Top Other Reddit IAmA's The latest Other IAmA's collected from Reddit OtherIamA Former Family Feud Contestant (2010) With Steve Harvery AMA! On June 12, Rotary and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced an extension and increase of their financial commitment in an effort to eradicate polio worldwide once and for all. Additionally, 16 governments and several organizations have just pledged $1.2B to eradicate polio. Rotary has already contributed over 1.6 billion U.S. dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer time to the eradication of polio. When we succeed in eradicating polio, it would become only the second disease to be eradicated by vaccines, the other being smallpox.

Personally, I have known Dr. Salk, creator of the inactivated polio vaccine, and Dr. Sabin, creator of the oral polio vaccine through my work at the National Institutes of Health. In 1979 the last case of endemic polio was reported in the U.S. I, along with Rotary International president, Clem Renouf, brought to Rotary the idea to make it our chief goal to eradicate polio worldwide. For the last 11 years, I have been carrying on the visions of Drs. Salk and Sabin as the vice-chairman of Rotary International’s PolioPlus program, which helps oversee Rotary’s polio vaccination efforts worldwide.


In 1916, polio was an epidemic in the United States with over 27,000 cases and 6,000 deaths. Following the availability of Dr. Salk’s inactivated vaccine in 1955 and Dr. Sabin’s oral polio vaccine in 1962, polio began to decline in developed countries where they were used. That decline began to accelerate as groups such as Rotary International began to champion the issue in the early 1980s.

Today, polio is nearly eradicated globally, as we’ve seen a 99.9% reduction – from an estimated 350,000 cases in 1988 to just 6 reported cases so far in 2017. Polio is virtually eradicated, but there is still so much more to do. If we don’t continue to vaccinate, we could see 200,000 new cases every year – giving polio an unprecedented resurgence.


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Request[IAmA Request] The Jeopardy clue writing and research team. Hi Reddit!


We are some of the OG members of Linus Tech Tips (Linus Sebastian, Luke Lafreniere, Edzel Yago, and Brandon Lee), one of the biggest PC hardware and consumer tech channels on YouTube, and we are quite excited to be doing our first official Reddit AMA.

The Season 5 Finale of "Scrapyard Wars" - our take on a reality show - just launched on our YouTube channel. You can watch all of Season 5 here:

We had a ton of fun creating this season (big thanks to PaulsHardware and BitWit for taking part!), and we're hoping to take on even bigger challenges in Season 6, which should take place later this year.

Looking forward to your questions :D we'll be answering as many as we can over the next couple hours.


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Specialized ProfessionIamA 911 Operator, AMA! Hello! I am a 911 operator for a dispatch center that covers Fire and Medical for the entire county, as well as Police for 7 cities within that county. We receive about 2,000 to 4,000 calls everyday on 911 as well as our non-emergency line. I average about 70 calls per 8 hour shift, with approximately half being 911 and half non-emergency. I'd love to answer any questions as there are way too many misconceptions about what happens on our end of the line! Ask away!

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GamingHi! We're Funcom! (Not-so-secretly) Ask us anything about Secret World Legends! Edit from AndyB: 2:30 PM EDT - Thank you for joining us! We couldn't get to every question here, but there's some questions that ended up getting asked a few times--be sure to look over the answers and see if we have an answer for your question. We're going to end the AMA for now, but we'll try to go back and answer other questions later on today. Cheers!

Hi, Reddit!

We are the Norwegian game developer Funcom, creators of Anarchy Online, The Longest Journey, Age of Conan, and Conan Exiles.

We're less than a month away from the official launch of Secret World Legends, the free-to-play relaunch of 2012's The Secret World, the online RPG where ancient myths and legends cross over into the modern day. Game Director Romain "Tilty" Amiel will be on deck to answer questions you may have about the game, the development process, or whatever else you may want to know about life! We'll try to answer as much as possible.

We're starting up at 1:00 PM EDT, so about 20 minutes from now. We'll go for about an hour!

We posted yesterday about this AMA on our official Facebook page and Twitter, complete with image of a dazed Game Director, and spoke to mod /u/pussgurka for permission to post this 3 days ago (We originally wanted to do this Monday, but ended up having to push it back).

Proof: (If ya need more, we got it!)

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HealthIamA 27yo woman finishing cancer treatment in two weeks! AMA! Super bored while stuck at home. Help me alleviate some boredom! AMA about my cancer or life or whatever! Cervical cancer - four surgeries so far - multiple rounds of chemo and radiation under my belt. Ending chemo and have one more surgery to go before I'll hopefully be declared cancer free!

Proof: ummmm I guess here's a hospital pic of me getting chemo?

