive exhibits. Nicole Minor is the project director and producer for the museum's 2017 live stream of the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st. Rob Rothfarb is the Exploratorium's eclipse live stream technical director. He created the museum's FREE Total Solar Eclipse app for iOS + Android. We’ve live streamed six solar eclipse events.

Thanks everybody! We had fun answering your great questions and hope you enjoy clear skies on eclipse day! Please join us online for our live coverage on our app and website, beginning at 9:00 AM PDT / 12:00PM EDT on August 21. If you're in the Bay Area and would like to come watch with us, we're having an eclipse viewing party at the Exploratorium starting at 9:00 AM. -Rob and Nicole

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CrosspostHi, I'm Craig Montgomery, Nirvana's live sound engineer from 89-93. Ask me anything. [xpost] That's all the time I have for today. Thanks everyone!

I’m a 5 time Grammy-nominated guitarist with six #1 blues albums to my name along with a string of #1 mainstream rock singles and numerous awards. My new album Lay It On Down just came out last week - buy it at Amazon - and I’ll be on tour throughout the summer/fall.


Mon, 07 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
We are PhD students from Harvard University here to answer questions about artificial intelligence and cognition. Ask us anything! EDIT 3

Thank you everyone for making this so exciting! I think we are going to call it a day here. Thanks again!!


Thanks everyone for the discussion! Keep the discussion going! We will try to respond to some more questions as they trickle in! A few resources for anyone interested.


Introduction to Programming with CodeAcademy.

More advanced Python programming language (one of the most popular coding languages).

Intro to Computer Science (CS50)

Machine learning:

Introduction to Probability (Stat110)

Introduction to Machine Learning

Kaggle Competitions - Not sure where to start with data to predict? Would you like to compete with other on your machine learning chops? Kaggle is the place to go!

Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective - One of the best textbooks on machine learning.

Code Libraries:

Sklearn - Really great machine learning algorithms that work right out of the box

Tensorflow (with Tutorials) - Advanced machine learning toolkit so you can build your own algorithms.

Hello Redditors! We are Harvard PhD students studying artificial intelligence (AI) and cognition representing Science in the News (SITN), a Harvard Graduate Student organization committed to scientific outreach. SITN posts articles on their blog, hosts seminars, creates podcasts, and meet and greets with scientists and the public.

Things we are interested in:

AI in general: In what ways does artificial intelligence relate to human cognition? What are the future applications of AI in our daily lives? How will AI change how we do science? What types of things can AI predict? Will AI ever outpace human intelligence?

Graduate school and science communication: As a science outreach organization, how can we effectively engage the public in science? What is graduate school like? What is graduate school culture like and how was the road to getting here?

Participants include:

Rockwell Anyoha is a graduate student in the department of molecular biology with a background in physics and genetics. He has published work on genetic regulation but is currently using machine learning to model animal behavior.

Dana Boebinger is a PhD candidate in the Harvard-MIT program in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology. She uses fMRI to understand the neural mechanisms that underlie human perception of complex sounds, like speech and music. She is currently working with both Josh McDermott and Nancy Kanwisher in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT.

Adam Riesselman is a PhD candidate in Debora Marks’ lab at Harvard Medical School. He is using machine learning to understand the effects of mutations by modeling genomes from plants, animals, and microbes from the wild.

Kevin Sitek is a PhD candidate in the Harvard Program in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology working with Satra Ghosh and John Gabrieli. He’s interested in how the brain processes sounds, particularly the sound of our own voices while we're speaking. How do we use expectations about what our voice will sound like, as well as feedback of what our voice actually sounds like, to plan what to say next and how to say it?

William Yuan is a graduate student in Prof. Isaac Kohane's lab in at Harvard Medical School working on developing image recognition models for pathology.

We will be here from 1-3 pm EST to answer questions!

Proof: Website, Twitter, Facebook


Proof 2: Us by the Harvard Mark I!

Sat, 29 Jul 2017 0:00:00 EDT