Top Music Reddit IAmA's The latest Music IAmA's collected from Reddit MusicIamA musician and songwriter, Terra Lightfoot AMA! Hello friends, I am Terra Lightfoot a musician and songwriter from Hamilton, ON. I tour often, all over the world. My latest album is called New Mistakes. I love hiking, guitars, dogs, stupid dog videos, and always trying too hard to get the longest road in Settlers of Catan (seriously)! I just started playing cello and I have the most houseplants of anyone you know, probably? I am here to answer your questions!

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GamingIamA Recent College Graduate/Game Developer who just released his first game! AMA! My short bio: Hello! My name is Jacob Dunbar and over the last three months I spent my time developing the game "Mayor! Mayor!" that has just been released on the Google Play Store. This past December I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Computer Science and wanted to pursue my passion for games and game development! Ask me anything about doing game development full time, computer science, Unity, or whatever!

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BusinessTodd Weaver from Purism doing a Reddit AMA 2018-03-28 6pm UTC (1pm EDT) HAI Reddit!

We are part of the 20 person team at Linus Tech Tips (Linus Sebastian, Edzel Yago, Nick Light, and Colton Potter), one of the biggest PC hardware and consumer tech channels on YouTube (5,500,000+ Subscribers), ask us ANYTHING.

We're hosting a fun meet-up and interactive tech event on July 14th, 2018 in Richmond, BC, Canada. If you're around, you should come hang out with us! LTX 2018 Tickets: LTX 2018 Website:


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MusicHi! I am an independent Indian musician -- Rabbi Shergill, AMA! I was not born Amish. I was held in captivity by mother and stepfather until I was almost 19 years old. My stepfather forced my family to dress and live like the Amish. My sister and I escaped our abusive home by agreeing to join the Amish. Three years after joining the Amish I became the maid for the bishop's family and for the next 6 months, I was sexually abused by the bishop. I went against Amish church customs and reported him to the police but he escaped into Canada. In 2017 ( 12 years later) the bishop was finally sentenced to 10 years in prison for molesting almost all of his 11 children.

The bishop had brought his family back to the USA and in 2016 the three oldest daughters went to a neighbor lady for help. The neighbor called CPS and they called in law enforcement. The detective assigned to the case was reading my memoir at the time and when one of the children mentioned they had lived in Canada for awhile he figured out that the man he was investigating was the bishop from the book he was reading. I was put in contact with the children and their social worker. Eventually raising awareness did make a difference. The Social worker told me that my memoir helped her understand how to communicate with the children and gave her insight into Amish beliefs. The children told me that they were wavering on prosecuting their dad until they discovered my memoir. Sadly, our entire church had known what kind of man the bishop was but did not report him to the police. Going to the police is severely frowned upon among the Amish.

I wrote my memoir Tears of the Silenced (self published) to raise awareness about the need to report suspected child abuse and the difficulties I faced when reporting the Amish bishop. In the three years since I published Tears of the Silenced I have received emails from all over the world ( England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Denmark and Holland). Most are from child abuse and sexual assault survivors and many grew up in very strict Christian churches. They are from both men and women and each story is heartbreaking. I try to answer each email and offer what comfort or help that I can. Most of them tell me I am the first person they have ever told their stories to.

I hope to encourage all abuse survivors to speak out and tell their stories. It is very painful to do so but it can raise awareness and possibly save others from being abused by the abuser(s). There is much awareness needed about sexual abuse in very conservative churches. Many victims are too scared to come forward because they fear being ostracised from the church. Also, child abuse is an issue that never gets enough attention. Somehow we need to encourage the general public to report suspected cases of child abuse. After I left the Amish many people from the town where I lived as a child apologized for not helping my sister and me. They told me that they knew we were being abused and wanted to call CPS many times but our religious garb threw them off and they did not know what to do.

I had a 2nd or 3rd-grade education when I left the Amish. Today, 13 years later, I am in the last year of nursing school and an author. (My memoir is self published but has sold approx 100,000 ebooks, has 2089 reviews and has been on the Amazon Kindle Store Top 100 list three times. ) I want to encourage all abuse victims to follow their dreams, do not let allow your abuser win. What they did to you was not your fault! I recently started a new subreddit r/BreakTheSilence for abuse survivors to tell their stories and support each other.


