Top Military Reddit IAmA's The latest Military IAmA's collected from Reddit Military-LiveMerry Christmas: IAmA Former CIA Operative Douglas Laux Back For Round II Our short bio: Austrian Audio GmbH is a new audio company dealing with research & development of acoustic products, mainly microphones and headphones, but also highly sophisticated measurement systems and ODM developments. We’re all professionals that have spent a major part of our lives within the audio industry, both on the professional and the lifestyle side of the business. What ties us together is the vision to improve the performance of products by listening to people who actually use them and paying attention to the details. Within the team we can look back at more than 300 years of combined audio development experience. The team – currently 22 people - almost completely consists of former employees of AKG Acoustics, who’s Vienna headquarters closed its doors June 30th 2017.

Possible topics of interest to you in which we have expertise:

• The closure of AKG • Audio Engineering • Mechanical, Acoustics, Software, Firmware, Electronic and Test & Measurement Engineering • Starting and running a business in Vienna, Austria • Life and Christmas Markets in Vienna! Bring 'em on! We're going to answer questions until the New Year and endeavor to address the technical and engineering oriented ones as a priority. Let's keep this going until 2018!

Our Proof:

Mon, 25 Dec 2017 0:00:00 EDT
OtherIAmA USPS Assistant Rural Carrier! My job is ONLY to deliver Amazon Prime packages, AMA! Proof of Identity

This is in response to the recent thread on the front page lamenting the ghost delivered parcels for Amazon Prime packages.

So, to try to put this all in perspective, I've listed as much as I have learned working as an Assistant Rural Carrier at USPS

At the end, I'll point out some flaws and hangups of the process:

  1. About 2(?) years ago, Amazon and USPS formed a contract where USPS would deliver Amazon Prime packages, including on Sundays and federal holidays.

  2. USPS hired new temporary employees and asked current employees to work the extra days to fulfill the contract. Neither the employees, the supervisors, nor the USPS system in general knew how to run things. They are still figuring out how to organize training and workflow, etc.

  3. Organization structure: There are City Carrier Assistants (CCA) Rural Carrier Assistants (RCA), and the new temporary hire position which is called Assistant Rural Carrier (ARC).

  • CCAs wear the USPS uniform and all walking postmen are CCAs, but some do vehicle delivery as well.
  • ‎RCAs do not wear an official uniform, and only deliver from the vehicle.
  • ‎ARCs are the new position solely for delivering Amazon Prime packages on Sundays and Federal Holidays.
  1. Workflow:
  • From what I understand, Amazon creates routes for packages based loosely on a combination of regular USPS mail routes. When the packages arrive at USPS, they are sorted by the mail clerks, who have to scan each label and (1) sort them by route, and (2) number each package manually the stop number, so the drivers can load them in their trucks in the correct order.

  • The drivers take their sorted routes, and scan them onto their trucks, loading them in order on their trucks.

-‎ Since we aren't delivering house to house like regular mail, Amazon also automatically creates turn-by-turn directions for each route.

  • The drivers follow the turn-by-turns and deliver all the Amazon Prime packages and return to the Post Office with an empty truck =]

Sounds problem free, right? WRONG! Here are some issues and miscommunication errors that can and very often do occur:

  1. Amazon.
  • There have been multiple times when Amazon has not prerouted the parcels, so we'll have 900 packages with no organization whatsoever, and we have to try and sort them.based on which geographic areas each driver is the most familiar with, since no organization ALSO means no turn by turn directions.
  • ‎Sometimes, Amazon is late delivering the packages and the lists, so when the drivers arrive for work, we still have to wait for the mail clerks to scan in and sort all the packages, thus giving us less time to complete our deliveries.
  1. Inconsistency.
  • This pertains to the enforcement of policies. Some postmasters will tell you to bring back Amazon packages that you don't feel are secure or you couldn't get access to the buulding.

  • ‎Other postmasters will instruct you to deliver all packages, no matter what. Jjst get it onto the property any way you can (throw it out the window if there is a loose dog, throw it over a gate if it is closed, etc). Out job is to just make sure every Amazon package gets delivered on time.

NOW, here is where the issues come in.

  • Because USPS has a contract with Amazon, and that contract is in some respects performance-based, USPS can't afford to have too many Prime packages not delivered on time. How do they solve this? Scanning packages as delivered, and holding them at the warehouse for the next day to deliver. This way Amazon sees a higher percentage of packages delivered and is happy with USPS's performance.

So, overall, what are my thoughts?

