Top Music Reddit IAmA's The latest Music IAmA's collected from Reddit Music¡Dudes! IAmA Professional Drummer named Harry Miree. Sometimes I play #1 songs with artists you’ve heard of and sometimes I play crappy songs you’ll never hear. Let’s Dude This. ¡AMA! Hi this is me Harley Flanagan, some of you know a little about me and my past, you may or may not have read my book and possibly know of my music, this is your chance to ask me what you want ;)


From Amazon author description: Harley Flanagan provides a fascinating memoir: a child prodigy and family friend of Andy Warhol and Allen Ginsberg, at a young age he became close to many stars of the early punk rock scene like Joe Strummer of The Clash and was taught to play bass by members of the famed black punk band Bad Brains. He started playing drums for the New York punk band the Stimulators when he was 11 years old; playing at places like Max's Kansas City with some of the most notable names of the punk scene. He then went on to start the notorious hardcore band Cro-Mags.


From the memoir's introduction by American Hardcore's Steven Blush: "Harley Flanagan is not like you or me. Most of us grew up in relative safety and security. Harley came up like a feral animal, fending for himself in the '70s Lower East Side jungle of crime, drugs, abuse and poverty. By age 10 he was a downtown star at Max's Kansas City and CBGB, drumming in his aunt's punk band The Stimulators, and socializing with Blondie's Debbie Harry and Cleveland's Dead Boys. Everyone thought it was so cute, but it wasn't."

Of his much anticipated memoir, famed author and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain explains: "Don't even pretend to talk about New York... if you don't read this." "This book is the punch in the face you want and need."









EDIT: Ok, I'm gonna wrap this up now. It was a pleasure talking with you. I'll be playing some shows in the NY area and Maryland. Dates posted on Facebook and IG.

Check out the book, Hardcore: Life of my Own on Amazon:

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JournalistHello! We are u/wiredmagazine, a disembodied brand come sentient AI. But really we’re seven journalists who work at a place called WIRED. Ask us anything! We are a handful of writers and editors here to answer your questions about tech, science, working in journalism, or what it was like featuring Silicon Valley wunderkind Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti on our cover ( Kidding ). Feel free to ask us anything, and we’ll answer the best we can given our areas of coverage and expertise. We are:


We’ll be replying from the u/wiredmagazine account, but each response will indicate who wrote it. So how bout it, gang? Let’s talk!

Edit: Alright team, we're gonna wrap up! This has been a blast—thanks so much for your thoughtful questions. Feel free to keep asking! We'll continue to keep an eye on the thread and pop in when we can.

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MusicI’m Mike Darlington, Co-Founder of Monstercat, an Indie Label whose artists have been streamed over 5 Billion times. AMA Hi Reddit! Brian Volk-Weiss here to chat about The Toys That Made Us, and much more.

I am an avid toy collector but also run the entertainment company, Nacelle Company which owns and operates the company Comedy Dynamics.

The Toys That Made Us premiered on Netflix on December 22nd. Netflix gets on the nostalgia-train with this eight-part series focused on iconic 1980s toys, including Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Barbie, He-Man, Star Trek, Hello Kitty, and Lego. The documentary includes interviews with some of the most important people involved with making the icon toys that we all know and love.

The second part of the series will premiere this Spring. Watch the first four parts on Netflix here.

And you can learn more about the series here.

Read more about me and how the show was created: Brian Volk-Weiss's Mount Rushmore of Toys.




So, Ask Me Anything!

Thnak you for all your questions!! Was a lot of fun!!

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MusicWe’re the editors of Pitchfork. We just finished ranking the best albums and songs of 2017. Ask us anything! Hey, Reddit! I’m super excited to be here for my very first AMA. My name is Kia and I’m running for Congress in California. Proof.

I’m a California native and the son of Iranian immigrants. I believe in the fundamental goodness of the American people, which is why I was both ashamed and outraged when Trump took the presidency.

Since becoming president, Trump has pushed a regressive agenda that has denigrated our political discourse; undermined our credibility abroad; and increased inequality and intolerance.

My top priority is to unseat the current incumbent, a pro-Trump Republican representing a district that voted for Clinton by over 5%, and to promote a progressive agenda that benefits all Americans, not just those seeking Trump’s largesse.

So ask away! I’m looking forward to answering your questions.

Get involved with my campaign by visiting my website and following along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also contribute to my campaign directly here.

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Actor / EntertainerIamA actor who is in an M&M's commercial that has run every Halloween for the past 16 years. AMA! In response to-

My 5 Questions:

How much did you buy and when? - In total I got in price wise 200-600 each during 2012-2014 I bought around 320, of which nearly 100 was spent early on due to rough times and another 50 on a house down payment. Now I hold roughly 150+ (knew about it when it was only 10 sadly i did not buy and i also lost some hard drives)

What did you originally buy it for? - Average looks to be roughly 450 for my main buys however I have also bought during runups at 4k-6k and even 8k

How easy was it to turn that wealth into real cash? - Pretty easy one of the main exchanges Gemini proved very convenient and I was able to transfer nearly 200k to a bank which will be used for the down payment of my house.