My Amazon Author Page has pictures of me when I was 16 years old and still at home with my mother and stepfather. These pictures were taken so that social services would not come out and check up on us. My mother told them it was against our religion to have government officials in our house. They did not question her and took the pictures instead. Note how my stepfather is holding onto our arms in the third picture.

Hello everyone, thank you so much for all of your comments. Feel free to keep posting questions.

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MusicI'm M. Shadows, vocalist of Avenged Sevenfold. AMA! ETA 4:09PMEST - Thanks everyone for tuning in today. This has been a blast. Now it’s time to go soak my fingers in epsom salt and have a nice EC Barrel Proof on the rocks!!!

There's nothing I love more than talking about whiskey. If you have questions, I've got answers. Ask away.


Fri, 09 Mar 2018 0:00:00 EDT
Unique ExperienceI'm a British guy currently in a French prison. AMA! OK GUYS, MY HOUR IS UP. THANKS SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING AND FOR YOU INTEREST IN THIS TOPIC--HOPE IT DIDN'T FREAK YOU OUT TOO MUCH. (THOUGH I DO WANT IT TO FREAK YOU OUT A LITTLE.) My name is Robert Draper and I’m a journalist and author. My most recent piece for National Geographic is called “They Are Watching You—and Everything Else on the Planet”. It's about how the demand for security is increasing, monitoring technology is proliferating, and as a result, we’re all under surveillance. While that part definitely sounds alarming, I also explore the ways surveillance is helping. Spacecraft technicians are better able to calculate the Earth’s landmass, we can monitor hurricanes, and rangers can better protect wildlife from poachers.

Read the story here and AMA:


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MusicI’m Kimbra and my new album Primal Heart is coming April 20th! I have so much news for you! xo Hi, I'm a 30 year old guy who went to the doctor around Thanksgiving because I was having trouble breathing. Turns out I had something called "hypertensive emergency" which is when you have blood pressure so high that it causes organ damage. My blood pressure at the time of admission was 210/145. So I was admitted to the hospital under that diagnosis with renal failure, respiratory failure, and heart failure being the three main issues. Turns out the heart and lung failure were not collapsing on their own but were secondary to the hypertension and the kidney failure.

I spent a week in the hospital, including 4 days in the ICU and now everything is back to normal except my kidneys are failed, I need dialysis three times a week, and I need a new kidney. They also diagnosed me as having malignment hypertension (which sounds like something out of the Lord of the Rings, imo) but it basically is hypertension on crack. Left uncontrolled, my blood pressure wants to skyrocket. It happens to one percent of folks with "normal" hypertension -- which I didn't realize I had because I was doing that late 20s guy thing where I didn't go to the doctor. Don't do that, fyi.

I am currently at dialysis getting my blood cleaned of excess electrolytes which will kill you if they build up too much.

proof: here is a picture of my chest tubes pumping out my toxin riddled blood and the dialysis machine pumping back in my slightly less toxin riddled blood.


Thu, 25 Jan 2018 0:00:00 EDT
Music¡Dudes! IAmA Professional Drummer named Harry Miree. Sometimes I play #1 songs with artists you’ve heard of and sometimes I play crappy songs you’ll never hear. Let’s Dude This. ¡AMA! I’m Paul Thomas Anderson, writer and director of PHANTOM THREAD, which opens nationwide this Friday. The film stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Lesley Manville, and Vicky Krieps. I’ve also written and directed There Will Be Blood and The Master.

THIS IS MY CLOSING STATEMENT! I've got to run and eat lunch....will try and come back and answer a few more later if I can....this was fun. Thank you all very much.

Watch the trailer for Phantom Thread:


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JournalistHello! We are u/wiredmagazine, a disembodied brand come sentient AI. But really we’re seven journalists who work at a place called WIRED. Ask us anything! We are a handful of writers and editors here to answer your questions about tech, science, working in journalism, or what it was like featuring Silicon Valley wunderkind Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti on our cover ( Kidding ). Feel free to ask us anything, and we’ll answer the best we can given our areas of coverage and expertise. We are:


We’ll be replying from the u/wiredmagazine account, but each response will indicate who wrote it. So how bout it, gang? Let’s talk!

Edit: Alright team, we're gonna wrap up! This has been a blast—thanks so much for your thoughtful questions. Feel free to keep asking! We'll continue to keep an eye on the thread and pop in when we can.

