Top Gaming Reddit IAmA's The latest Gaming IAmA's collected from Reddit GamingWe are the creators of theHunter: Call of the Wild. Ask us anything! UPDATE - We are now live at We'll continue answering the AMA live on stream, do some gaming, and take questions from chat! Keep the questions coming!

UPDATE 2 - As most of the team are now rolling out for the evening real-time answers will stop for now. Please keep questions coming and we'll be doing another pass in the morning so we can grab questions from all time-zones. :)

Hi Reddit!

We are a development team within Expansive Worlds, a division of Avalanche Studios (Just Cause, Mad Max etc.), based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Earlier this year we released our game theHunter: Call of the wild to PC, and more recently PS4 and Xbox One as well. Today we celebrate the release of a new wintry hunting reserve called Medved-Taiga National Park. Here's our trailer!.

We'll have the whole team (coders, artists, producers, QA, the odd marketing bod) available to answer your questions, we'll be responding via this /u/expansiveworlds account.

Looking forward to answering your questions about anything and everything, but of course our specialty is anything related to game dev, and in particular open world games. So...Ask us anything!

Proof: See our tweet

Extra info: We'll start answering questions at 15:00 CEST, 1 hour from now. At 16:00 CEST we start our Medved-Taiga launch stream ( where we'll continue to pick question from the AMA live! Then when the stream is wrapped up we'll continue for another hour or two with the AMA. As we know, time zones can be a pain, so we'll do another pass answering questions tomorrow morning so that everyone can get involved.

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
GamingWe are Mods Infinity & Stevew - Player Support Managers for RuneScape & Old School - AMA! Thank you to everyone for their questions! We're heading off now - but I hope you enjoyed and we'll speak to you all soon!

Hi everyone,

It's Customer Service Week and we're here to answer any player support related questions you may have.

Player Support at Jagex is responsible for:

  • All customer contacts
  • Account recovery & security
  • Anti-cheating
  • Real world trading
  • Community safety, moderation & rules
  • Player Moderators & Community Helpers
  • Bans, mutes, offences & appeals
  • Player satisfaction & complaints
  • @JagexSupport on Twitter

Essentially anytime a player needs help we're the guys who will step in. We also do a lot of behind the scenes work on player behaviour, community health, investigations and more.

Feel free to ask us any questions you have!


Tue, 03 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
I'm Alexis Kennedy, creator of Sunless Sea and Fallen London, writer on Dragon Age, Stellaris and more! My short bio: I founded Clio ( 9 years ago to bring law firms to the cloud. Since then, we've grown to over 200 employees, 150,000 customers, and 74,000 law firms.

My Proof:

EDIT: Hey everyone, headed back to the conference to do conference things, but I'd like to thank everyone taking the time to submit questions here. I'll keep checking back and answering questions throughout the day!

Fri, 29 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
GamingI’m Michael Ferrier, indie game developer and creator of the early strategy MMO “War of Conquest” that will soon be relaunched, AMA! Proof is this picture of me wearing the shirt that I attended the speech in. It says "baby killer Erdogan!"

the moment of interruption

I am also a former fighter with the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), fighting against ISIS in Syria. I am on the board of the nonprofit organization North American Kurdish Alliance, which helps to raise awareness of and promote solidarity with the Kurdish people. I'll start answering questions in just a few minutes.

Tue, 26 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Gaming - LiveIam c0ldfyr3, author of CS:S ZombieMod and before that Elite Prodigy and Darks Revenge, AMA! My short bio: So I started to learn to program in VB when I was 13, I created Darks Revenge and Darks Revenge 2, Insane Chat and many other nefarious applications. So many people used to ask me to "teach them how to program", I had no choice but to ignore them. So many people got so upset that when I was 15 years old and getting 5k unique hits each day on my own website, there was an entire group of people called the Anti-EliteProdigy bringing in the same amount of people per day.

I started playing with AdminMod and AMX Scripting for a while and recreated a lot of the popular mods at the time to teach myself game mechanics and interactions. I then switched my attention to C++ and wrote CS:S ZombieMod using SourceMod for an original sum of $250 and have the brilliant mind of SourceMods BAILOPAN to thank for my success. I wrote other classics such as GoreMod and HostiTron at the same time. ZombieMod itself had thousands and thousands of maps, models and other user created content. ZM itself consisted of some stolen models from HL and the base CS:S maps, all of the rest was user generated.

I stopped with these when I went to South America around 6 years ago. I got back from the jungle 2 years ago. I was a full time Software Developer in VB6 at the time as my profession. Now I'm a C# Technical Architect for a very large financial services software company and I'm moving from Ireland to China in a month.

