Top Other Reddit IAmA's The latest Other IAmA's collected from Reddit OtherLast night I was on WWE Raw with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. I am, Friendship the Magician! AMaA My bio: Three years ago I decided to get into the fight of preparing children for the workforce of tomorrow. I ran and won a seat on a School Board in Hampton Roads. In that time I've learned a lot about local Education and championed causes that I think make our community a better place.

The Department of Education has limited influence on k-12 education. Local leaders, such as members of the local School Board, make a surprisingly large number of decisions in public education. I believe that public education is the most efficient path to the American dream.

Proof: Here is post on my public facebook page for proof.

If you have any further questions, you can follow or like me on facebook. To be a leader of the people I need to hear from the people, so ask me questions.

EDIT: I want to thank everyone for participating in my AMA. This was a great experience for me to connect with all of you. I plan to do another AMA in June 2017. Want another AMA sooner? Just write a comment on this facebook post. I hope that I was able to give all of you the insight you need to make change in your local schools. I know from talking with school board members from around the country that school boards really want to hear from people in the community. The government should be made up of ordinary people like me and you. Engage with your local leaders and it will be.

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Director / CrewGIRLFRIENDS DAY! SAUL GOODMAN! W/BOB&DAVID - WHAT'S UP W/ME In October of 1997, I was a vault supervisor for armored truck company Loomis Fargo, when I made off with $17.3 million. At the time it was the second largest cash robbery ever to happen on US soil.

A movie based on the heist starring Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones and directed by Jared Hess (the guy who made Napoleon Dynamite) is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

My Proof:

My AMA time is up now, but thank you all for your participation in the Ask Me Anything session :-)

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Technology-LiveI have made "Joey for Reddit", android app that lets you read AMAs in magazine style QA format, add upcoming AMAs to your calendar and much more. AMA! UPDATE: Thanks everyone for all the questions. We really enjoyed chatting with you today! Signing off for now, but may be back to later to answer a few more questions!

Hi, we're scientists and science fiction writers Catherine Asaro and David Brin. In a recent conversation about the legacy of nuclear weapons, we talked about the history and future of warfare - and how growing up in the era of "Duck and Cover" affected our books. Together, we make the case that science fiction - especially apocalyptic science fiction - can make the world safer.

David Brin is an astrophysicist whose international best-selling novels include The Postman, Earth, and recently Existence. Dr. Brin serves on advisory boards (e.g. NASA's Innovative and Advanced Concepts program or NIAC) and speaks or consults on a wide range of topics. His nonfiction book about the information age, The Transparent Society, won the Freedom of Speech Award of the American Library Association.

Catherine Asaro is a critically acclaimed author of science fiction who has won the Nebula Award twice and been nominated for a Hugo multiple times. She has a doctorate in theoretical chemical physics from Harvard University and is the Director of the Chesapeake Math Program. Her next book is the science fiction mystery novel The Bronze Skies, set in her Skolian Empire universe. It is due out from Baen Books in the Fall.

We're also joined here by Natalie from PRI’s The World who will help us in answering your questions today. Read the recent piece The World wrote asking if science fiction can help prevent a nuclear war.

Ask Us Anything!

Here's our proof:

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Other-LiveWe are professional poker players currently battling the world's strongest poker AI live on Twitch in an epic man-machine competition (The AI is winning). Ask us, or the developers, anything! I am founder and CEO of RealVNC, a UK software engineering company which was set up by the inventors of remote access software. RealVNC's technology gives computer, smartphone and other device users the power to 'take over' another device remotely from anywhere in the world. This means workers and businesses can share screens and solve each other's problems without having to leave their own desk.

In 2013, RealVNC won the UK's premier engineering prize, the Royal Academy of Engineering's MacRobert Award, known for recognising influential technology. VNC technology is now used on over a billion devices worldwide, and the protocol used by VNC is an official part of the Internet.

Proof 1: Proof 2: Proof 3: Proof 4: Proof 5:

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OtherI am a man who was just released from Prison this week... AMA! We are three VO Actors:

Ashly Burch: Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?, Tiny Tina - Borderlands 2, Chloe Price - Life is Strange

TJ Storm: (our mocap guru) Colossus - Deadpool, Godzilla - Godzilla, Avatar, Decimus - Halo

Steve Blum: Wolverine, Lex Luthor - Infinite Crisis, Tank Dempsey - COD, Bob - Toonami, World Record for performing in the most number of video games

We're still striking, we're still here and we still believe that Game Performance Matters!

