Top Crosspost Reddit IAmA's The latest Crosspost IAmA's collected from Reddit We Won an Oscar with a short documentary, now we are releasing Boost our first feature film. AMA! We are Fred Bohbot and Kieran Crilly, indie film producers. We produced and shot the 2014 Oscar winning short documentary called The Lady in Number 6 about the world’s oldest Holocaust survivor and her story about how music saved her life.

Friday we are releasing our first feature together, BOOST. An English coming of age thriller set in Montreal with a black lead cast. It is opening in a limited release in Montreal April 7th and will expand to new cities in the near future.

The film is the story of two friends, Hakeem and Anthony ‘A-Mac’ McDonald. The two work at Hakeem’s uncle’s car wash ’spotting’ luxury sports cars for a local crime syndicate to make extra money. A-Mac eventually persuades Hakeem to boost a car on their own leading to a windfall of cash that has dire consequences down the road - forcing Hakeem to make a life altering decision that will define the type of man he will become.

We are joined by the film’s writer-director, Darren Curtis, to answer your questions about our new project, winning an Oscar for a short film, making a movie in Canada and anything else you might have in mind.


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Hi Guys, We are done for now - feel free to ask more questions and we will see if we can get to them at a later time.

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Crosspost[CROSSPOST] Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood is doing an AMA right now on r/twoxchromosomes Thank you! I'm signing off for the night. Hope to talk with you all again.

Here is a subReddit that might be of interest:

My short bio: He’s a Quora Most Viewed Writer in Values and Principles and Parenting and Education with 100,000 Twitter followers and 20000 Facebook likes. His YouTube channel’s 190 videos have 200,000 subscribers and 7,500,000 views, and his classroom lectures on mythology were turned into a popular 13-part TV series on TVO. Dr. Peterson’s online self-help program, The Self Authoring Suite, featured in O: The Oprah Magazine, CBC radio, and NPR’s national website, has helped tens of thousands of people resolve the problems of their past and radically improve their future.

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Crosspost[X-Post from /r/AskHistorians] "IAMA Classics lecturer and Roman expert who spent 10 years building a detailed 3D model of ancient Rome and turning it into a free online course. AMA about the eternal city!" I am the author of more than forty books of fiction, poetry, and critical essays. My novels include The Handmaid's Tale, The Blind Assassin (winner of the 2000 Booker Prize), Oryx and Crake (short-listed for the 2003 Man Booker Prize), The Year of the Flood, and—my most recent novel—Hag-Seed.

Hello: Now it is time to say goodbye! Thank you for all your questions, and sorry I could not get to the end of all of them... save for next time! Very best, Margaret

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CrosspostPSA: Mark Frost, author and co-creator of the television show 'Twin Peaks' is having an AMA on r/twinpeaks right now! I'm a journalist who spent three years trying to solve a Rubik's Cube in under 20 seconds. Eleven years ago, I learned to solve the puzzle thanks to Toby Mao, who taught Will Smith for "The Pursuit of Happyness." I documented my quest in "Cracking The Cube: Going Slow to Go Fast and Other Unexpected Turns in the World of Competitive Rubik's Cube Solving," which was recently featured in the New York Post. The book touches on everything from my journey into speedcubing to the story of Erno Rubik, the reclusive Hungarian who invented the puzzle, and whom I had the pleasure to interview in person. Today I'm back in the Post's office to talk more about my love of The Cube and answer your questions.


Update: Thanks for all your questions! I had a great time answering them! I'll get to any I didn't answer later! "CRACKING THE CUBE" is available everywhere books are sold--and I'll be doing more events in the future! Check out my website at if you want to learn more. I'm also active on twitter at @ian_scheffler, Instagram at @ian_scheffler and @thegentlemancuber, Facebook at @ianschefflerauthor and on YouTube!

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Crosspost[Crosspost] Elon Musk is doing an AMA in /r/SpaceX Ask away!


You can find my new music here:

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Crosspost[xpost] Rick Astley is doing an AMA in r/music today! Click the link below to come ask him a question! Seriously. Pinky swear. Hey guys. We're assuming most of you didn't watch us on X Factor, but we'll make a long story short.