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We are “The Proper People”, two filmmakers who have explored and filmed hundreds of abandoned places over the past three years – Ask Us Anything! The two of us, Michael and Bryan, have been exploring abandoned places and creating videos of these adventures on our YouTube channel “The Proper People” for the past few years. We’ve been lucky enough to explore all kinds of abandoned places such as theme parks, asylums, prisons, malls, cathedrals, and even a nuclear power plant. What started out as a curiosity for us has turned into a passion, and we strive to bring this appreciation of abandoned and historic places to others through our videos.

Right now we are trying to raise funds to create a 5 part documentary series about urban exploration called “Forbidden Explorers.” This is a passion project that we’ve been planning for over a year now, with the goal of telling a more meaningful story about the culture of urban exploration than what’s been done before. If you’re interested in history, adventure documentaries, or just the surreal aesthetic of abandoned places, I can promise you’ll love it. If you’re interested you can check out the Kickstarter page here!

The two of us will both be answering questions with this account, signed with an initial (M or B) to signify who is answering. We'll start answering questions around 6pm EST and try to stay around as long as we can.

PROOF: Twitter Additional proof, this account is a moderator of our subreddit /r/theproperpeople

EDIT: We enjoyed answering all your questions! We're wrapping up the AMA now.

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OtherWe're HarvestPlus, and we're competing in the MacArthur Foundation's 100&Change competition for $100 million! Our proposal is to biofortify staple crops in Africa (see below). AUA! Hey reddit! We're HarvestPlus, one of eight organizations competing in the MacArthur Foundation's 100&Change competition for one $100 million grant! We're here to answer questions about our proposal.

About our proposal: we are trying to eliminate "hidden hunger" in Africa, dangerous and damaging nutrient deficiencies, by fortifying staple crops, since more than two billion people globally have diets that are lacking sufficient vitamins and minerals. Our goal is to reach 1 billion people by 2030.

We will be on at 10AM ET to answer your questions. AUA!


We're live now! AUA.


It's been a fun one, but that's it for us today! Many thanks to everyone who has participated in today’s chat. We really value your input, we'll learn from your insightful questions, and we will incorporate your feedback into our revised proposal.

Our proposal and why we're doing this:


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Request[AMA Request] Markus A. Dahlem, migraine researcher Hello all! I got a lot of requests for an AMA in a recent post I made, so here it is! Here's the basic story, when I was about 5 years old my parents, 2 doctors, decided they wanted to sail offshore. So, they took lessons, bought a boat, and we took off! We lived on the boat for several years, sailing along the West Coast, until through some unfortunate events the boat sank out at sea. Feel free to ask any and all questions, and I will do my best to answer! Since a lot of it is from memory, it may be slightly off in timeframe, so forgive me. Here's a photo of our second boat, Ra, for proof.

Edit* Ok everyone, thank you so much for the questions! I have to take a break now, my fingers are getting sore! I appreciate all of your questions and comments.

Never stop exploring!

Gold?! Why thank you kind stranger! You made my day :D

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Actor / EntertainerI'm Rob Riggle! Ask Me "Absolutely Anything!" Hey Reddit, My name is Sean Bogle , and I’m here with Matthew Podolsky. We’re Conservation Filmmakers with the Nonprofit Organization Wild Lens INC. We recently completed work on our Documentary “Souls of the Vermilion Sea” in order to understand why the Vaquita are going extinct. Feel free to view it through the avenues below

U.S Youtube - (

English International Version (

Spanish International Version - (

Vaquita, meaning small cow in Spanish, is the smallest of all cetacean species. It is a porpoise that is endemic to the northern portion of the Gulf of California, and it is currently the most endangered marine mammal on Earth. With less than 30 individuals remaining on the planet, this species is teetering on the brink of extinction. A Vaquita sanctuary was created within their range, however there have been very little to no attempts to protect it. The Vaquita is mainly threatened by the illegal trade in rare swim bladders run by Mexico's dangerous drug cartels.

We’d like to get awareness of the issue out there, so feel free to ask us anything and everything to help spread the word. We’re here with Leo Mercado who will also assist us with using reddit, and answering Questions.


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Other-LiveHi Reddit! I’m the CEO of Toybox - The 3D printer for toys. Back after a year to answer more questions about our bottomless toybox, 3D Printers for toys, and 3D printing in general! AMAA Howdy Reddit!

My name is Ben Baltes, and I’m lucky enough to work with a small team of extremely talented engineers and designers based out of Oakland to create the ultimate toy - one that makes you toys!

Inspired by the type of toys that helped us build amazing things when we were kids, we set out to build the ultimate tool for creative children. Something to allows kids to create real tangible toys without any formal training. We’re extremely passionate about leveraging the power of 3D printing to encourage children to start building. We believe this next generation will leverage these types of technologies to create amazing things!

A year ago, we did an AMA here on Reddit and had such a great experience we wanted to come back. Since then, we’ve built on some your feedback, finished a product, and actually sold out of our first batch of kid-friendly 3D printers!

