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Season 2 of Ready Jet Go! launched today, April 2 on PBS KIDS (check local listings) with a special week of new episodes that will get young viewers from coast-to-coast excited about space and science. My two-hour TV movie, "Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie," launched on Nickelodeon November 24 and is now available on DVD and digital download. And we are starting production of 11 more half hours of Dinosaur Train, also on PBS KIDS, that will take the total number to 100.

I'm looking forward to talking to you all about my shows Ready Jet Go!, Hey Arnold!, and Dinosaur Train – so ask me anything!

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HealthIAmA father of an 8 day old baby dying of a rare genetic disorder AMA. Last week my daughter Lily was born. Two days later my world was turned upside down. My baby girl was diagnosed with Zellweger Syndrome, a rare (1:50000) genetic disorder that is incurable. Over the last week, my wife and I have been attempting to put our lives back together.

I am hopping this AMA will bring some awareness for Zellweger Syndrome and possibly help anyone that may find themselves in a similar situation.

More info can be found here:

Proof (if more is needed mods please PM me):

EDIT: Many people seem to be afraid to ask insensitive questions. PLEASE ASK WHATEVER YOU WANT.

EDIT 2: A couple of folks have graciously offered to help in case we would like to adopt. We do have a GoFundMe that can be accessed via the caring bridge link in the proof section of this post. I really appreciate everyone being so supportive.

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 0:00:00 EDT
IamA guy who floated in sensory deprivation tanks for 30 days in a row AMA! My short bio:

I'm 31 and have been fascinated with the study of consciousness and altered states of consciousness for over a decade. I recently had the opportunity to float for 30 days in a row in sensory deprivation tanks at a float spa that my buddy opened up in town. It seems that everyone I talk to is quite interested in the float experience so feel free to ask me anything about floating!

I also made a documentary of my experience that is available free on YouTube here:

My Proof: You can see that I occasionally post videos from my YouTube channel to reddit using this account. Here's a post I made a couple months back about my AT thru-hike video:

Thu, 01 Mar 2018 0:00:00 EDT
IamA Entrepreneur/Investor and I turned a $100k investment into $2.5 million in January. AMA! I am an entrepreneur, investor, and author who got into active trading near the end of 2016. I am not a financial advisor and any answers I give are my personal opinion and not a recommendation to buy/sell anything.

Proof & TLDR: Bought ~$100,000 of worth of options based on the S&P 500 in late November through December, betting the whole market would go up fast in Q1. It did, and I was able to sell a bunch before February came and wiped out the value of the remaining options (*options trading is extremely risky, I can't stress that enough). Total profit, ~$2,500,000. (I can send mods an account statement if requested.)

I've been posting in a trading sub-reddit about this investment since late November/December, when I bought $100,000 worth of SPX call options. Essentially, these options are a bet the stock market as a whole will go up quickly - and if it doesn't, the options become worthless.

Why I bought a crazy amount of S&P-based options: Congress passed a bill slashing corporate tax rates in December. The last time corporate taxes were reduced so much was back in 1986. So I looked at how the market reacted at the beginning of 1987 and saw a huge spike in the S&P 500 in the first quarter.

I wanted to bet the market would react in a similar fashion. If I just bought stock, I’d make maybe a 10 to 15% return on investment if I was right, so I went with options instead. An option is basically the right to buy stock at a certain price at a certain date in the future. If the price of the stock goes up and is worth more than the agreed price of the option (called the strike price), you get to pocket the difference. Now when you buy options, if the strike price is well above the current price you can get them super cheap - because the odds of the price going up that much in a limited time are slim.

I looked through various strike prices for options expiring in Jan-Mar and modeled which ones would have the highest payouts if Jan 2018 was a repeat of Jan 1987. I also ran a few more conservative scenarios and bought options at those inflection points as well. Many of these options were so far above the current value of the market at the time they were selling for under a dollar. With volatility so low a melt up wasn’t being priced in at all so I put in every dollar I was comfortable losing.

January turned out to be the best first month of the year for the market in more than two decades. The value of the options skyrocketed, some by as much as 5000%.

I was excited and terrified for the same reasons I bought options and not futures or heavily margined shares in the first place. Going back to 1987, there was eventually a large crash (Black Monday) that wiped out most of the gains for that year. I also knew we were currently going through one of the largest stretches of market history without a substantial pullback. I was pretty sure the market was going to go up and fast, but it was like a game of hot potato to lock in gains before a major correction happened.

With that in mind I actively sold off chunks of the investment as it went up in January. Since I didn’t know if or when a correction would happen, I wanted to make sure I locked in as much profit as possible.

I was still holding the bag on a bunch of these options when Feb came and wiped them out, taking a large amount of paper gains with them. Still, I’d managed to sell enough in January to lock in two and a half million dollars from a $100k investment.

Alright Reddit, AMA! (And again, I can't stress enough how risky of an investment this is, so don't try this at home)

Wed, 28 Feb 2018 0:00:00 EDT
HealthIAmA 22 year old female with rheumatoid arthritis. I was diagnosed at 10 months old. AMA! We're Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser, hosts of the Bizarre States podcast. Each week, we dive deep into famous hauntings, UFO encounters, and the downright bizarre. Now we're going even further with a new monthly show Bizarre States: Declassified, airing the last Monday of every month on Each episode will be a longer, in-depth discussion on a single topic (Bigfoot, weird Disney, etc.). To celebrate our first episode airing today, we're here to answer any questions you may have on all things weird and supernatural. We'd love to hear your own spooky stories too. Ask us anything!

EDIT - Hey y'all! We have to get started on filming Nerdist News for today but we'll check back in a bit to answer any remaining questions. Thanks so much, this was super fun!


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RequestRequest- a former FBI agent, especially someone who worked with serial killers My short bio: Had cancer as a baby and now cant walk, been through a lot in hospital and now want questions!

My Proof:

Sat, 24 Feb 2018 0:00:00 EDT
HealthI'm (20sM) the youngest person ever diagnosed with pancreatic cancer by the Mayo Clinic by almost 20 years! AMA About me: Hello, all!

I've been in the hospital nearly two weeks and have a good chance of being discharged today! Would love to talk to people while I wait to get out of here :)

My battle started a little over a year ago. In the beginning, my only symptom was stomach pain. Because i've lived most of my adult life in chronic pain, I originally tried to just tough it out. There was one week, however, that had me on the edge. My family was all on vacation and I stayed behind due to my pain. Unfortunately, the pain was so intense that I couldn't sleep. The only thing that gave me mild relief was the smoothies i love to make. After a couple months of GP visits, the pain was not going anywhere. They were convinced i had a stomach ulcer, so we wasted quite a bit of time addressing that with no luck.

After a few months of constant pain, i noticed some changes. I was REALLY itchy and I couldn't make my urine clear no matter how much water i drank (a lot.) The last noticeable symptom was jaundice. My liver was failing and I went to the hospital. An ultrasound found quite a large tumor on my pancreas.

That was back in June. I went through four months of chemo and five weeks of radiation before they could do the surgery (which was successful by the way!!) They took out my gallbladder, pancreas, and part of my liver.

The tumor was grown around an artery and blood vessel. If it was 2008, I'd be dead. Luckily for me, however, it's 2018 and I had literally some of the best surgeons in the world to take care of me. I cannot praise the Mayo Clinic enough.

Anyways, I should be available most of this morning/afternoon to chat! AMA :)

My Proof (Proof contains a bonus picture of Remi, one of the awesome support animals they have.)

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 0:00:00 EDT
I'm Karley Sciortino of Viceland's SLUTEVER. I've been a sex writer on the quest for slutty enlightenment for the past decade. I'm here to answer any and all of your questions for Valentine's Day—the weirder the better. Ask away! Through a series of adventures, I've been attempting to demystify sexuality, while challenging outdated ideas about sex, gender, identity, and love... all while putting myself at the center of the action. From sex robots, to dragon dildos, to the emerging industry of marijuana pleasure products (aka "weed lube"), SLUTEVER investigates intimacy in a fun, sex-positive and immersive way. The goal is for everyone to learn and LOL simultaneously :)

So: I'm here to answer your burning questions about love, sex, and relationships—just in time for Valentine's Day. Ask away!

You can episode 1 watch my show SLUTEVER now, for free, or buy my (slutty) book of the same name :)


Wed, 14 Feb 2018 0:00:00 EDT
HealthIamA Former sufferer of a rare incurable genetic condition called severe Hemophilia A that has been treated via Genetherapy, AMA! Twitter - @pxnnyroyal_tea Facebook -

For years, my family have been torn apart by the repercussions of domestic violence. For the past few months, I've been struggling to accept the reality of our situation. It's 11 years on, and I often feel like a failure because I still feel no closure after everything that has happened.When I was at school, teachers that were aware of what was going on would tell me that one day I would end up writing a book or doing something positive with my own experience. As the years have progressed, this has become harder and harder to motivate myself towards. I have had numerous conversations with social work regarding my concerns, written a lot of letters and even started a petition at one point. Each time, I have been pushed back or made to feel like a crazy and traumatised child. I am an adult now, but after being silenced and ignored so many times, it has become harder and harder to fight back and I have questioned my own sanity over the years.

1,031,120 - is the number of domestic violence incidents reported in England and Wales during 2016. Just ONE year. I’m always uncomfortable sharing personal things, but when there’s a chance to make a difference and bring about change by telling a story I think that’s more important than my own fears. Some of you might remember a petition I created years ago, I must have only been about 14/15 at the time. My brother, sister and I were placed into the care of my grandmother after living in a home of domestic violence for several years. I started a petition because social work wanted to send my brother and sister back to live with my mother and her partner as they said they had no evidence the violence was still ongoing. The reason they had no evidence it was still ongoing is because my mum was under his control and would cover up what was really happening and I had hoped they would listen to my concerns and acknowledge the risk in sending my extremely young brother and sister back to live in this home. I was thrilled when my petition gained 1495 signatures and a lot of support from the public and messages from people opening up to me with similar experiences.

Sadly, social work ignored my petition and I was told that I could be in trouble with the police for my petition if I didn’t take it down and shortly afterwards social work went through with their decision to send them back to live with my mother and my violent step-dad. As a young teenager it took a lot of courage to speak out and I think having my concerns ignored by professionals for years and years has made me more fearful of speaking out as an adult and eventually I lost faith in social work’s ability to protect children.

Sadly, earlier on this year it was revealed that the violence has in fact continued on for years. However, my mum finally made the choice to leave my step-dad and charge him for everything he has done. The police have had the polar opposite approach of social work. Now there is a chance he may go to prison for the things he has done.I think it speaks volumes about the system that the police can hear about the horrible things this man has done and think there is a chance he could be locked up because he is a dangerous man whereas the social work department seen a suitable home for children.

Their decision to send them back allowed this violence to continue on in the presence of my younger brother and sister for years. It’s time the social work department stop playing happy families and putting their targets/budget before the well-being of the children they are supposed to protect.The whole system is a disgrace and it has taken a lot of courage to share this story but I hope if enough people speak out then it will bring about change and encourage people who have been in similar circumstances to speak out and get angry until it can’t be ignored. If you see/hear something that makes you worry about somebody’s wellbeing then don’t ignore it - report it to somebody.

Things can’t go on like this.I am hoping by starting this blog and sharing my own concerns and experiences over the years, I may not only raise awareness and help someone else but may find some closure through writing about it.

EDIT: Grabbing a cup of tea and then I'll work through all the questions and make sure I answer everything. I'm not feeling well so will be spending the night in bed with my laptop so keep the questions coming, I'll be here all night to get through them. :)

EDIT 2: I am so overwhelmed by this response, I was not expecting this kind of feedback and all of you have made my evening and made me feel even more confident that I'm doing the right thing by starting this website. Like I mentioned in a lot of my comments, I am very new to all this and still getting used to things but I hope you'll all keep up to date with my posts and remember, if there is anything you would like to share then you can get in touch. Also, if anybody has any tips for building up a regular readership, that would be great.

Sun, 04 Feb 2018 0:00:00 EDT
Health[REPOSTED WITH PROOF] I recently made a post about dermatographism in which I can write on my skin, AMA Original post here. Have gotten many requests for an AMA so here it is!

Hi everyone! I didn’t expect this to blow up as much as it did, thanks for all your questions so far. I’ve seen a lot of comments from people saying they have dermatographism or know someone with the same condition but wasn’t aware of what it’s called, and as a medical student I thought it’d be good to do this for awareness.

Basic facts about dermatographism, also known as dermatographia or dermatographic urticaria: - Put simply, dermatographism is a specific type of hives/urticaria where pressure causes a reaction on the skin in the form of a wheal (a red, raised rash). - The age of onset is usually around puberty, and it can go away on its own after a few years or never at all. - Symptoms are constantly re-occurring, chronic itchy rashes that occur with mechanical pressure, usually scratching. - No one knows what causes it for sure, some experts believe there is an autoimmune component. For the most part, there’s a strong correlation with a personal or family history of other allergic conditions such as asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis, and the general consensus is that genetics play a strong role in it.

Note: 1. Everything below is based on MY own experiences with dermatographism, this varies from person to person and while I personally do not struggle much with this condition, there are some with severe cases who do. Please be respectful of this in the comments. 2. Please do not use anything I say as medical advice, this is reddit and even though near graduation I am very much still a student.


Commonly asked questions:

You’re kidding right? Anyone can do this by scratching their skin hard enough. - Scratching your skin hard usually doesn’t result in the raised, red and angry rashes, formally known as wheals/welts. You’ll more likely get bleeding and ulcerated skin. - It doesn’t take much pressure to cause such a rash, and definitely not to the point of pain. More details on this below - If this happens to you, you might have dermatographism too. It’s not that uncommon.

How did you first find out you have dermatographism? - Around the age of 14, I kept getting itchy rashes (hives) all over my body. The first few times I thought it was an allergy to something I ate, the detergent in my clothes or just some environmental factor, but it kept persisting and affected my sleep every night. I saw a GP who suspected dermatographism, he referred me to a dermatologist who confirmed the diagnosis.

What causes the rashes to appear, do things like wearing clothes/sitting/sleeping cause them to appear? - It takes a certain amount of force/pressure to cause the rash to appear, light contact like simply touching someone, sitting or clothes do not cause these rashes for me. - Usual activities that cause my rashes to appear include but are not limited to: deliberate or accidental scratching, my dog’s claws when she’s trying to get my attention, or carrying grocery bags from my wrists. - For deliberate drawing, a fingernail or blunt hard object like an ‘off’ ballpoint pen would work. Toothpicks if you want finer lines. - For extremely severe cases (not me), even light contact has been known to be a trigger.

How much pressure does it take to cause the rash? - Not much, and definitely not so much as to cause pain. The best way I can describe it is with the pressure you’d exert when scratching a normal itch.

How long do the rashes last? - Usually between half an hour to an hour. They gradually subside on their own, given some time.

Are they painful/itchy? - Sometimes they’re itchy, but I take antihistamines regularly and this helps a lot. On medication they’re usually not itchy for me. They’re rarely painful - only when they get incredibly itchy and I try to resist scratching then the itchiness sort of morphs into a weird form of ‘pain’. This hardly happens though.

Where do you normally get these rashes? Do you get rashes on your genitals/does it affect sex/can you masturbate without getting it all red? - Normally on my arms, trunks and legs - especially my upper arms, forearms, back and thighs. This also varies between individuals with dermatographism. - Never in my 10 years of living with dermatographism has it occurred down there. Thank God. - It can happen around the crotch and buttcheeks but never on the genitals or anal region itself. - Other places where I don’t get it include the face, scalp, palms and soles of my feet

How long have you had dermatographism? - I first got it when I was around 14, and I’m currently 24. It’s gotten a bit better (less flares and the rashes are less itchy) but that could just be me growing up and being more compliant with medications.

What do you do for your treatment of dermatographism? - I take antihistamines daily, which helps with the frequency, duration and intensity of the rashes. Antihistamines are of relatively low toxicity and have few side effects. There are other treatment options such as as immunotherapy, but this is reserved for the rare and severe cases that are resistant to antihistamines and the condition still affects the life of the patient greatly.

Does it ever affect your life? - No, for me it’s hardly debilitating as I just get an occasional rash that may or may not itch. At worst it’s an annoyance, at best it’s a fun party trick. - The only time it affects me is when I start to get a flare while sleeping, and start to scratch while being half-asleep. By the time I wake up and realise what’s going on, the rashes are all over my body and it’s itchy as hell. At which time I’ll quickly pop some meds but those take time to kick in so my sleep is ruined for the rest of the night. Thankfully this doesn’t happen often.

Do any of your family members have dermatographism too? - No, but my dad and sisters have asthma and eczema, which are related conditions and a known risk factor for developing dermatographism.

Can you always draw on your skin? - My condition is quite well-controlled so no, most of the time my skin is like any other person’s. Even deliberately scratching it may not cause a reaction. But occasionally my skin acts up a little (I can tell when I start to get a little itchy), and that is when I can draw on it to create the rash.

Do people draw things on you? - Not so much anymore, but especially in high school. Bored classmates sitting near me would draw on my skin, and sometimes I’d also join in. It’s all in good fun. Yes, the most commonly drawn thing (not by me) were dicks. Or ‘insert name was here.’ Typical graffiti:)

Have you used it to cheat on an exam/test? - No, call me a square I think it’s dishonest and I wouldn’t want to run the risk of getting caught. I also feel it’s not worth the trouble as it’ll take a lot of very fine writing to have anything of utility in an exam; by the time you need it, it could have faded.

Do you have a funny/interesting story about your condition? - Coincidentally, I have a childhood friend who has this condition before I knew about it. We were waiting for gym/PE class to start, and he was wearing a tank top. He told me not to mess with his skin because it would appear as a rash. Being a young kid, I immediately slapped his shoulder and delighted in the ginormous red handprint that resulted. 2 years later, I was diagnosed with the same condition. Karma is a bitch, except on reddit where it’s never enough.

Have you ever used it to pick up girls? - ‘Wanna see a magic trick? Trace your phone number on my arm’ Call me odd but I’ve always been in long-term relationships and have never ‘picked up’ a girl in my life. I have used it to write ‘I ❤️ insert GF name’ once or twice though. Didn’t get much of a reaction since they were used to it.

How detailed/ornate can your ‘drawings’ be? - Not very. The rash is due to localized swelling and fluid collection within the tissues, which is why it appears to be raised. So finer strokes produce much a bigger ‘font’ in the end.

Do you have tattoos/want to get a tattoo? - I’m personally not interested in tattoos, but it would be possible if the tattoo artist is okay working with your skin and your condition is not too severe. All the trauma and physical pressure is likely to cause a reaction during the tattooing process, and the swelling and redness could make it hard for them to do a good job. But it’s unlikely to cause anything life-threatening or dangerous. If you have dermatographism and want a tattoo: to be safe, I’d consult your doctor beforehand on whether you’re a suitable candidate for tattoos, and please do let your tattoo artist know during the planning stages as well.

What should I do if I think I have this condition? - Take a photo of it when you have a rash, and SEE A DOCTOR. Most of the time you’ll be prescribed antihistamines if it is in fact dermatographism, which you’ll have to take for as long as you have it. If it doesn’t affect you much and you’re okay living with it, you probably won’t need the meds. But I’d strongly recommend you see a doctor to get it diagnosed anyway. Not all hives are dermatographism, and it could be something serious. Your health is important!

Do you do skin drawing requests? - I did one of dickbutt which was a popular request on my initial post, but I’ll probably not do anymore unless it’s something I find really interesting.

Tue, 23 Jan 2018 0:00:00 EDT
Health-Livehi im velvet crayon. IAmA 33 yr old one manned band, sideshow/burlesque/cabaret performer, and cripple born with osteogenesis imperfecta (aka brittle bones) Hey Reddit,

I’m Mike and I’m best known for a few books (, my website Muscle for Life (, and my supplement company Legion Athletics (

I’m super excited to be here, so AMA! I’ll field questions on anything: diet, exercise, supplementation, business, marketing, velociraptors, Juggalos, whatever floats your boat.


EDIT #1: Hey everybody! I forgot to post how long I'll be doing this, soooo...I'll be going until 4 PM ET (another 30 minutes).

EDIT #2: That's a wrap! Thanks so much for stopping by and asking me questions. :) I hope you enjoyed it!

Oh and if you liked what I had to say, then you'll definitely like my articles over at and

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BusinessI’m Richard Bronson, founder/CEO of 70MillionJobs, former “Wolf of Wall Street” partner. Spent 22 months in a federal prison, now run Y-Combinator startup that finds jobs for 70 million ex-offenders. AMA. I began my career on Wall Street, and became a partner at the infamous Stratton Oakmont, of “Wolf of Wall Street” fame. After launching my own firm that grew to 500 employees, generating $100 million in annual revenue, I was arrested for securities fraud, and spent 22 months in a federal prison. Upon release, I had nothing - no job, no money, and no prospects. I finally found a home at Defy Ventures, the prominent reentry non-profit, where I served as director, leading to my founding 70MillionJobs, the first for-profit recruitment platform for individuals with criminal records. In a short time, the 70MillionJobs has amassed a huge community of ex-offenders--a population emerging as a vital economic and political force--and have begun working with large, national employers.

I have experienced the dizzying heights of success, the inevitable plummet to abject failure, and ultimate redemption in discovering the intersection of good works and good business. AMA.

For job-seekers with a record, for large employers, and anyone else who wants to connect, please visit:

PROOF: Further proof:

EDIT: Alright Reddit, I'm signing off now. Thanks for a great evening. Come visit us at and contact us with your thoughts. -Richard

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HealthIamA teen Cancer survivor, AMA! Hello Redditors, This is my second AMA. My schedule is extremely busy leading into games but I will try my best to respond to all of your questions up until then. I will be responding every evening. My name is Shannon-Ogbani Abeda and I am an alpine skier representing Eritrea in the upcoming winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang. I’m a 21 year old Computer Science major student and this will be my first participation in the Winter Olympic Games. If you’d like to follow me on my journey to the games, you can follow me on Instagram.

Instagram: erialpine96

I understand that some of you may have certain views that do not necessarily reflect with others or myself and I respect that. However, I’d ask that you be civil and respectful with one another. In regards to some of political questions that have been asked, the Olympic Games bring together athletes from a number of nations around the world to compete in sports at a high level regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sex, or for political reasons. Unity is a key foundation of the games. I do not have any political affiliations and I’m certainly not skiing to achieve any political motives. I am going to Pyeongchang to represent Eritrea, its people, and the diaspora. I’m sorry, but I didn’t come here to answer those questions.

Again, I’d like to thank all of you for your questions and positive feedback! I didn’t expect the amount of traction I would be receiving on some of these subreddits. Thank you for your support redditors, it means a lot!!

On CBC News


Edit 1: I didn’t except this many questions, please patient as I will try my best to respond to them; I’m not ignoring them, I just have to train, eat, do school, and you know sleep.

Edit 2: I'm back! Everyone, I just have to say THANK YOU! I never expected that I'd get such a big response! It's really heartwarming to hear the messages of support. I also really appreciate those of you respectfully voicing difficult or challenging questions. The only way we learn and grow is by challenging ourselves and each other. I'll do my best to answer all questions posed respectfully.

Edit 3: Thanks again everyone, I'm going to take another break from answering your questions. I'll be back later to keep going!

Edit 4: Hey, I’m back again! I just got off the hill and I’m having a bite to eat. I have a few minutes before I head home and I’ll try to answer a few questions. I will also be answering some later this evening. Once again, thank you Redditors for your questions

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HealthI was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer with sub-1,000 recorded cases since 2010. I am adjusting to life with 50% facial paralysis. AMA! Proof

Mon, 01 Jan 2018 0:00:00 EDT
HealthIamA deaf musician. I have a cochlear implant on my right ear, and I only have low tones in my left. I primarily play bass clarinet. Give me your questions!


Thu, 28 Dec 2017 0:00:00 EDT