We were both going to college and making music in Florida when we saw an ad for a Simon Cowell singing competition. We never thought about making it on the show, or the repercussions, but we thought if we sent in a video that some producer would see it and hook us up with someone to work with in LA. (The naive logic of kids who knew NOTHING about the business.) Months later we get a phone call to audition in person, and eventually we find ourselves in LA. Simon Cowell becomes our mentor and we stumble our way through being on live television (FYI: it's not as fun as it sounds) and end up winning the whole thing. Us = "WTF?!"

Prior to being on the show, we had never written music together, so we also stumbled our way through putting an album out. We were signed to Columbia Records and Syco Records, had an army of people telling us what to do, had huge photo shoots, music videos, we played the Today Show, Radio City, went on two tours with Colbie Caillat, Andy Grammer & Rachel Platten.... and then no one talked to us for 3+ months. We found out we were dropped through a text message to someone we had just met who had a friend at one of the labels.

So we got dropped by our labels, agency, lost our publishing deal, and our manager all at once. After having some significant, not mind blowing but significant, success. We spent some time thinking and now we have new management that rule, but we're doing everything else independently now. We just released an EP to get music out while we work on a full length.

You can buy it here:

Or listen for free on Spotify cause we're good with people streaming our music.

Ask us whatever you want! Proof:

EDIT @ 11:55am PST: We're starting rehearsal now, but we'll come back to this and answer more questions during our breaks!

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CrosspostTony Ortega, journalist and author that has covered Scientology for 20 years is doing an AMA in r/scientology - link in comments [xpost /r/scientology] Hi, I am Warren Beatty, actor/producer/director of the upcoming film ‘Rules Don’t Apply.’ - watch the new trailer - as well as films like Splendor in the Grass, Bonnie and Clyde, Shampoo, Heaven Can Wait, Reds, Dick Tracy, Bugsy and Bulworth. So… Ask Me Anything!


And more:

Edit: Thank you! This is only the 12,775th time I've ever done something like this!

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Crosspost[Crosspost] ] Newsweek's Senior Editor Ross Schneiderman and Michael Wildes talk Trump, immigrants and Gulab, the man who saved Marcus Luttrell. Ask Them Anything on /r/enoughtrumpspam! EDIT: Thank you all for the support and all the questions! It was awesome. I'm headed off to bed, as it's 5:11 AM here in Finland. I had a great time!

If you would like to continue to support Dreamloop, please, reach out to your favorite journalists and streamers and tell them about our game! :)

Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is out now in the following locations:

Xbox One

PlayStation 4 US , PlayStation 4 EU

and Steam! (-15%)

My short bio: Hey, Reddit! I'm Steve. I'm a U.S. Navy veteran who packed everything I could fit in my seabag ~10 days after finishing my service, and moved to a country I had never even visited (spoke maybe 5 words of the language) to be with the woman I love. I'm back again for another AMA. :)

Over a year ago, I founded a game studio (Dreamloop Games) with my awesome friends. We started working on Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax, a 1-4 player local co-op arcade shooter with badass giant mechs!

Today, our game is live!

How I got here: When I was in high school, I fell in love with a Finnish foreign exchange student. We started as friends, but in the year she was at my school, we grew closer and closer. On the night she was scheduled to leave, I took a chance and kissed her. That started a long and sometimes painful road of long-distance love. Shortly after we had begun dating, I joined the Navy. She flew to see me at every opportunity, but the distance was hard on us both. In spite of that distance, we fell deeper and deeper in love.

As my time with the Navy drew to a close, I had no idea what to do with my life. So I asked my best friend and lover... And she told me we should get married. So I flew to Finland, popped the question, and never came back.

I went to work in the game industry with my writing skills, business knowledge, and a profound love of games. 4 years later, I have founded my own studio, and have brought my first game to consoles!

So... AMA about being an expat, my experiences in the Navy (though I was just an Air Traffic Controller at a shore duty station), having a game studio, or being the producer/release manager for a console game!

A while back, I also wrote this little dealio about my first night in Finland, if you have any interest!

My Proof: Some pictures, and my studio's site (site got hugged to death...)