You can check out more info about what we do at our website here:

Also, just like last time, to show our appreciation we’ll be mailing custom 3D printed toys to the top 4 comments (2 for the highest votes, 2 for the ones we like the most). We’ll ship it to anywhere in the continental US.

Last time Kanye West never thanked us for the snoo we sent him :(

Anyways, let’s get to it, AMAA!

*** PROOF ***: (the banner at the top).

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OtherWe are The Economist's Data Journalism Department. Ask us anything! In 2014 The Economist set up a data team to make our coverage more quantitatively driven and rigorous. Some of our work relies on new data sources, as in our article on the ethnic makeup of Lebanon. Sometimes we produce statistical prediction models, like our recent one that gave Marine Le Pen just a 1% chance of victory before the first round. We’ve used data to illuminate social and economic trends, such as our dive into dark-web drug markets. And we produce visually gripping charts, including one depicting 1,200 years of cherry-blossom dates in Japan. Ask us anything!

Here's proof:

Here's some of our stuff:

Our French election model

Lebanon census

Shedding light on the dark web

Japan’s cherry blossoms are emerging increasingly early

Crime, ink - What can be learned from a prisoner’s tattoos

That's all we've got time for today but thank you for all your questions and we'll try to answer the rest of them shortly. Here's today's Daily chart on post-apocalyptic literature and the Doomsday Clock, and here's our Twitter feed if you want a daily dose of charty goodness.

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OtherI am a Redditor who just started a free website inspired by my subreddit that helps people find and vote on underrated/undiscovered YouTubers & other content creators. AMA! I have loved games all my life, made board games as a kid, started programming computer games in 1975 in college, then professionally since 1980. I was one of the first 10 employees at Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts, The 3DO Company, and Dreamworks Interactive. More recently I focused on Serious Games in education, health, training, and neuroscience, before becoming Google's Chief Game Designer for 4 years. I quit there last month to get back to my first love: making games people love to play, with cutting edge technology, new creative tech niques, and great collaborators.

Some games I've contributed to include the arcade game Sinistar, LucasArts games like their flight simulator line, as well as Graphic Adventures like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis, The Dig, and the first two Monkey Island Games.

Here's a more complete (but still partial!) list:,1657/


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AcademicIamA (scientist and author) AMA! Hi IAmA, We are : /u/fortherefugees-Marc (Marc-André Séguin), /u/4therefugees-Michael (Michael Simkin) and /u/fortherefugees-admin (Our volunteer sysdamin who prefers to stay anonymous, but you can call me E.).

Marc Will be here from 1:30 to 2:30 EST

Michael & /u/fortherefugees-admin will be here from 1:30-3:30, but /u/fortherefugees-admin will attempt to deliver after, as well.

You can ask questions in English or French Vous pouvez poser vos questions en français aussi

Marc and Michael are immigration lawyers, /u/fortherefugees-admin is a Sysadmin/SRE

When Edward Snowden left the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong, his lawyer, Robbert Tibbo, kept him safe by hiding him with asylum seekers.

This came to light with the release of the Oliver Stone movie, 'Snowden'.

We're trying to help get these brave refugees to Canada. They also are forbidden from working in Hong Kong, and have had their funding cut by the Hong Kong government.

Our site is

Our donation page is

My Proof: Our site:

We've Been tweeted about and have been on the news:

Edit: formatting

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OtherI am Jo-Anne McArthur, animal rights photojournalist and founder of the We Animals project. AMA I’m Rusel DeMaria. I’m a writer, game designer, and narrative lead for Starfighter Inc. Come join me and I’ll tell you why narrative is so important in games and why our approach is like nothing you’ve ever seen in a team-based combat game. I’ll tell you how we’re going to get you involved in our world. We’ll surprise you. We’ll let you in on the secrets of The System. Ask me anything.



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Other-LiveI’m the CEO of Thryve, a service that provides gut test kits and probiotics to improve gut health. We’ve been featured on MIT Tech Review, Techstars, and several other publications. AMA! 12 months ago I took an antibiotic and came down with a nasty stomach bug. I ended up being hospitalized and started researching the reasons for my illness. Turns out antibiotics wipes out all the good and bad bacteria in your system and sometimes the recovery isn't always optimal. Every since then I've been on a conquest to find out more about the bugs in our guts to improve overall health and wellness.

Check out Thryve here or following us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog for up to date research and news on the microbiome.

Disclaimer: I don't have any formal microbiology training, but have brought on super smart people with Ph.Ds in Biology and Bioinformatics from the likes of Stanford and Harvard to make Thryve a reality.


EDIT: We are ending our AMA now. We tried out best to answer everyone (even the top comments!). That said the amount of interest we had on here was really exciting. Thanks again to the Reddit community for engaging with us and allowing us to share the mission of Thryve with you all. Feel free to reach our directly or support@thryveinside if you'd like to followup. Cheers!

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