Do you think the bubble is about to burst? - No I believe we are just getting started, Definitely going to keep riding I've made the mistake of spending and selling early on too many times and its been constant regret

How smug are you now? - Not too smug, I do like saying I could retire if I really wanted to though. Its been a very great feeling.

Proof - Would be able to send various crypto balances to Mods for proof. Sent a message towards /r/iama

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MusicI’m Kimbra and my new album Primal Heart is coming in 2018 and I have so much to tell you all! It’s been an adventure and long time coming. AMA! My short bio:

Our indie game development company turned 5 years old today. Two years ago we were at the brink of bankruptcy with my brother, after 3 years of work we had $50 000 in debt. Today, after a long series of events caused by a Reddit post and Redditors rushing to help, I paid it off, and our company is now debt-free!


Our Story:

5 years ago I had embarked on an unpredictable journey with my brother, after one year of hard work we managed to release our very first game accompanied by a lot of excitement. Excitement soon turned to disappointment, total sales ended up at $1000. After some contemplation, we decided we were not ready to give up on our dream.

 However, to give ourselves a chance, we needed to take a loan of $50 000. Through a series of coincidences, a third person appeared in our lives, and it quickly dawned upon us he had been the missing link. We grabbed him with us and started on a new game, which in hindsight ended up taking way too much time. After almost two years of work our second game was released and ended up with $2000 in total sales.

  Devastated and with very limited funds left, we made a 180 degree turn in our strategy. Despite everyone stating premium games were dead, we decided to try anyway. We realized spending time trying to figure out how to milk money from customers wasn't for us. We wanted to create a game, ask a fair one-time price and let players play without restrictions.

  Time was ticking, and we were developing our most ambitious game yet. We stretched as far as we could, but we eventually ran out of funds. With only $1000 left on our company account, I called our landlord and canceled our office tenancy agreement ahead of time. We thought we were done.

  But fate would have it otherwise. In my darkest moment I decided to post here on Reddit, and found myself overwhelmed from all the help we received from you Redditors. With your help our then released game (Battlevoid: Harbinger) was to send out a message to the world that the story of this small indie game development company was not yet over, and today I can happily state the game has sold over 150 000 copies across all platforms. It feels so surreal after many years of struggle.

  Through our story I want to encourage you to follow your dreams. You don't have to be super smart or know everything to try something you really want to do. We made so many mistakes on our journey, but persistence kept us alive. Let your passion guide you, stay persistent and be ready to learn new things every day.

  The gaming industry is ruthless, and we continue on one game at a time. Today we released a new game into our "Battlevoid" series on Steam, Google Play and Apple App Store and once again we are excited to see how it will fare out there among all the other games. Feel free to ask me anything about our journey, our games, game development in general or the gaming industry!


My Proof: Battlevoid Twitter

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MusicWe're Bill Marcks and Jeremy Wood, orginal members of Authority Zero, ask us anything! I'm Will Carless, a reporter at Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, where I cover hate and extremism in the U.S. I recently embedded with anti-fascists and discovered that they have a "hit list" of alt-right activists, which they disseminate ahead of protests. Many of them believe that pre-emptive violence is the only way to shut down hate speech.

Read my latest:


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MusicI’m RB/soul singer, Eamon, here to answer all your questions. AMA! Hello, Reddit! Mike from UC Berkeley's public affairs office here. Since free speech on college campuses is a hot topic - especially at Berkeley - I asked the dean of our law school, Erwin Chemerinsky, to sit down for an AMA to discuss it and other subjects.

Erwin is an extremely humble person, but I need to quickly brag for him before we begin: In addition to being our law dean, Erwin is one of the country's foremost scholars of constitutional law, and earlier this year was named the most influential person in legal education in the United States by National Jurist magazine. Before coming to Berkeley, he helped establish UC Irvine's law school, and before that taught at Duke University and USC. He has argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals, has written hundreds of law review articles, and is the author of ten books - including “Free Speech on Campus,” his latest. You can learn more about him here.

I'm just here to facilitate; Erwin will be responding to all questions himself. No need to stick solely to the topic of free speech, either - he's willing to discuss all manner of legal subjects. He'll begin answering questions at about 5:30 PM pacific time.


EDIT: Mike here again. I'm afraid that Erwin needed to sign off for the evening, but he asked me to pass along the following: "It was a pleasure to participate in this, thank you for all the very good and well-informed questions - I answered as many as I could and I'm sorry I could not do more. I'd love to do this again." We'll try to make that happen!

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MusicHey Reddit, Quinn XCII here. AMA. Hey guys, thanks for stopping in. It's been so amazing seeing the response from you guys so far on my debut album, The Story of Us. I'll be hitting the road Sunday to tour the new music across the country through the Fall. Hope to see all of you at a show in your city!