It seems that Amazon and USPS could do a much much better job coordinating and managing workflow and organization of packages, and having consistent policies and a mutual nderstanding across different post offices of what to do with packages that cannot be delivered, instead of it differing at each Postmaster's discretion.

It may just take time as well. I do know that the Postal Service has been constantly adjusting how they manage these Amazon packages and the workflow, and maybe in a couple years they'll have it sorted out.

But in the mean time, don't hope too much, and understand most drivers are doing as they are told and following whichever instructions their Postmaster gives them.

Any questions, ask below!

Edit: CCA and RCA description, thanks to u/ThorinWodenson

Tue, 28 Nov 2017 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryIamA Marine Corps Vet AMA! Elijah and his CI journey

My Bio: My husband and I met working at a mental health group home for the deaf and hard of hearing. We are considered CODAs (Child of Deaf Adult) in the deaf world which meant that we are hearing children raised by deaf parents and fluent in sign language. Fast forward 6 years to the day our son Elijah was introduced to the world. We expected him to pass his newborn hearing screening just like all of our nieces, nephews and older sister before him... but he didn't pass. We were stunned and heartbroken, yes heartbroken. You would think that this news wouldn't be so bad for a couple who were raised by deaf parents but it wasn't that simple. We have first hand seen the struggles our parents faced with in unemployment, communication barriers and the fight for education standards among the deaf children. Don't get me wrong...I take pride in my parents and my unusual upbringing. The thought of my son facing those barriers was too much for my heart to bare. We initially ruled out cochlear implants as an option because we grew up thinking that it didn't work very well and the sound quality was sub par. Not to mention, we were also well aware of the strong opposition to cochlear implants, especially on children. It didn't take long for us to learn that there was a lot of misconceptions about cochlear implants within the deaf community. We ultimately made the decision to pursue cochlear implants after doing endless hours of research and talking to other families. We announced announced to our family and friends that we would be exploring cochlear implants for our infant son. That sparked a lot of anger within our family. Half of our family members did not speak to us for about 6 months. Two of my husbands siblings have deaf spouses and our news caused a firestorm on his side of the family. My son was implanted at 9 months old and activated at 10 months old. Our family members ended up working through their differences with us after my son received his surgery. They chose to put aside their difference for the sake of Elijahs happiness. I think Elijah has definitely changed a lot of lives with his journey.

Elijah is 2 1/2 now and he is doing amazing with his implants. He's has a fairly large vocabulary in spoken English and ASL. I still get anxious when deaf strangers see us out in public with our son. There are a lot of neutral/supportive Deaf folks out there but not very many are forthcoming about their support. My parents seem to be skeptical (but are supportive) about how well it works. They cannot hear him speak and so they tend to assume he's unable to hear speech.

One interesting piece worth mentioning is that my sons hearing aid video went viral a couple years ago. That's a whole other can of worms we opened in the deaf community.


Sat, 02 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryIamA (Highest Ranking Officer in the ARVN's Psychological Techniques Division during the Vietnam War) AMA! My short bio:

My name is Matt Cameron. I think about, write about, and practice immigration law nearly seven days a week. I have been a licensed attorney for twelve years as of September, and the managing partner of a three-attorney law office in the Boston area for the past seven years with a special focus on deportation defense and mitigating the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. I teach "Immigration and Urban America" at Northeastern University's School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, am a member of the board of the Student Immigrant Movement, and regularly contribute background and commentary to local, state, national, and international media on American immigration matters.

I am here for you to AMA because there is probably no other major public policy issue in the U.S. with such a massive gap between the realities of the current policies and what Americans seem to believe the policies actually are. While the other big issues du jour like healthcare and climate change usually touch on things that we all have to live with, immigration is not an issue that most U.S. citizens ever have to personally confront in their own lives. (This, among many other things, might explain why we just elected a man who ran on the ugliest and most determinedly nativist platform in a century or more of American history while willfully failing to inform himself as to the system that we actually have.)

I thought an AMA might be one easy thing that I could do right now to do my part to fill the gap. For as long as I have been studying this issue, I have always seen people ask counterfactual questions like "why don't they just get in line?" or "why can't you fill out the forms like everyone else?" or "what part of legal immigration don't you understand?", and I thought this might be a good way to provide concise, factual answers to these counterfactual inquiries that could be useful to anyone who is genuinely trying to understand this stuff as well as to gain the benefit of the experience of discussing all of this with people beyond my immediate and extended social circles. (And to be clear: any and all of those three questions are absolutely welcome for further discussion, as are any others at all so long as they are made in good faith. Trolls will starve.)

I will keep my answers as objective and factually-grounded as possible, but full disclosure: I do have a strong pro-immigration (and pro-immigrant) bias, and am well past the point where I can study or work within the American immigration system without recognizing that it is foremost a function of centuries of historic racism and colonialism. So I won't pretend that I don't have my own ideological approach to this... but I also truly believe that immigration should be a non-partisan issue, and one which deserves an adult, open-minded dialectic.

I WILL NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE OR ANYTHING THAT LOOKS LIKE LEGAL ADVICE here, so please no questions requesting a complete review of possible options once your H1B has expired or if your arrest record could cause current or future immigration problems or if you have all of the right supporting documents for your marriage visa or whatever. I am more than happy to answer those questions--on the phone or in person--for money.

My Proof:

1) My MA ID and bar card:

2) My FB page, in which most of my public posts are about immigration issues:

3) Twitter: @matt_cam

4) A recent piece in The Baffler on the realities of the American deportation machine:

5) Boston Globe story on three of my cases this week:

6) Interview this morning on Democracy Now:

Tue, 04 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryWe're Antarctic sailors who just returned from a four month voyage on a ~forty year old military vessel. We played with penguins, watched the ocean glow, burned way too much trash, and fought wildfires (unrelated). Ask us anything! Hi, my shipmate and I just completed Operation Deep Freeze 2017 aboard the Coast Guard Cutter (CGC) POLAR STAR (wikipedia link below). We spent ~1.5 months breaking 70 miles of Antarctic ice to clear the way for resupply vessels to McMurdo Station and allow the U. S. Antarctic Research Program to continue for another year. Along our way, we stopped in Honolulu, Sydney (for New Year's nonetheless), New Zealand (where we fought wildfires*), and Tahiti.

Great things we saw on the trip:

Whales eating penguins Bio-Luminescent plankton Stood in the hut Shackleton built Lived through a month long earthquake (icebreaking) Stood in a ~200MPH Snowstorm

Please note that the views expressed herein are our own and don't represent those of the Coast Guard, the Commandant, or the U.S. Government. Please don't fire me for this? Please do promote me for this...




Local News covering our return:

Official Coast Guard News on our return:

Wed, 29 Mar 2017 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryIamA 21 year old Active Duty EOD tech(bomb squad). AMA! We are three VO Actors:

Ashly Burch: Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?, Tiny Tina - Borderlands 2, Chloe Price - Life is Strange

TJ Storm: (our mocap guru) Colossus - Deadpool, Godzilla - Godzilla, Avatar, Decimus - Halo

Steve Blum: Wolverine, Lex Luthor - Infinite Crisis, Tank Dempsey - COD, Bob - Toonami, World Record for performing in the most number of video games

We're still striking, we're still here and we still believe that Game Performance Matters!

SAG AFTRA has put out three contracts: experimental, indie and AAA, that have now been signed by over a dozen game companies. We still want to create dialogue with the companies that refuse to negotiate. We had an original AMA, but there were still a lot of questions we didn't get to. We're here to talk about our stike, and anything else you guys think up.




Game Performance Matters Website

Corporate greed has put the brakes on some of your favorite games, hurting everybody on the team, help us tell them that performance matters to you!

EDIT: Since we're getting some questions that we responded to in the first AMA, there's a FAQ here as well:

EDIT 2: Everyone has to run to auditions, but we will be back with more VA and Mocap performers soon. We'll also check in through the next couple days to make sure we respond to the top voted questions. Please make sure you check out our FAQ at:


thanks to /u/maddking as our moderator

Sat, 28 Jan 2017 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryIAmA Military Role player, or as we like to call it, adult laser tag you get payed for. Hey everyone, As the title says I'm a fighting game veteran and have been competing since 2003. I co-founded Cross Counter TV in 2010, an esports start-up dedicated to bringing you the best in fighting game entertainment, events, and training content.

I also am the co-host of the Excellent Adventures of gootecks and Mike Ross, a weekly buddy comedy-style YouTube show where we sit on a couch and play Street Fighter V online which you can see at

This week I launched my first video course called Rise Up in Ranked Matches which is aimed at beginner and intermediate players that are looking for a practical path to winning more matches online and offline which is available at

Also, I'm raising money for Extra Life in conjunction with Team Reddit! I'll be streaming on the reddit Twitch channel tomorrow and you can donate money to the organization to play me! But in the meantime, if you donate $10 or more today, I'll send you a coupon code to join Rise Up In Ranked for free:

I'm here to answer questions about turning your passion into a business, creating content no matter what the niche, getting better at fighting games, traveling the world, and more.


EDIT: Alright guys, thank you for your thoughtful questions, I had a lot of fun! About to head out and might answer some more later, but pretty much done for now. Stay tuned tomorrow because I'll be on the reddit Extra Life stream and we're gonna raise some money for some sick kids!

Tue, 08 Nov 2016 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryIamA Female Aircraft Mechanic to F-16s (Crew Chief) AMA! Floyd Norman is an animator, storyman, and troublemaker. But more importantly he is an official Disney Legend, honored by the company in 2007 with this title. Norman is the first Black artist at Disney, and has had a storied career working on Disney classics, as well as famed Saturday-morning cartoons, Pixar feature films, and more. At 81 years old, Norman is the focus of a new feature documentary out in theaters starting this Friday August 26th. "Floyd Norman: An Animated Life", reveals how Norman continues to impact animation and stir up "trouble" after the company forced him to retire at age 65. It's a tale of perseverance, and a love letter to the history of animation, as seen through the life of a one-of-a-kind man. Check out the trailer at, and connect with us on Facebook at

Filmmaker Michael Fiore owns and operates Michael Fiore Films; a boutique production company that develops, finances, and creates high-concept filmed content for the best-of-the-best in the Film, TV, and Ad worlds. Fiore has worked as a writer/director and producer/editor for industry notables like Joel Silver (Prod. "The Matrix"), Jonathan Liebesman (Dir. "TNMT"), and Tom DiCillo (Dir. "Living in Oblivion") among others. Fiore has another movie coming out later this year, in December, titled "Keep Watching" from Sony Screen Gems. That film stars Bella Thorne and "Walking Dead" star Chandler Riggs.

Filmmaker Erik Sharkey is no stranger to the world of documentary. Sharkey's last feature documentary "Drew: The Man Behind the Poster" follows the creative endeavors of the legendary movie poster artist Drew Struzan. Prior to that documentary, Sharkey had directed a fun comedy titled "Sexina" starring the original Batman, Adam West. Sharkey is a born-and-bred New Yorker, with the accent to prove it!

Thu, 25 Aug 2016 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryIamA US Marine Corps Captain. AMA, including those non-PC questions about the Marine Corps or military life in general. My short bio: Hello Reddit! I am an active duty US Marine Corps Captain, here to answer any questions you might have about the Marines, the military, deployment life, etc. I have deployed three times to the Middle East, including two deployments to Afghanistan. I have trained Jordanian soldiers to fight ISIS, served in both the reserve and active duty components, earned a Masters degree in service, and acquired a number of different specialties and qualifications.

Please dont hesitate to ask questions that might not be considered "Politically Correct", as I have no problem answering those. However, my opinions are my own, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of other Marines or the US military as a whole. Having said that, fire away!

UPDATE: I am continuing to get sporadic questions, and I welcome them. I have been checking this with relative frequently, and as long as Redditors out there still have question, I am happy to keep answering them. Thanks for all of the questions so far, I have enjoyed it!

In addition to the proof below, more concrete proof has been provided to the monitors discreetly, and they will be along shortly to verify me. Thanks!

My Proof:

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
Military-LiveHi I’m Jack Farley, a disabled Vietnam vet whose story will be portrayed on the National Memorial Day Concert Sunday, May 29, on PBS. Ask Me Anything I’m Jack Farley. I served in the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam. After falling under fire, I lost my leg above the knee, and with it, the dream of the life I had planned for myself. My new normal included physical pain, grief for what might have been and the struggle to find a new path. In time, I continued my work as a lawyer and became a Federal court judge, working on veterans’ benefits. I also volunteered my time to work with other amputees from Vietnam and every conflict since through Iraq and Afghanistan. To this day, I still work with disabled vets who are amputees, teaching them how to ski. This story and more will be shared on the National Memorial Day Concert on PBS, Sunday, May 29, at 8pm (check local listings). For more on PBS’ National Memorial Day Concert. Ask Me Anything

Proof photo:

I am finished with the AMA now. Thank you so much for your questions!

This was my first experience with AMA and I am thrilled at the quality of the questions. I'll be looking out at all of you tonight during the telecast on PBS of the National Memorial Day Concert. It is okay if you wave back.

Tune in to the National Memorial Day Concert on PBS, tonight, May 29, at 8pm.

Sun, 29 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryI'm a US Army veteran and a career coach helping vets transition between careers. I'm spending my Memorial Day weekend helping to bridge the civilian-military divide. AMA! Good Morning Reddit!

I'm Bobby Wise, a US Army veteran and a career coach for Veterans Forward at the National Abe Network. Our organization is a non-profit workforce development agency committed to helping vets conduct a more effective job search.

Today I'll be marching 22 miles along Chicago's lakefront with hundreds of other vets to honor the fallen and raise awareness about the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day. Since that gives me about eight hours to kill, I'll also be here all day answering your questions about the job market, veterans transition, and the civilian-military divide. AMA!


EDIT: Well, it's not a proper ruck match without a little rain. I'll start answering again after the rain lets up and my touch screen becomes a bit more effective.

EDIT 2: Getting into the home stretch and the sweat is getting into my eyes pretty good. I'll be answering the rest of your questions from my laptop at home. Thanks for all the great comments and I look forward to working with everyone who reached out to me in private messages. Enjoy your weekend!

Fri, 27 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryIAmA former US Army sniper AMA I'm a former US Army sniper, I served in the 82nd Airborne Division and was deployed to Afghanistan. I also run a somewhat popular Instagram page under the user name 2nd_shot_correction

Got questions? Send it!

EDIT: I'm driving right now but I'll continue to answer question when I get a chance.

EDIT 2: I'm back.

Fri, 13 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT
Military-LiveIamA Retired US Navy Chief, with 20 years of experience driving Los Angeles and Virginia Class submarines. I've been on multiple deployments, seen numerous countries, and I was personally involved in the open missile salvos of the 2nd gulf wa I have been asked on several occasions to do this. I have always tried to remain humble about my life experiences but I'm willing to passionately discuss my time on and around submarines.

Proof: Here's a few pictures from my time in.

Also this periscope video of a couple of the missile launches.

There's also this collection of pictures from the embedded journalist during our missile strikes.

Edit: I have received an overwhelming amount of questions. I appoligize if I don't get to you immediately but I will try to answer each of you. Except the Trolls, I'm done feeding them for the day.

Edit 2: Thank you to all my fellow submariners who jumped in on this to help answer questions. I was having trouble answering everyone with anything more than a sentence or two.

Additional Proof that I am who I say I am. (Very unflattering)

Wed, 11 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryHey Reddit, I'm COL Steve Warren, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve (the military counter-ISIL coalition), AMA! Hey Reddit, this is COL Steve Warren from Baghdad, Iraq. I am the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, the US-led counter-ISIL military coalition. Our 66-nation coalition is working with our partners in Iraq and Syria to defeat ISIL/ISIS/Da’esh.

I’ll be answering your questions for an hour today, May 6th from 8:00pm to 9:00pm local time in Baghdad (1:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern). Ask me anything!

I hope I can answer all of your questions but please remember that in military operations some secrecy is necessary. Our enemy is watching and they would very much like to know what we are planning and how we will fight them. This is information I will not let them have.

If you’d like to receive updates about Operation Inherent Resolve after this AMA, follow me on Twitter @OIRSpox.


/Edit: Hey Reddit, this has been a terrific 100 minutes. Your questions were thoughtful, intelligent, and I hope I was able to provide quality answers. We're shutting down for the night-- it's almost 10pm here in Baghdad. We'll chip away at some of these other questions in the coming days.

However, I do have one major disappointment: no one asked me about ducks, horses, or horse sized ducks. So here's the answer in case you were wondering: Between duck sized horses or horse sized ducks, I'd want to face duck sized horses. They wouldn't be able to fly so you could punt them like footballs. A hundred isn't really that many so I don't think you'd even break much of a sweat booting them all.

Fri, 06 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT
MilitaryI am an Army Staff Sergeant serving in the South Korean SOF unit that inspired the recent TV Show "Descendants of the Sun". AMA. I am a Republic of Korea (ROK) Army Military Intelligence Staff Sergeant (linguistic) currently in support of the ROK joint special operations unit that inspired the recently concluded South Korean TV show "Descendants of the Sun".

  • If you have no idea what that show is, be glad and skip ahead. I'm not a famous public figure nor an accomplished Solider but I'm mainly doing this AMA to basically crush fatuous fantasies of foolish girls who can't discern the reality and a TV show. It's becoming quite problematic in my part of town and annoying me to no end.

*Also, if you have an interest on special operations and/or intelligence community in South Korea, you're welcome to ask away.

Proof: This proof is identifiable since my unit is the only one in the world that wears this pattern of camouflage. No, it's not desert MARPAT.

Thu, 21 Apr 2016 0:00:00 EDT