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MusicI'm Doug Ray. I was signed to a major label and sold 300,000+ albums before leaving the industry for law school. 10 years later & I'm back, figuring out an industry that is completely different than how I left it. AMA! Judges and a property owner worked together to create a money making system off of incarcerated juveniles. I was one of those kids.

The juvenile judge worked closely with schools and police to have a zero tolerance system for juveniles.

The County run detention center was closed down due to the work of these judges and this property owner. A private detention center was built and the judges were offered kickbacks for sending kids there since the privately run detention center was paid for having the kids. (Through CYS or some form of the government, I'm not sure)

My first offense was when I was 14. My mom and I had gotten into an argument and I wanted to "run away". She stood in front of the door and I pushed her out of the way and left. Took a walk in the woods and came back home to find the police. She called them because I left. She just wanted help finding me, but they arrested me. Simple assault for pushing her. I was put away for 6 months. My mom called everyone she could and somehow managed to get me out.

My second and final juvenile offense was when I was 15. I was in school playing with some ketchup packets or something equally as childish. One of the cafeteria aids came over and began yelling at me. I was a cocky little teenager and I made up some story about my dad being someone important and told her she would lose her job. I ran my finger across my throat when I told her this. The rest of the day went by and I was called down to the office just before dismissal. My mom was there and a police officer came. They all went into the office and I assumed the school was trying to scare me... I was arrested and sent to the detention center. The judge told me I was charged with terroristic threats for threatening to kill the cafeteria aid. I was sent away for a little over two years.

There were no defense attorneys into he courtrooms. Only the judge and the children. We all knew he was very strict since he had visited our schools many times and talked to us about crimes and how he would have zero tolerance. I had no idea at the time that anything was wrong with the system. Every kid just thought it was normal. About a year after I was released the situation was exposed and investigated. The judges were arrested and the children were part of a class action lawsuit.

I spent a year and half of my high school years getting a very dulled down education consisting of multiplication tables and learning middle school level history. I was between 50 and 200 miles away from my family and because of this I went months without visits. I got a phone call once every few days if I was lucky. I was housed with kids who had gun charges, drug charges, and attempted murder charges. I was borderline abused by staff members. The class action settlement was about $20,000, which I don't know if that made up for everything.


EDIT: documentary is here -

Ask me anything.

Edit: I chose to not use the word "victim" because I do not see myself as a victim. I did what I did. I may not have deserved what I got, but I initiated what happened. I don't want pity, or anything of the sort. Just getting the rest of this situation off my chest and answering questions anyone may have about what happened.

I took some steps to hide my identity, but with the story taking place in scuba small area and with personal details being put out, it's very easy to figure out. Who I am doesn't have to do with the story, but I don't care if anyone knows who I am or not.

The documentary has apparently been removed from Netflix but is still on YouTube.

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 0:00:00 EDT
MusicI’m Mike Darlington, Co-Founder of Monstercat, an Indie Label whose artists have been streamed over 5 Billion times. AMA Hi Reddit! Brian Volk-Weiss here to chat about The Toys That Made Us, and much more.

I am an avid toy collector but also run the entertainment company, Nacelle Company which owns and operates the company Comedy Dynamics.

The Toys That Made Us premiered on Netflix on December 22nd. Netflix gets on the nostalgia-train with this eight-part series focused on iconic 1980s toys, including Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Barbie, He-Man, Star Trek, Hello Kitty, and Lego. The documentary includes interviews with some of the most important people involved with making the icon toys that we all know and love.

The second part of the series will premiere this Spring. Watch the first four parts on Netflix here.

And you can learn more about the series here.

Read more about me and how the show was created: Brian Volk-Weiss's Mount Rushmore of Toys.




So, Ask Me Anything!

Thnak you for all your questions!! Was a lot of fun!!

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MusicWe’re the editors of Pitchfork. We just finished ranking the best albums and songs of 2017. Ask us anything! Hey, Reddit! I’m super excited to be here for my very first AMA. My name is Kia and I’m running for Congress in California. Proof.

I’m a California native and the son of Iranian immigrants. I believe in the fundamental goodness of the American people, which is why I was both ashamed and outraged when Trump took the presidency.

Since becoming president, Trump has pushed a regressive agenda that has denigrated our political discourse; undermined our credibility abroad; and increased inequality and intolerance.

My top priority is to unseat the current incumbent, a pro-Trump Republican representing a district that voted for Clinton by over 5%, and to promote a progressive agenda that benefits all Americans, not just those seeking Trump’s largesse.

So ask away! I’m looking forward to answering your questions.

Get involved with my campaign by visiting my website and following along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also contribute to my campaign directly here.

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Actor / EntertainerIamA actor who is in an M&M's commercial that has run every Halloween for the past 16 years. AMA! In response to-

My 5 Questions:

How much did you buy and when? - In total I got in price wise 200-600 each during 2012-2014 I bought around 320, of which nearly 100 was spent early on due to rough times and another 50 on a house down payment. Now I hold roughly 150+ (knew about it when it was only 10 sadly i did not buy and i also lost some hard drives)

What did you originally buy it for? - Average looks to be roughly 450 for my main buys however I have also bought during runups at 4k-6k and even 8k

How easy was it to turn that wealth into real cash? - Pretty easy one of the main exchanges Gemini proved very convenient and I was able to transfer nearly 200k to a bank which will be used for the down payment of my house.

Do you think the bubble is about to burst? - No I believe we are just getting started, Definitely going to keep riding I've made the mistake of spending and selling early on too many times and its been constant regret

How smug are you now? - Not too smug, I do like saying I could retire if I really wanted to though. Its been a very great feeling.

Proof - Would be able to send various crypto balances to Mods for proof. Sent a message towards /r/iama

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MusicI’m Kimbra and my new album Primal Heart is coming in 2018 and I have so much to tell you all! It’s been an adventure and long time coming. AMA! My short bio:

Our indie game development company turned 5 years old today. Two years ago we were at the brink of bankruptcy with my brother, after 3 years of work we had $50 000 in debt. Today, after a long series of events caused by a Reddit post and Redditors rushing to help, I paid it off, and our company is now debt-free!


Our Story:

5 years ago I had embarked on an unpredictable journey with my brother, after one year of hard work we managed to release our very first game accompanied by a lot of excitement. Excitement soon turned to disappointment, total sales ended up at $1000. After some contemplation, we decided we were not ready to give up on our dream.

 However, to give ourselves a chance, we needed to take a loan of $50 000. Through a series of coincidences, a third person appeared in our lives, and it quickly dawned upon us he had been the missing link. We grabbed him with us and started on a new game, which in hindsight ended up taking way too much time. After almost two years of work our second game was released and ended up with $2000 in total sales.

  Devastated and with very limited funds left, we made a 180 degree turn in our strategy. Despite everyone stating premium games were dead, we decided to try anyway. We realized spending time trying to figure out how to milk money from customers wasn't for us. We wanted to create a game, ask a fair one-time price and let players play without restrictions.

  Time was ticking, and we were developing our most ambitious game yet. We stretched as far as we could, but we eventually ran out of funds. With only $1000 left on our company account, I called our landlord and canceled our office tenancy agreement ahead of time. We thought we were done.

  But fate would have it otherwise. In my darkest moment I decided to post here on Reddit, and found myself overwhelmed from all the help we received from you Redditors. With your help our then released game (Battlevoid: Harbinger) was to send out a message to the world that the story of this small indie game development company was not yet over, and today I can happily state the game has sold over 150 000 copies across all platforms. It feels so surreal after many years of struggle.

  Through our story I want to encourage you to follow your dreams. You don't have to be super smart or know everything to try something you really want to do. We made so many mistakes on our journey, but persistence kept us alive. Let your passion guide you, stay persistent and be ready to learn new things every day.

  The gaming industry is ruthless, and we continue on one game at a time. Today we released a new game into our "Battlevoid" series on Steam, Google Play and Apple App Store and once again we are excited to see how it will fare out there among all the other games. Feel free to ask me anything about our journey, our games, game development in general or the gaming industry!


My Proof: Battlevoid Twitter

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MusicWe're Bill Marcks and Jeremy Wood, orginal members of Authority Zero, ask us anything! I'm Will Carless, a reporter at Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, where I cover hate and extremism in the U.S. I recently embedded with anti-fascists and discovered that they have a "hit list" of alt-right activists, which they disseminate ahead of protests. Many of them believe that pre-emptive violence is the only way to shut down hate speech.

Read my latest:


Sat, 30 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT