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Our staff at The Dallas Morning News was recently named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Breaking News Reporting for coverage of the ambush on police in downtown Dallas last July.

Our coverage:

We’re also celebrating 175 years of our parent company, A.H. Belo and bringing news to Texas. | Twitter

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceIamA a Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University (Helen Tager-Flusberg). I have been doing research on autism for over 40 years..... AMA! My short bio: I’m Helen Tager-Flusberg, Director of the Center for Autism Research Excellence at Boston University. I do research on development, brains and behavioral impairments (especially language and communication) in autism and I’m here today, during Autism Awareness Month, to talk about it. For more on my work, check out my lab’s website: Ask me anything!

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Fri, 14 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistIamA Cannabis Journalist covering the Washington D.C. Cannabis industry AMA! Peter Joseph is an American-born social critic and activist who has lectured around the world on the subject of cultural sustainability. Once deemed “The Herald of Occupy Wall Street” for his tacit prediction of inevitable global uprisings against inequality and economic injustice, his extensive media work has been translated into over 130 languages and experienced by 250 million people.


FINAL NOTE (for now): I want to thank everybody for an excellent five hour exchange. Unfortunately I have to go now but I really appreciate people's questions and I hope I could be of some service. I will try to find time to also address existing questions that I could not get to over the next week or so. Thanks again!

Tue, 11 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistWe’re the Florida reporters who looked into 827 state police shootings and tried to explain WHY COPS SHOOT. We created an online database for you to explore. Ask us anything Our short bio: We’re Ben Montgomery and Neil Bedi, reporters at the Tampa Bay Times. We just published a project studying six years of Florida police shootings. Our main story looked into the different circumstances that led to the 827 shootings and ways to avoid the violence. A separate interactive story looked at the least violent people shot and the racial breakdowns of specific questionable circumstances. We have videos looking at specific cases the main story dives into. And, for PROOF, we published a database of every case, and built it so each one is treated as its own story.


  • /u/BenjiMontgomery - Reporter
  • /u/NeilBedi - Reporter/Web developer (Connie Humburg, our database expert will also be available to answer though one of us)


Mon, 10 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistI’m CNN Sr. International Correspondent Clarissa Ward. I got a rare, unfiltered look at the life and mind of an ISIS soldier. AMA! My short bio: I spent time profiling and getting to know an ISIS soldier for a CNN Documentary "ISIS: Behind the Mask," airing Friday at 10pm ET on CNN. 28-year-old Younnes Delefortie looks like many young Belgians, but this former alter boy joined ISIS in Syria and is now back on the streets of Belgium. Ask me anything about my encounter with Delefortie, his radicalization, journey to Syria and back, or anything in general about ISIS.

Read more about it here:

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Fri, 31 Mar 2017 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistI'm Dan Diamond, a POLITICO reporter tracking the health care fight. AMA away. Hey redditors! I'm Dan Diamond, the author of POLITICO's daily health care column and host of our weekly health policy and politics podcast. And I'm at the Capitol today, covering the health care debate.

Things are moving quickly on Republicans' plan to change the health system, and many readers have told me they're nervous about what it means for them. I've also interviewed congressmen, had extensive conversations with current and former White House officials, and sat down with experts and patients around the country.

I'm happy to take questions on anything — but I'm especially ready to talk the state of play for the GOP health bill, myths vs. facts on the ACA, and bigger issues for the U.S. health care system.

Update: I've been AMAing with one eye and working with the other, but given the breaking news, I need both at this point! Thanks so much for making this so interesting. And the r/politics folks invited me to do an AMA next Friday 3/31, and I'm looking forward to coming back.

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistIamA CNN’s senior tech correspondent who recently watched the real life “her” being built in a sex robot factory and spoke to a woman who brought her dead friend back to life with AI.. it’s like the show Black Mirror.. but it’s real. Hi, I’m Laurie Segall. I have a show that just launched called Mostly Human. Think real-life Black Mirror. Or perhaps a bit Westworld. The series tackles our increasingly complicated relationship with technology. I interviewed a woman who is in love with a robot, explored a sex robot factory where they’re building the real-life “her,” spoke with a woman who brought her dead best friend back to life through artificial intelligence (in the form of a chatbot), and hung out in hacker circles to better understand the first hacker to be killed in a drone strike. Mostly Human also took me inside a psychiatric ward where they’re using minority report like technology on patients. Now is the time to start asking some uncomfortable questions, like, who’s in control.. us or the algorithms? Is human connection needed for happiness? Mostly Human is a series based off a simple concept: We are the beta test. Ask me anything.

Proof: Proof:

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistIamA Journalist Tim Pool, founding member of VICE NEWS, I recently returned from Sweden investigating the alleged migrant crime wave. AMA! Howdy all, My name is Tim Pool. In the past I worked for VICE and Fusion. My work has been featured internationally, in film and TV, though most of my work today is on Social Media.

I do not work for Vice or Fusion anymore, fyi. I am totally independent now.

Recently Donald Trump made statements about Sweden that sparked an international conversation. In light of this I decided to travel to Sweden to investigate for myself. The decision didn't come without controversy as many journalists told me I was following a fake news story and to let Swedish Journalists report their own news.

Needless to say what I found was interesting and in reality "closer to the middle" in regards to the left/right narrative.

Feel free to ask me anything about this or whatever.

Subscribe to my channel on Youtube - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram -

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Wed, 15 Mar 2017 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistReporter, Helped Uncover Unique Footage of Stalin's Funeral We are Max Bemis of Say Anything and Anthony Raneri of Bayside! We are about to head out on a co-headline tour together throughout the US, and we're bringing out our friends in Reggie and the Full Effect and Hot Rod Circuit. Come to the tour (grab your tix here - / and in the meantime - ask us anything you want right here!


Fri, 10 Mar 2017 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistI am Adam Davidson, a staff writer at The New Yorker. In my latest story for the magazine, I investigated the construction of a Trump hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan. Ask Me Anything! My short bio: I work with Amazon as an independent contractor to deliver what you want when you want - as long as it's from 6:00AM to midnight - from the Amazon Prime Now app or the website, including orders that you or someone you know might make from the Amazon Fresh website. I am based in Northern Virginia and have done all the routes throughout Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and Washington D.C.

My Proof: Deleted One Proof

Some customers tweets telling us how amazing and fast our service is

These are the insulated bags that we use to keep your cold items cold for a longer period of time

If you have ordered Prime Now, then you've seen and probably have these bags hanging around in your house

BONUS PIC - The shared bathroom


Edit: Thanks to all who asked, and to those who lurked: why didn't you ask a question? I'll see if I can make another AMA in a few months when more people start knowing more about the service.

Thu, 09 Mar 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceIAMA neuroscientist researcher, here to answer your questions about What Happens in Our Brains During Sex and Orgasm, AMA! My short bio: Hi! I’m Tara Keck. I’m a neuroscience researcher on the faculty at University College London and I study how the brain changes when we learn new things. My PhD research focused on changes to the memory and learning areas of the brain, and I then worked in Germany researching how we learn through our senses. Now I run a lab at UCL in London.

To get ready for Valentine’s Day, I’m answering questions about what happens in our brains during Sex and Orgasm, so AMA. I’ll be here from 12pm EST for about an hour to answer your questions and if you check in too late, you can post your question to my Facebook page, where I’ll be answering additional questions between now and Tuesday.

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Thu, 09 Feb 2017 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistI am John Cassidy, a staff writer at The New Yorker. Ask me your questions at 4 P.M. E.S.T. EDIT: Thanks everyone for your questions! I have to get back to my duties as ref, but make sure to watch Puppy Bowl XIII this Sunday, February 5 at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT on Animal Planet!

Hi everybody! I'm returning this year to be the official referee for The 13th edition of Animal Planet’s PUPPY BOWL premiering this Sunday, February 5 starting at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT. You can check out some the adorable stars competing in the big game here! In case you missed last year's AMA, here's a little bit about me: I had a relationship with ANIMAL PLANET before this - I was the host of a few one hour specials for the network. I'd also worked as a narrator for Discovery in the past. The guy who had the job before me moved on to another network, so there was an opening, I had to submit an audition tape after they approached me - so I went into dog parks in NYC and recorded myself officiating football games with random dogs (much to the consternation of the owners) and I also recorded some hijinx with my sister's dogs in their backyards. Anyways, it wound up being a fun tape, and I did a testimonial straight to camera about how this was my dream job, and it was my AMERICAN IDOL moment - and I got it!

My proof is here:

So here I am, ready to answer your questions about the world's cutest game. AMA!

Mon, 06 Feb 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Journalist-LiveWe're the editors of Pitchfork. We just finished ranking the best albums and songs of 2016. Ask us anything! Seems like a lot of people think "Nights" was the best Frank Ocean song. Pitchfork was really riding for "Ivy." Wanna know why? Ask us anything about our best songs and albums of 2016 lists. From Kanye to Beyoncé to Mitski to Lil Peep to Anohni to Angel Olsen, this was an insane year for music. What did we get right? What did we get horribly wrong? Troll us, compliment us, challenge us. Ask us—executive editor Mark Richardson and managing editor Matthew Schnipper —anything. We don't promise to answer all your questions, but we do promise to judge them with a score. This intro gets a 6.7.


HEY ALL - This was super fun and we could be on here all day. Thanks for all the great questions, honored to do this, and thanks for reading Pitchfork, until next time!

Tue, 13 Dec 2016 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistI'm Austin Walker, the editor of VICE's Gaming Site. Let's talk about why we play. AMA! EDIT: Hey everyone! Wow, thanks so much for all of the incredible questions. I really loved answering them, and I'm now pretty determined to turning this sort of Q&A into a larger feature over at Waypoint. (But also, we'll def do some proper AMAs again in the future!) Thank you so much for your support. If you want the question you didn't get answered here to potentially show up in an episode of Waypoint Radio, make sure to email with the subject "Question"!

Thanks again y'all. Hope you have a good night. See you for the podcast tomorrow morning. Peace!

My name is Austin Walker, and I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Waypoint, VICE’s new gaming website. (And hey! Shoutouts to the Waypoint subreddit!)

At Waypoint, we do everything from long form feature articles (like this piece on inmates who play Dungeons and Dragons) to documentaries (like this look into the creation of Hyper Light Drifter, one of my favorite games this year!), and I’m lucky enough to get to put a creative hand on just about everything that we do. Thankfully, every now and then I still find the time to do a little writing of my own. We also do a lot of streaming at Waypoint—check out this clip of me and Senior Reporter Patrick Klepek suffering through Superman 64 in the late hours of the night.

You can also catch me on your favorite podcast player, hosting Waypoint Radio (our twice a week podcast about games and culture) and Friends at the Table (a tabletop RPG podcast focused on critical world building, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends.

Before I got here, I was a member of the Giant Bomb family, and just a year before that, I was a broke freelance writer and a grad school student. Time moves fast, huh?

In any case, I’m super excited to be here and can’t wait to answer some questions. So hey, ask me anything!


Thu, 08 Dec 2016 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistI’m an investigative reporter who spent 18 months investigating the National Guard’s toxic armories. AMA I spent 18 months investigating National Guard armories across the country, finding that hundreds have been contaminated by lead dust from indoor shooting ranges. Lead spread almost everywhere imaginable in armories — inspectors found lead on ice machines, refrigerators, a coffee machine, boxing bag, floors and shelves where kids’ toys were stored. Even a deli meat slicer. It contaminated offices, classrooms, assembly halls and entire HVAC systems.

Armories are a part of the fabric of America. They're community gathering halls that not only house our citizen-soldiers for monthly drill weekends but also baby showers, weddings, scout meetings, banquets and sleepovers.

Even after testing showed Oregon’s armories were grossly contaminated with lead, my reporting found that elementary school kids from an Oregon town were allowed to sleep on a floor where inspectors once found lead at levels 650 times higher than the U.S. EPA considers safe for young kids. Inspectors had just surveyed the armory the previous month, finding lead in every sample they took.

Since our story published online last Friday, we’ve already seen lawmakers in two states call for more disclosure from their state Guard units. More reporters across the country are working on stories using the thousands of pages of records we published along with my report.

You can read my article here:


Update: That's a wrap. Thanks for your questions. I'll circle back around this afternoon if there are any Qs lingering. Thanks for stopping by.

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 0:00:00 EDT