SAG AFTRA has put out three contracts: experimental, indie and AAA, that have now been signed by over a dozen game companies. We still want to create dialogue with the companies that refuse to negotiate. We had an original AMA, but there were still a lot of questions we didn't get to. We're here to talk about our stike, and anything else you guys think up.




Game Performance Matters Website

Corporate greed has put the brakes on some of your favorite games, hurting everybody on the team, help us tell them that performance matters to you!

EDIT: Since we're getting some questions that we responded to in the first AMA, there's a FAQ here as well:

EDIT 2: Everyone has to run to auditions, but we will be back with more VA and Mocap performers soon. We'll also check in through the next couple days to make sure we respond to the top voted questions. Please make sure you check out our FAQ at:


thanks to /u/maddking as our moderator

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OtherIamA online seller who sells on Amazon and eBay for a living: AMA! As per requested by /u/kadegod: original thread

My short bio: I've been in the online retail industry since 2004-2005 where I was working for a bicycle retailer who wanted to sell online to help go through the long winters here in Québec, Canada. We sold mainly on eBay. I worked there until 2010-2011 because I wanted to do my own thing and I needed to finish my studies. In 2012, my ex-employer won eBay Canada's entrepreneur of the year.

In 2011 I started my own online business with a friend and started selling adult toys (very few people know this) because that was the only account we were able to open with a wholesaler. After about a year, we were able to open an account with Globe and Dwindle; which mainly sold us shoes, apparel, skateboards and longboards. Not too long after, my friend had to leave town for studies and I purchased his remaining part of the business.

In 2013, I finished my bachelor's degree and opened a retail store front where I could store stock from distributors. Lots of manufactures require that you have a bricks and mortar store to open an account with them.

So basically I've been selling on eBay since 2004 for my ex-employer and since 2011 more seriously an full time for my own business. I've been selling on since late 2015. 2017 will be my second full year selling on there.

2013 eBay Canada's Young Entrepreneur Award

2016 eBay Canada's Micro-Multinational Award

My Proof: Recent articles:

Questions and answers

How did you come up with a product idea?

Like mentionned, I started selling adult toys at first. I then moved from that to skateboards, longboards, apparel and shoes. At this point, around 75% of my sales are sneakers/shoes.

How much time did it take ?

It took me a good +- 4 years to figure out what was, for my situation, the best items to sell on eBay and Amazon. I'm still learning and I'm always surprised to find new items that sell incredibly well... or incredibly badly!

Where should I search for an idea?

It all depends. Are you looking to do this full time or part time? Do you have lots of time to put into this? Browsing through Amazon and getting yourself some Amazon Pricing plugins on Chrome will help you analyse pricing from products. You'll then be able to figure out if some times can be worth it.

Is there a niche that I could be successful at?

Certainly. People are buying more and more online. But businesses don't seem to follow. Very often I find that the product I have access to isn't even listed on Amazon. It took me a while to figure out the best way to list it and to sync everything with my website and eBay. It always takes a little time for a new product to get some traction, but once it does, and you're the only one selling it, it can be a little gold mine! You simple have to test different things.

Is it at all worth it?

The right question for me would be: was experimenting selling on Amazon worth it even if you were already selling on eBay. My response would be: absolutely! Things work differently on Amazon and eBay. I would confidently say that those two completely different marketplaces nicely complete each other; for a seller like me at least! As someone who sells online for a living, I wouldn't see myself "not selling" on Amazon.

I'll be glad to try and answer any question you might have! Thank you! Edit1: So many questions, thank you so much for your interest. I'll try to answer everyone :) Edit2: Here's a picture when I had my two businesses. The hamburger joint only lasted 8 months. ]]>
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Other-LiveI worked at Walt Disney World as a ride operator AMA! TLDR: Too many words, show me a 2 minute video, instead

A few years ago I heard about a Dutch fitness guru named Wim Hof who claimed to be able to give people what sounded like superpowers--consciously controlling their body temperature, their immune systems and oxygen consumption. I had just written a book and given a Tedx talk about another guru making similarly outlandish claims in the deserts of Arizona. That story ended in tragedy, with a man dying on his search for enlightenment. I thought Wim Hof was just another charlatan, so I got a commission from Playboy to set out to prove he was a fake.