I went to college for a week of my first year and never went back :)

My Proof:

TL;DR; I am the guy that sent you the betas every few days to anyone that donated as little as $1 as long as CS:S ZM was alive. I still have the list and can send emails from it :)

EDIT: /u/unsakred and /u/sirgaspar showed up in the comments. These two guys were making Yahoo! Booters before I could program, they are legends of the game. They were idols to me before I learned how to program. I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to them for providing me with a path to where I am today. Thanks guys.

Mon, 25 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
IamA tech manager who quit to become a fantasy writer. My novel is now one of the highest rated fantasy debuts on Goodreads. AMA! As the title states. English is my first language and I consider myself to be generally not-stupid. TGA is a medical condition where you forget where and who you are for 24 hours or less. It was scarier than I could ever describe. At this point, the severity has greatly decreased and I am mostly back to normal. I am trying to use this time to document everything I can about this mindset. Please AMA, as I would love to have this record to look back on when I am lucid.

to add some more info: A few days ago I started having some weird feelings. I texted a friend at like 2am saying "do you ever feel like you've had all the cards taken from you? like somehow you've been given a chance to "redo" something in your life but you don't know what it is? I'm starting in this moment fresh somehow. I don't really feel like I've lived this life up to this point. I'm starting fresh from this moment and I have no idea what it all means." Turns out that was one of the first symptoms of TGA which is the craziest shit I have ever heard in my entire life and i thought it was only a movie plot.

Last night I went to a party with my boyfriend of about a year. It was a normal day. We usually eat vegetarian but it was a special occasion so we split a very yummy hamburger. I took a few hits of a pre-rolled club joint that was from a friend-of-a-friend. Nothing abnormal, smoking pot helps with my anxiety, I tried it about 9 months ago and I have liked it a lot. Anyways, I randomly threw up on myself in the car on the way to run an errand. I only partially made it out the window. After that, I asked my boyfriend "Why are my pants wet?" and he said "you threw up on them." and I said "throw up? what's that?" and he said "vomit." and I said "I don't know what that is." and then we had that conversation hundreds of more times. over and over. He became very scared and we went to the ER.

EDIT: Did you know TGA only has a 6% chance of coming back? It can be triggered by really good sex, cold water, stress, and more. For me, It was emotional stress. I've had a stressful few months and I didn't know it was important to self care and monitor. I tried to do things right, but I did a lot of things wrong. I'm 23.

Transient Global Amnesia = World Temporarily Forgotten

Thank you.

tl;dr I have Transient Global Amnesia, much like Dory from Finding Nemo, or Ava from Grey's Anatomy. I think it's almost over but I'm still having confusion.

Sat, 23 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Gaming3 Years ago I came across a post looking for local indie devs who wanted their game in an arcade cabinet, I accepted, and now my game is available as an arcade machine as well as on Steam! AMA! My name is Trey and I've loved playing games since I was merely 3 years old. Fast forward to more recently: I've been learning game development for a while, making prototypes and demos here and there. One day, I was checking out my local city's subreddit, /r/Shreveport, and came across someone looking for local game developers who were interested in having their game in an arcade machine. I had a few arcade-like prototypes available so I pitched the one I though would best fit.

3 years later and now not only do I have my first game, When It Hits the Fan, released on Steam, but it's also available in arcade machine form!

Pic: Coin Operated Arcade Machine of When It Hits the Fan (side-art currently still in the works)

The arcade version of the game is completely coin-operated and runs the same version of the game you can find on Steam. The only difference is you can have as many continues as you have quarters/tokens ;).

Steam Store Link (Windows Only): Store Link (Mac and Linux version available here): Arcade machine purchase requests here: [](

My Proof:

Wed, 20 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
IamA 29 year old balding woman who wears wigs. (Severe Alopecia Areata) Hi friends, I'm excited to be here for another AMA.

I've been keeping busy these days with a few projects, including my venture fund and incubator Playground Global and my company Essential, which recently released our first product, Essential Phone. You can check it out here:

Proof 360 photo: Proof Tweet:

I'm here with (in clock-wise order in the photo above): Linda Jiang, Essential's Head of Industrial Design; Dave Evans, Essential's VP of Design; Rebecca Zavin, Essential's VP of Software; Joe Tate, Essential's VP of Hardware.

We'll be here from 12 - 1pm PDT answering questions. Ask us anything!

EDIT: Thanks for joining us! We had a great time chatting with everyone today. We keep an eye on /r/essential so feel free to post topics there that you'd like us to see.

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
GamingI’m Walt Williams, writer of Spec Ops: The Line and Star Wars Battlefront II, and the new book Significant Zero. AMA. I had some time today to answer some questions. I will start answering questions at 11 AM PST and will continue to do so until about 5 PM PST.

Edit: It's 4 PM PST. I have to go now due to an unforeseen event. I'm sorry I didn't get to answer all the questions. If you ever feel the need to ask anything or need some help feel free to private message me. I usually respond within a day unless I'm on vacation which does not happen often. Thank you to everyone that asked questions!

My bio: Dr.Robert T. Lin founded IQ Laser Vision in 1999 on the premise of providing the best vision correction experience available. As the Center’s Medical Director, Dr. Lin ensures that all IQ Laser Vision Centers are equipped with the most advanced technology. Much like the staff he hires, Dr. Lin and his team are prepared to undertake the meticulous task of patient care; being thoroughly precise with each surgery performed. For over 20 years, Dr. Lin has successfully performed more than 50,000 refractive procedures. As one of California’s most experienced eye surgeons, he believes in the importance of personalized care and takes pride in developing a genuine relationship by treating each patient like family.

My Proof:

Disclaimer Even though I am a medical professional, you are taking my advice at your own risk. This IamA is not a replacement for seeing a physician. If you have any concerns please be sure to follow up with your LASIK specialist if you’d like more information. A reply does not constitute a physician/patient relationship.

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
GamingWeAre WARFRAME Developers, AMA! Hi friends, I'm excited to be here for another AMA.

I've been keeping busy these days with a few projects, including my venture fund and incubator Playground Global and my company Essential, which recently released our first product, Essential Phone. You can check it out here:

Proof 360 photo: Proof Tweet:

I'm here with (in clock-wise order in the photo above): Linda Jiang, Essential's Head of Industrial Design; Dave Evans, Essential's VP of Design; Rebecca Zavin, Essential's VP of Software; Joe Tate, Essential's VP of Hardware.

We'll be here from 12 - 1pm PDT answering questions. Ask us anything!

EDIT: Thanks for joining us! We had a great time chatting with everyone today. We keep an eye on /r/essential so feel free to post topics there that you'd like us to see.

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
GamingI am Nate Crowley, author of 100 Best Video Games (that never existed) & I just finished working with a team of professional games artists to create an entirely fictional, fully illustrated history of video games...AMA! This book came out of a twitter joke that got out of hand, in which I came up with 1,000 games that didn't exist in order to raise money for frogs.

I also write Sci-fi & Fantasy books, and got my first book deal (The Death & Life of Schneider Wrack), after a twitter joke got out of hand. This has apparently become a habit.

My Proof:

Thu, 07 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryIamA Danish Royal Guard AMA! Hi Reddit! I am New York defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman, the lawyer for alleged Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Through my career, I have represented a number of other high-profile clients including John Gotti Jr. and rappers The Game and Fat Joe.

Here is my proof, my website, and a New York Times article.

Thank you all for spending two hours with me and asking such intelligent questions. If you have any more interest about what I do for a living, I have a pretty informative website as linked above which will give you an idea about the types of cases I have and my results -- and thoughts as contained in my blog.

Mon, 04 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
IamA 95 year old survivor of Nazi Germany, I moved to the US at the age of 16 a week before Kristallnacht. Ask Me Anything! Hello Reddit!

My name is Hanna Hamburger and I am 95 years old. I was born in Eppingen, Germany in 1922. At the age of 14 I was removed from school by the Nazis. I experienced anti-semitism first hand. Right before Kristallnacht, customers of my fathers warned him to leave Germany right away. At the age of 16 I left Germany with my mother and father and arrived in Hoboken, New Jersey the 5th of November, 1938. In 1993 I moved to Nashville, TN to be closer to my family. I have 2 of my grandchildren helping me with this AMA.

Ask Me Anything!


Edit: Thank you for your questions! Hanna goes to bed pretty early so she's going to log off, but her grandchildren will continue to answer some questions!

Sun, 20 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
GamingFive years ago, I quit my safe cybersecurity job to make the Megaman X-inspired game of my dreams. I am Chris King, developer of 20XX. AMA! You can also see me these days as the President of the United States of America, Laura Montez, on VEEP, a kind of angry lesbian network president on EPISODES, a ballsy military contractor zombie on iZombie and getting super beat up in the movie THE HOUSE. I also lurk around Twitter and Instagram at @andreasavage. Come say hi.


Wed, 16 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
GamingWe've released The Darkside Detective, our game jam title that we've designed while travelling the world, AMA! Hey everyone! I'm John a 25 year old over the Road Truck Driver! Been doing this for as long as has been a legal for me to do so (close to five years now!) I live and breath my work, I have no home to speak of except of course the road! Ever had a question for a trucker? Wanna know what we are thinking while you blow our doors off going down the highway? Well give it a whirl here :)

My Proof:

I'm back and will be answering questions as they come in :) I've got nothing better to do so fire away I'll answer so long as there is one asked! This has been a blast thanks so much for those who have participated so far!

Tue, 08 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT