Top Health Reddit IAmA's The latest Health IAmA's collected from Reddit HealthI am an 18 year old girl who has been living with chronic hives for the last 8 years, AMA! Backstory: When I was 10, I began getting hives until I was completely covered. The doctor diagnosed me with Chronic Urticaria and Angioedema. He told me it would be gone in 2-3 years. Not everyday is a bad day, but 99% of the mornings I at least wake up with them on my legs. There are many triggers and not many ways to make them go away.

Proof: If you don’t handle gross (Edit: mildly weird looking) too well, then click this with caution.

Edit: Thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback! A lot of great recommendations, ideas, compliments, and questions have come in tonight. I thought only a couple people would see this, but I just spent hours trying to answer every comment and having a blast! Not to mention I got gold! So many of you have really improved my outlook on my situation, and hopefully I can take a lot of these ideas with me and get something good to happen :) I’m so happy to have so many people participate. Xolair was a big thing to come up tonight, and I absolutely plan on trying this. Diets, home remedies, acupuncture, marijuana, and more will be looked in to! Someone mentioned that if I find big results with something, then I should do an update AMA, and that can be done! It’s currently 2:31am and I have class in the morning, so I will get to all my messages and any further comments tomorrow:) Thanks again to all of you! You helped a girl have a great amount of fun tonight!

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Specialized ProfessionIamA online therapist who helps people deal with holiday stress. AMA! Good afternoon! I'm Megan Barnes Zesati, an online therapist.

Though there are many positive emotions that go along with the holidays, it is also a time of increased stress for many people. Common holiday stressors are: lack of time, lack of money, pressure of giving/getting gifts, maintaining healthy diet and exercise, stressful family gatherings, and/or feelings of sadness about not being able to be with loved ones over the holidays (due to work circumstances, estrangement, travel, military service or recent death of loved one…)

I'm here to help! Ask me Anything and let's discuss how to deal with some of these stressors. I'll be checking this post every day or two and responding or feel free to reach out to me directly on my website: for free help on surviving holiday stress! My Proof: Additional proof - the first message here:

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HealthIamA (19 year old male Asian with Albinism) AMA! You may know Zach from his comic, SMBC. You may have heard of Kelly from media about this super-creepy parasite she co-discovered.

Together, we wrote a book called "Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything." It's a big nerd-out about a bunch of future tech, along with weird stories and fun facts. An NPR review said it "feels like a slightly drunken lecture by a couple of enthusiastic professors."

Ask us about the book, parasites, cartooning, or this one research project where they found that students will obey robots that come bearing cookies.

Zach will be answering as /u/MrWeiner. Kelly will be answering as /u/sciencegal.


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HealthHearing impaired since 4, deaf since 16, pianist since 3, AMA! Hi my name is Charlie Hamilton James and I’m a National Geographic Magazine photographer. As a kid all I wanted to do was shoot for National Geographic and finally, after a lot of years, I work for them pretty much full time. Many of us who shoot for the magazine specialise in certain areas and subjects. I started out specialising in wildlife then I broadened out to cover other subjects - vultures was my favourite wildlife story. Now I tend to shoot people and animal stories - usually conservation based. I recently finished a story on wildlife poisoning in Africa which is a huge problem and an untold story. It’s pretty depressing stuff but an important story to tell. Currently I’m shooting four stories for the magazine - one on sea otters which I haven’t started yet but can’t wait to get going on - I’m a massive otter fan. Before working as a still photographer, I made wildlife films for the BBC and worked as a wildlife cameraman; but I love shooting stills far more than shooting movies.



Thanks so much everyone for the questions - they were all nice ones! Have a great day. I'm taking the doodle out now to check my camera traps. See ya!

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AuthorIamA co-writer with my Son for "Blood of Invidia", a Dragon Award Finalist SciFi/Horror novel, in the cloud. We've never met. Ask Me Anything. AMA! I am Tom Tinney. Morgen Batten, my co-author and son, has said, "Some kids build soapbox derby cars with their fathers. My dad and I built an entire universe."

While father-son collaborations are nothing new, our is unique. We've never met in person. Not once. Circumstances have kept us apart for the last thirty-two years.

Morgen was raised, and resides, in Adelaide, AU. I currently live in Hartford, WI. We're both talented and creative writers with a love for the same genres. Two years ago, I wrote a "We should write a book together" text to Morgen, the ensuing string of texts formed the backbone of plot and beginning of the universe we would build. That's when we began this project in earnest. The first goal was to produce a unique and exciting novel, which has yielded stellar results. The second goal is to use the proceeds from its sales to fund our first meeting.

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HealthIamA (IAmA handicapped 22-year old with brittle bone disease. I just started my own YouTube channel, "Rollin Through Life". Ask me anything!!) AMA! My short bio: Hi guys! My name is Ronahi. I'm a Kurdish-American poet. I just started a YouTube channel to share my experience of life in a wheelchair.

I have a rare genetic condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, which makes my bones very fragile. I've broken my bones at least a few dozen times (currently sporting a hot-pink cast on my leg - stylin'!) and use a wheelchair to get around.

I started this channel because I want to spread awareness of my disease and challenge perceptions of handicapped people. This channel is a way for me to share my life experiences and advice for people going through difficult times. And, perhaps above all, a way to introduce to people just how "normal" my life is, and encourage dialogue and connection between people of different abilities.

Have a question about me or my condition? Ask me ANYTHING! Seriously. :)

My Proof: Please check out my first video "What Do You See When You Look At Me?" Poem #1. By clicking on the videos tab.

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HealthIamA cyborg presenter of 'Can Robots Love Us?' on BBC Three YouTube & iPlayer. Would you have sex with a robot?, AMA! My short bio: Last year I had a bionic arm made funded by video game company Konami. This year I present a show exploring the more emotional side to our relationship with technology. Could you ever love an advanced robot?



I comment how gaming helped my mental recovery, and explore virtual reality therapy for fears and phobias.

I interview creators of a sexbot, Samantha, who aim to create a companion for human beings, raising interesting questions about our societies' future.

I also speak with researchers helping robots care for our ageing population, and creating psychological AI chatbots to help lessen the huge demand on mental health services.

Watch the show and I can answer your questions here! I have a feeling a lot of them might be to do with the sexbot...

I invite u/rochellebalboa to answer questions about undergoing VR therapy in the show!

Edit: Tues 5th - we are still answering questions

Edited to add blog post about the programme:

My Proof:

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Health-LiveI am a 21 year old girl taking medical marijuana for my Tourette Syndrome, AMA! Hi Reddit, I'm a 21 year old girl from Australia and I've had Tourette Syndrome my whole life. I have also struggled with severe depression and anxiety. Even though its still technically illegal here I've been medicating with marijuana for almost 2 years, both in oil form and smoking/vaporising. It's changed my life in a massively positive way. AMA!

Proof: Proof 1 Proof 2

EDIT: Going to bed but will be back when I wake up to answer more questions :)

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HealthHi, I'm a 17 year old with PKU. Which means I have never had any meat or dairy products in my life, because it could cause mental retardation. AMA! I'm Lindsey Jacobellis, 10 XGames Gold Medals, 5 World Champ Titles and 27 World Cup Wins. I have raced boardercross for over two decades and I am not stopping any time soon.

I love the "Days of Thunder" feeling when you mix speed and other racers. I'm Lindsey Jacobellis and I have raced boardercross for over two decades and I am not stopping any time soon. I have 10 XGames Golds medals, 5 World Championships Titles, and 27 World Cup wins. I crave the speed and the upredictabilty of my sport. Ask Me Anything!


Check out all things Winter Games at

Thanks for all the great questions, I had a blast and I hope you did too, bye ;)

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Health-LiveI have albinism—AmA Hi, I’m Robb Ryerse. I am running for Congress because I believe that the people of Arkansas's 3rd Congressional District deserve an independent voice in Washington. I will put the needs of people ahead of the desires of the party establishment, corporate lobbyists, and special interest donors. I also want to help restore the Republican party to its historic values.

My wife and I are both ordained ministers, and together, we co-pastor the Vintage Fellowship in Fayetteville, Arkansas, or, as I like to call it: “America’s best kept secret.” We follow in the footsteps of Jesus, doing good works, and opening our arms to differences of opinions. Vintage Fellowship, at its core, is all about care -- care for those less fortunate, care for our community, care for our neighbors, care for our family and care for our planet. Since its inception, our goal has been clear: we welcome all people. LGBT and folks from all backgrounds, creeds and colors. Even skeptics are encouraged to join us. We recently joined a group called OPEN, which is an alliance of progressive-leaning churches that embrace our view of Christianity. We are committed to lending a hand to anyone who needs it including aiding the resettlement of refugees in our district, something our current congressmen tried to shut down.

You may have seen me on Fox News recently. Honestly, we expected it to be pretty rough -- but it ended up being an incredibly positive experience. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we received afterwards from Republicans across the country who were disgusted by the state of politics today.

Check out my website here: Robb2018

This campaign is 100% people-powered. I don’t accept a cent of corporate donations or PAC money -- only individual small donors. If you want to help, you can donate here: Donation Page

Connect with me on social media: Facebook & Twitter

If you're interested in learning more about Brand New Congress, come join us at /r/BrandNewCongress.


Lastly, I want to mention the Summer for Progress. Brand New Congress has teamed up with 19 other progressive organizations to support 8 progressive bills. If you want to join the movement, please sign our petition!

I'll start answering questions at 2 PM CST / 3 PM EST. AMA!

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HealthIamA 67-year-old gay man who has been blind since birth. A lot of you had questions about my life after reading my essay on AskReddit, so I'm here to answer them! AMA Hi again Reddit! I’m Chris Voss, the founder and CEO of [The Black Swan Group](, a consulting firm that provides training and advises Fortune 500 companies through complex negotiations. You may remember me from last year.