Obviously, I was more than a little bit skeptical when I met Hof at his training center in Poland. However, within a few days, he completely changed my mind. I ended up meditating on the banks of a snowy river, melting the snow around me with my body heat. I learned to hold my breath for three minutes at a stretch and stand in the snow for hours at a time. At the end of the week I climbed a mountain in Poland wearing only a bathing suit while the temperature plummeted to 4 degrees.

The 2014 piece in Playboy turned out to be a hit and I spent the next four years studying the method more closely and examining scientific explanations for why it worked. I interviewed top athletes using cold exposure and high-intensity training to maximize their workouts, and military scientists who are trying to make the perfect soldier. I delved into the anthropological literature on human evolution that suggested that our ancestors survived frigid winters by cultivating a vestigial tissue known as brown fat, which uses ordinary white fat to heat the body. Then I learned how to cultivate brown fat myself.

I know that a lot of this sounds crazy. I thought so too. But as I learned more, I began to see results for myself. I learned to control my body temperature to such an extent that last January, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro without a shirt--at a pace that was three times faster than almost anyone ever attempts--making it to the rim of the volcano in just 28 hours.

There's a lot more to say, of course, and a ton of peer-reviewed science that I've barely touched on here.

All of this is in a book I just wrote called What Doesn’t Kill Us

Ask me anything.

Links: My website The book:What Doesn’t Kill Us

Video trailer


Update 2:27 ET - Well this blew up didn't it? I've been typing furiously for two hours and can't keep up with all the questions. This is absolutely humbling and amazing at the same time. I'm going to step out for a little bit I need to drive to BoulderBookstore to sign copies of my book to get them to the people who pre-ordered. But I'll come back to check in throughout the day. If you want to keep updated I've got all the normal social media outlets--I'd be thrilled if you liked myauthor page.

Update 6:24 ET Holy cow, people. How on earth am I going to get through 1537 comments? I want to thank the Reddit community for being so engaging and asking really thought-provoking questions. I especially enjoy the skeptics, because I'm a skeptic, too. I'll keep trying to get to your comments, but if you don't get a response please do either check out the book, or check out some of my past articles on the WHM that are free online. If you are so inclined you can follow me on twitter and all the other normal social media platforms. It has been an absolute blast and an honor to have held your attention today.

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OtherWorking as a Hostel receptionist in Lisbon - AMA! I've been doing this job since last september, I thought about doing this AMA, as i believe some of you would want to know more about living/working in a Hostel.


EDIT: Extra Proof

EDit2 Since some people are asking the name of the Hostel, and others even want to book for some nights: "Shiado Hostel", just google it my friends, and if you actually come, pls tell me you found us in this AMA

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OtherIamA UPS Driver, AMA! I've been studying lions in Africa for nearly 40 years. My research has been important in reducing the prevalence of lion trophy hunting and raising awareness regarding conservation challenges. I spend my days working to improve the future for African lions in both fenced and unfenced reserves, and starting at 5:00pm Central Time, I'm an open book. Ask me anything!

Edit: We're done for the day. But if you'd like to learn more about lions, the Lion Center or me, you might be interesting in checking out my two books on Amazon: Lions in the Balance

Into Africa


Want to help out? We're currently hosting a Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money for additional camera traps in Africa!



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OtherMy name is Tim Keenan, a former Vietnam combat veteran, thru hiker of the Appalachian Trail, subject of the award winning short documentary, "Naneek", and author of "The Good Hike". After thru hiking the AT, i returned to Vietnam with my son in 2014 to meet my "enemy" and make peace. Thus the film Naneek, directed by Neal Steeno. Here is proof... thank you everyone for your questions. Love them. Going to bed now, will answer more in the am. Peace. Here is my book, "The Good Hike"

For more info and the trailer for our film, got to

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OtherIamA Storage Angel of Death. I cut locks and inventory belongings for a large Moving and Storage Company. AMA! Edit: Thanks for all the questions everyone. The store is closing in 18 minutes, and you better believe I'm not staying here a second longer than I have to. Stay safe out there Internets!

I recently became the General Manager for a location in West Columbia South Carolina. One of the biggest in the state, not that that's saying much, but we see a lot of customers here.

Though I still perform the same duties here at this store, my previous job involved going to every location around my area and cutting the locks off of storage units which where in "lein" status, and prep them to be sold at auction. Now I only perform this for my own store, not all of them.

I'm also writing a book documenting some of my favorite/most insane customers called "Why You Need Books For?" so keep a look out!

Anyway, it's a slow day here at the store, so fire away!


Edit: Found the picture of the bucket of poo! Enjoy?

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OtherI work at a very popular christmas tree stand in one of the wealthiest parts of the U.S. Ama "Hi Reddit. I'm Gray. Or Amazing Gray. Or Captain Gray the Lord because I'm the captain of the pirate ship. When I first found out I had tumors I was scared, and I have that same feeling today. I was afraid that I might lose function in my body or that I might die from it. I am thankful that I am still here and it hasn't taken away my life and my spirit. I try and stay positive but I still get nervous about it but I am happy that I am surrounded by people who are always looking out for me."

Joining Gray is Michelle, or Lady Crimson, Gray's mom and co-Captain. She will help Gray on any questions he might struggle with and knows all the details of his medical hardships.

My name is Joe, or Joe The Ruthless Breakdancer. Gray's friend and First Mate. Gray and I met through CoachArt, a charity that pairs volunteer mentors with children who suffer from chronic illness. We've been hanging out for 9 months now and have truly bonded. We made this video which pretty much sums us up:

Lastly, this is Gray's CoachArt donation page. It's a truly wonderful organization that provides so many children wonderful opportunities to live life, learn a skill, and make friends. Check them out!


EDIT: Hey guys, it's 9am here in Los Angeles. Gray has been a trooper but is a bit wiped out so we are going to sign off. Wanted to really thank everyone for all their questions and interest and donations to CoachArt! From the Captain himself:

EDIT #2: Michelle is going to log on later and during the week to try and respond to some outstanding questions, especially those concerning family support. She will make sure to identify that it's her responding!

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Other-LiveIamA the youngest registered sex offender in my county AMA! My short bio: Hey Reddit! My name is Anthony van der Meer and I am the 23 years old director of Find my Phone. After the film went viral on Youtube, I saw a lot of questions. So now I am here to answer them. Feel free to ask about the legal, technical, ethical or cinematic aspects of the film.

Film Trailer Please excuse my English, I am not a native speaker/writer.

My Proof:

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OtherWe Are UberHaxorNova and ImmortalHD, co-founders of the YouTube channel COW CHOP, here with our entire team. We specialize in gaming/product testing/food review/general property damage content, ask us anything! EDIT: Thanks for all the questions guys! We had a great time answering everything, but it's time to go record some videos now!

Check out our subreddit at /r/CowChop and our CowChop Merch Store


We are UberHaxorNova and ImmortalHD and we're YouTubers who have been making videos for as long as we can remember. This year we decided together to create the channel Cow Chop where we primarily play video games but also do some excessively stupid things every once in a while.

You may have seen some of our popular video series such as Amazon Prime Time featuring that time we played with 55 gallons of lube or Wrong Side of Youtube where we watch the darkest and weirdest videos on YouTube. We've also been highlighted on the Front Page when Brett made a mess of the house.

When we aren't playing video games on the couch or trying to burn the house down, we spend our time figuring out what the next stupid adventure is going to be. Usually it ends up being age-gated by YouTube so we've had to bring some of our business to YouPorn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

We're here with the entire Cow Chop family so ask away!


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OtherWe're the journalists behind the "Reddit for Sale Story". We managed to get a story to the #1 spot on /r/videos for a very small amount of money. AMA Proof

So here's the story we're talking about, and you should probably check out the video we made about the whole thing.

TL;DR version - getting a vote farm to upvote links on reddit is trivial. We managed to get a fake story to #2 on /r/unitedkingdom and a trailer to a show to #1 on /r/videos using a vote farm.

Ask us anything!

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