EDIT: I've gotta jump to rehearsals but this has been awesome guys! Thanks for all your questions, let's do this again soon. Hope to see some of you on the road this Fall - few dates still available at


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ScienceIamA Max Tegmark – AMA! Hello fellow Redditors!

I'm the CEO of Toybox. It's the printer that lets kids print their own toys at home. About a year and a half ago, I posted to Reddit with a small site and this idea, and the post blew up.

Since then I quit my full-time job with three others, and we set out on an amazing (and brutal) journey to make this a reality.

We've spent the last year developing an extremely easy to use interface, tons of content, a reliable printer, and negotiating with several suppliers to make it reasonably priced.

I'm finally happy to say that now we're live on Indiegogo about to make this a reality.

So here I am. Let's get to it, ask me almost anything!



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Specialized ProfessionIamA Roman Catholic priest. AMAA! I'm a Roman Catholic priest here in the US. I've been a priest for over five years and I've been on reddit for quite a while. I believe with the Church and I love being a priest.

This is my somewhat annual AMA. I'm happy to talk about what it's like to be a priest and other priest-specific questions, especially with some background music. If you want to know what we Catholics believe about something, then I suggest that you try /r/Catholicism or Catholic Answers or the Vatican's website. If you need more music, then have this going and see how it goes.

With all that said, AMAA!

edit- I don't usually have caffeine but I had some soda to be alert for this AMA. If my answers get crazy it's because I feel like I'm jumping out of my skin. Ha!

second edit- I'm going to go grab some lunch soon. Be back a bit later. Oh, and, I'm a diocesan priest, not in a religious order. I usually mention that but I forgot it earlier.

3rd edit- I'm back, baby. I'll be answering questions periodically for the rest of the day as I'm available. God Bless and I'm praying for you.

fourth- I'm mostly done. I'll still answer comments periodically and I'm sorry if I missed anyone's. My inbox is being funny.

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Request[AMA Request] Tom Hardy The 2nd season of my series, “Typical Rick,” is streaming now on Comedy Central - and YouTube -

Simon Rex co-stars with appearances from Chris Delia, Charlie Sheen, Michael Rosenbaum, Nikki Glaser and Peter Dante. Ask me anything.



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MusicIamA Everything Everything AMA My name is Dane Jasper (/u/danejasper), and I co-founded Sonic in 1994, at a time when the “World Wide Web” was brand new, Linux had just been invented and avoiding dialup busy signals was the main customer issue. Today, Sonic is the largest independent ISP in Northern California. As a 20-year industry veteran, I've seen a lot of change, but I remain committed to the concept of alternative competitive broadband access services, which is why I’m fighting for net neutrality today.

Sonic firmly believes that internet providers should NOT be able to charge content creators -- like Netflix or CNET -- more money to stream their service, or have the ability to block others entirely. The internet should remain open and equal for all.

I’ll be sticking around to answer your questions on net neutrality and what’s at stake for you and everyone else who uses and loves the internet, amid the FCC’s plans to roll back current net neutrality regulations. Ask away!


Tue, 18 Jul 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Specialized ProfessionIAMA Freight Train Driving Mommy My short bio: At our last AMA 12 months ago we helped hundreds of people answer important career questions and are back by popular demand! We're a group of experienced advisors who have screened, interviewed and hired thousands of people over our careers. We're now building Mentat ( which is using technology to scale what we've experienced and provide a way for people to get new jobs 10x faster than the traditional method - by going straight to the hiring managers.

My Proof: AMA announcement from company's official Twitter account:

Press page where career advice from us has been featured in Time, Inc, Forbes, FastCompany, LifeHacker and others:

Materials we've developed over the years in the resources section:

Edit: Thanks everyone! We truly enjoyed your engagement. We'll go through and reply to more questions over the next few days, so if you didn't get a chance to post feel free to add to the discussion!

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MusicI am Jeff Russo, Emmy-nominated composer of “Fargo,” and, most recently, FX’s Legion. I am also a founding member of the Grammy-nominated band Tonic. AMA! Hi Reddit, I’m excited to be hosting my first AMA live from E3 2017.

I’ve been working in video games for the last 31 years, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented people in the industry. Not only are video games the fastest growing form of entertainment, they’re beloved by communities of players around the world and we believe that they can enrich peoples’ lives.

Beyond games I’m passionate about new technology, new methods of managing creative talent and new types of transportation… and chocolate!

Yesterday we held our annual E3 conference where we announced what I think is one of our strongest lineups of games in recent years. If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil it for you, watch it here >>

Edit 1 - I'll start answering questions at 10:30am PT keep them coming!

Edit 2 - Thanks so much for your questions, I really enjoyed hearing from you all, unfortunately that is all the time I have for today. I hope we can do this again soon!

Proof 1

Proof 2

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