Rooted in hostage negotiation, my methodology centers around “Black Swans” small pieces of information that have a huge effect on an outcome. I currently teach at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. I’ve also lectured at other schools including Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Harvard Law School the MIT Sloan School of Management, and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. I’ve been a guest on CNN and Fox News, and I’ve appeared on The Daily Show, Anderson Cooper 360, and NPR.

Before all of these fun things, I was the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI, where I tried out all kinds of new approaches in negotiation. I was involved in more than 150 international kidnapping cases in my over two decades with the FBI, and I learned that hostage negotiation is more or less a business transaction.

On May 17th of 2016, my first book “Never Split The Difference” was published, distilling the skills I've gathered over my career into usable tips that will give the reader the competitive edge in any discussion—whether in the boardroom, at the dinner table, or at the car dealership. It’s now being published in 14 languages by 15 international publishers for 20 countries around the world.

Seriously, I was blown away and really grateful for all the attention the book received. It’s become a national bestseller, was listed as one of the best business books of 2016, and has been called one of the seven best negotiation books ever written on Inc. I hit the front page of Reddit, chatted at Google, spoke on some great podcasts, had more than 1.5 million page views on Quora, and was featured in some great press.

The book's readers used its lessons not just to make more money, but to improve their relationships with others and their lives as a whole.

But my core message from the book still stands… everything we’ve previously been taught about negotiation is wrong: you are not rational; there is no such thing as ‘fair’; compromise is the worst thing you can do; the real art of negotiation lies in mastering the intricacies of No, not Yes. These surprising ideas—which radically diverge from conventional negotiating strategy—weren’t cooked up in a classroom, but are the field-tested rules FBI agents use to talk criminals and hostage-takers around the world into (or out of) just about any imaginable scenario.

Ask me about how men and women negotiate differently, how to navigate sticky family situations, negotiating as a parent, advice for recent graduates, stories from my time in the FBI, or even how to get past a bouncer into a busy club. AMA!

You can also learn more about me at

Proof here

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HealthIamA 23 year old who has been battling grade 4 brain cancer since 2012; AMA! I started battling grade 4 glioblastoma at the age of 18. 3 brain tumors, 1 brain surgery, 53 sessions of radiation, 5 different chemotherapies, and over 1 year of physical therapy. Still battling and still smiling.


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HealthWeAreA married couple that are both full-time wheelchair users. AUsA (again) I am so honored and thrilled to be invited to join the amazing talents of this year’s National Memorial Day Concert. I will be joining co-hosts Joe Mantegna and Laurence Fishburne with musical guests including Renee Fleming, Scotty McCreery, Christopher Jackson from Broadway’s Hamilton and Jack Everly and the National Symphony Orchestra, to honor everyone who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Tune in on Sunday, May 28th at 8pm EST on PBS (better check your local listings!). Now…. Ask Me Anything!


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HealthIamA profoundly deaf male who wears cochlear implants to hear! AMA! Hey reddit!

I recently made a comment on a thread about bluetooth capability with cochlear implants and it blew up! Original thread and comment. I got so many questions that I thought I might make an AMA! Feel free to ask me anything about them!

*About me: * I was born profoundly deaf, and got my first cochlear implant at 18 months old. I got my left one when I was 6 years old. I have two brothers, one is also deaf and the other is not. I am the youngest out of all three. I'm about to finish my first year at college!

This is a very brief overview of how a cochlear implant works: There are 3 parts to the outer piece of the cochlear implant. The battery, the processor, and the coil. Picture of whole implant The battery powers it (duh). There are microphones on the processor which take in sound, processor turns the sound into digital code, the code goes up the coil [2] and through my head into the implant [3] which converts the code into electrical impulses. The blue snail shell looking thing [4] is the cochlea, and an electrode array is put through it. The impulses go through the array and send the signals to my brain. That's how I perceive sound! The brain is amazing enough to understand it and give me the ability to hear similarly to you all, just in a very different way!

My Proof:

Update: Thank you all so much for your questions!! I didn't expect this to get as much attention as it did, but I'm sure glad it did! The more people who know about people like me the better! I need to sign off now, as I do have a software engineering project to get to. Thanks again, and I hope maybe you all learned something today.

p.s. I will occasionally chime in and answer some questions or replies

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Crosspost[xpost] Rebecca Skloot (author of "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks") is doing an AMA in r/books; follow the link in the text to ask her a question! My short bio: Due to contractual agreements and non-disclosure I must be vague, but I'm verified confidentially. I worked for Clear Channel Communications for nearly a decade in a prime market as the host of my own show. I interviewed several celebrities and went to nearly any event you can think of There is a lot to radio that isn't as it appears. My Proof: confidentially confirmed. EDIT: Alright folks I need to go. I'll check back later and try to hit the questions I've missed. Thanks for all the questions. EDIT: Thank you everyone for participating. For those of you who are interested in my new career I may do an AMA at your request, but I'm undecided as of now. Thanks again, but it's time for this to end. See you on Reddit

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