More proof, as per mod request:

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CrosspostTeam Hypno-Disc from Robot Wars are doing an AMA in /r/robotwars! My short bio: By day I’m an international environmental consultant. My experiences abroad helped motivate me to get into politics. I won the GOP nomination for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District with 78 percent of the vote focused on economic growth, national security, and good government. I am the next generation of the Republican Party: I support marriage equality, fiscal responsibility, and climate action. Now … the work in Ethiopia is done, so let’s have some fun! [THANKS FOR JOINING ME BEFORE MY FLIGHT! BACK IN VIRGINIA NOW ... and back on the campaign trail!]

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CrosspostFelicia Day, Author of You're Never Weird on The Internet (Almost) – Is doing an AMA in /r/books! Click here to visit the AMA and ask a question

From Felicia:

Hey everyone. Felicia Day – actress, producer, gaming addict, and now author! I'll answer questions on anything you'd like to know (almost)! You can check out my book at

Click here to visit the AMA and ask a question ]]>
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CrosspostDavid Peterson, language creator for Game of Thrones, Defiance, The 100, and others, is doing an AMA in /r/books! Click here to visit the AMA and ask a question!

From David:

Proof: My name is David Peterson, and I create languages for movies and television shows (Game of Thrones, Defiance, The 100, Dominion, Thor: The Dark World, Star-Crossed, Penny Dreadful, Emerald City). I recently published a book called The Art of Language Invention about creating a language. I can’t say anything about season 6 for Game of Thrones, season 3 of The 100, or anything else regarding work that hasn’t been aired yet, but I’ll try to answer everything else. I’ll be back around 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET to answer questions, and I’ll probably keep at it throughout the day.

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Just a heads up: Julian Assange is back and still answering questions in his AMA Here is his full AMA.

You can also go to his userpage to see the newer comments.

Just thought you all might want to know!

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We are RocketJump, creators of Video Game High School and freddiew! Ask us anything! Hey folks,

First of all - we're in pre-production for the FINAL SEASON of Video Game High School and there’s less than a week left on our crowd funding campaign for Season 3!

Click here to support Season 3!

Anyway - Freddie Wong here. You may know me as the face of the channel (now I've been making short visual effects-y action videos for exactly four years now.

We’ve gotten back to making a new short every week - here are some of them!

Mexican Standoff (ft. Key and Peele)

Jean-Claude Van Damage (with JCVD)

Ping Pong Masters

In 2012, I teamed up with my friends Matt and Dez to create RocketJump with the goal of going beyond making YouTube shorts. We’ve created two seasons of Video Game High School, a TV-length web series about an alternate reality where gaming is so huge, high schools exist to train kids. Both those seasons are available on YouTube,, and Netflix.

VGHS was named Variety’s #1 Webseries of 2013, and our company RocketJump was recently named one of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in Hollywood by Fast Company.

We’ve done quite a bit in this weird, new, world where traditional entertainment is starting to crack and new independent producers and movie creators are figuring out how to make things. We’ll be as open and honest about our experiences - so fire away!

Some other people who will be dropping by:

/u/matt_rocketjump - Matt Arnold, Co-Creator and Co-Writer of VGHS

/u/jimmywong - Jimmy Wong, actor and musician, "Ted Wong" from VGHS

/u/sandwichpants52 - Benji Dolly, "Games Dean" from VGHS

/u/lauren_rocketjump - Lauren Haroutunian - BTS and cinematographer for shorts!

/u/dezd - Desmond Dolly, co-founder RocketJump

/u/will_rocketjump - Will Campos, Co-Writer of VGHS, the voice of "Shot Bot”

/u/ben_rocketjump -Co-Editor and Post Production Supervisor on VGHS

/u/danny_rocketjump - Webmaster and tech guru of RocketJump

/u/pwnisher - Clinton Jones, VFX wizard and the body of "Shot Bot" from VGHS

/u/whitney_rocketjump - Whitney Moore, head of our social media and ALSO star of Birdemic 1 and 2!

Edit: Thanks again everyone! We'll be answering questions sporadically for a bit because, well, I have a Reddit account that I actually use, so feel free to keep asking things, and if you want to support VGHS Season 3, CLICK HERE!

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