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For years, my family have been torn apart by the repercussions of domestic violence. For the past few months, I've been struggling to accept the reality of our situation. It's 11 years on, and I often feel like a failure because I still feel no closure after everything that has happened.When I was at school, teachers that were aware of what was going on would tell me that one day I would end up writing a book or doing something positive with my own experience. As the years have progressed, this has become harder and harder to motivate myself towards. I have had numerous conversations with social work regarding my concerns, written a lot of letters and even started a petition at one point. Each time, I have been pushed back or made to feel like a crazy and traumatised child. I am an adult now, but after being silenced and ignored so many times, it has become harder and harder to fight back and I have questioned my own sanity over the years.

1,031,120 - is the number of domestic violence incidents reported in England and Wales during 2016. Just ONE year. I’m always uncomfortable sharing personal things, but when there’s a chance to make a difference and bring about change by telling a story I think that’s more important than my own fears. Some of you might remember a petition I created years ago, I must have only been about 14/15 at the time. My brother, sister and I were placed into the care of my grandmother after living in a home of domestic violence for several years. I started a petition because social work wanted to send my brother and sister back to live with my mother and her partner as they said they had no evidence the violence was still ongoing. The reason they had no evidence it was still ongoing is because my mum was under his control and would cover up what was really happening and I had hoped they would listen to my concerns and acknowledge the risk in sending my extremely young brother and sister back to live in this home. I was thrilled when my petition gained 1495 signatures and a lot of support from the public and messages from people opening up to me with similar experiences.

Sadly, social work ignored my petition and I was told that I could be in trouble with the police for my petition if I didn’t take it down and shortly afterwards social work went through with their decision to send them back to live with my mother and my violent step-dad. As a young teenager it took a lot of courage to speak out and I think having my concerns ignored by professionals for years and years has made me more fearful of speaking out as an adult and eventually I lost faith in social work’s ability to protect children.

Sadly, earlier on this year it was revealed that the violence has in fact continued on for years. However, my mum finally made the choice to leave my step-dad and charge him for everything he has done. The police have had the polar opposite approach of social work. Now there is a chance he may go to prison for the things he has done.I think it speaks volumes about the system that the police can hear about the horrible things this man has done and think there is a chance he could be locked up because he is a dangerous man whereas the social work department seen a suitable home for children.

Their decision to send them back allowed this violence to continue on in the presence of my younger brother and sister for years. It’s time the social work department stop playing happy families and putting their targets/budget before the well-being of the children they are supposed to protect.The whole system is a disgrace and it has taken a lot of courage to share this story but I hope if enough people speak out then it will bring about change and encourage people who have been in similar circumstances to speak out and get angry until it can’t be ignored. If you see/hear something that makes you worry about somebody’s wellbeing then don’t ignore it - report it to somebody.

Things can’t go on like this.I am hoping by starting this blog and sharing my own concerns and experiences over the years, I may not only raise awareness and help someone else but may find some closure through writing about it.

EDIT: Grabbing a cup of tea and then I'll work through all the questions and make sure I answer everything. I'm not feeling well so will be spending the night in bed with my laptop so keep the questions coming, I'll be here all night to get through them. :)

EDIT 2: I am so overwhelmed by this response, I was not expecting this kind of feedback and all of you have made my evening and made me feel even more confident that I'm doing the right thing by starting this website. Like I mentioned in a lot of my comments, I am very new to all this and still getting used to things but I hope you'll all keep up to date with my posts and remember, if there is anything you would like to share then you can get in touch. Also, if anybody has any tips for building up a regular readership, that would be great.

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OtherIamA McDonald's warehouse worker AMA! Hi, today is the 11th annual Data Privacy Day! 2018 can be the year where we stand up to Big Tech and start to take back our privacy.

I'm the Founder & CEO of DuckDuckGo, the Internet privacy company that empowers you to seamlessly take control of your personal information online, without any tradeoffs.

For the past ten years we've been operating a private alternative to Google search, with over 16 Billion private searches served. We just announced a new mobile app and browser extension that extends our privacy protection beyond search to wherever you go on the Internet, by blocking trackers, upgrading your encryption, and more.

We also have a blog at with a lot of specific device privacy tips, privacy explanations, and privacy research.

I'm here today with some other DuckDuckGo team members who will help me take as many of your privacy questions as possible!

  • yegg
  • tagawa
  • dilithium
  • b1ake
  • cainetighe
  • xpxlx
  • zekiel
  • brindy
  • subsymbolic

For more on me personally, check out

My proof:

Edit: thank you for all the questions! I'm headed to bed now :). Happy Data Privacy Day (and night)!

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OtherIamA former prison inmate currently struggling to stay clean AMA! Hello Redditors, This is my second AMA. My schedule is extremely busy leading into games but I will try my best to respond to all of your questions up until then. I will be responding every evening. My name is Shannon-Ogbani Abeda and I am an alpine skier representing Eritrea in the upcoming winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang. I’m a 21 year old Computer Science major student and this will be my first participation in the Winter Olympic Games. If you’d like to follow me on my journey to the games, you can follow me on Instagram.

Instagram: erialpine96

I understand that some of you may have certain views that do not necessarily reflect with others or myself and I respect that. However, I’d ask that you be civil and respectful with one another. In regards to some of political questions that have been asked, the Olympic Games bring together athletes from a number of nations around the world to compete in sports at a high level regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sex, or for political reasons. Unity is a key foundation of the games. I do not have any political affiliations and I’m certainly not skiing to achieve any political motives. I am going to Pyeongchang to represent Eritrea, its people, and the diaspora. I’m sorry, but I didn’t come here to answer those questions.

Again, I’d like to thank all of you for your questions and positive feedback! I didn’t expect the amount of traction I would be receiving on some of these subreddits. Thank you for your support redditors, it means a lot!!

On CBC News


Edit 1: I didn’t except this many questions, please patient as I will try my best to respond to them; I’m not ignoring them, I just have to train, eat, do school, and you know sleep.

Edit 2: I'm back! Everyone, I just have to say THANK YOU! I never expected that I'd get such a big response! It's really heartwarming to hear the messages of support. I also really appreciate those of you respectfully voicing difficult or challenging questions. The only way we learn and grow is by challenging ourselves and each other. I'll do my best to answer all questions posed respectfully.

Edit 3: Thanks again everyone, I'm going to take another break from answering your questions. I'll be back later to keep going!

Edit 4: Hey, I’m back again! I just got off the hill and I’m having a bite to eat. I have a few minutes before I head home and I’ll try to answer a few questions. I will also be answering some later this evening. Once again, thank you Redditors for your questions

Edit 5: Hey Redditors, I’m still here trying to answer all the 900+ comments I’ve received! All you have a great and interesting questions that I like to respond to and I will try to do so as soon as possible. I appreciate your understanding and patience!

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OtherI am Alex Wang, cover man of the NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar, and I’m here with the calendar creators. Ask us anything about anything! Hi Reddit!

You may recognize Alex from the front page last week:

The NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar, a comedic take on the traditional pin-up, highlights the hardworking men and women who drive our lazy asses all over town. Now in its fifth year, a portion of the calendar proceeds benefits University Settlement, a nonprofit supporting immigrant and working class individuals and families.

Check out the full calendar here:

Answering today are:

  • Alex Wang (taxi driver, model, and karaoke king)
  • Shannon Kirkman (co-creator and photographer)
  • Philip Kirkman (co-creator and director)

Follow our upcoming work at and @lngshrts


Kinda Proof:

UPDATE: Thank you all. We will continue to refresh this page incessantly for the rest of our lives to ensure we answer any new questions. - Alex, Phil & Shannon

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Other-LiveI investigate oil companies that manipulate gasoline and oil prices. I track oil tankers at sea, deal with whistle blowers, research Standard Oil, and have gone undercover at industry conferences. AMA! My short bio: My name is Cody Rosenfield, I have been investigating oil market manipulation since early 2015. Oil companies use price manipulation to target specific regions and make arguments against environmental protections. For example, oil companies routinely manipulate California oil prices – then claim that it is California’s clean energy rules that force the prices to be so high. My work is to reveal the manipulation and curtail this false argument.

In 2017 I left the organization I spent three years at in order to try and look at other markets besides California. I’ve spent the last 9 months looking at the United States oil markets, and seeing if I could start an organization to focus solely on oil price manipulation issues. The data is incredibly expensive (just buying crude oil prices for specific a specific type of crude oil over time costs nearly $3,000).

I haven’t been able to secure funding, but I’m starting a new job in a week that I'm very excited about that has to do with oil/energy issues. Oil market manipulation is my passion, and I will continue this research and contact with reporters/others interested in the movement.

My work was initially focused in California, which is the 3rd largest gasoline market in the world after the United States as a whole, and China.

I was introduced to the work when ExxonMobil’s refinery in Torrance, California suffered a massive explosion in February of 2015. The refinery stayed offline for a year and a half – causing a huge price crisis in California. Californians were paying $1.50 more per gallon of gasoline than the national average. Californians paid roughly $10 billion more in gasoline prices due to the shortage perpetrated by ExxonMobil and their allies.

ExxonMobil sold the refinery in mid-2016, and the new owner’s CEO stated publicly that he believed ExxonMobil purposely kept he refinery offline.

I was shocked at how little research was going into the issue, and how no law enforcement agency was taking responsibility for trying these cases. There are specific laws/rules by the Federal Trade Commission regarding oil price manipulation, but the FTC has NEVER utilized the rules to try a company. Americans have spent nearly $6 trillion on gasoline since 2000, and there are essentially no regulators paying attention.

I was urged to do this AMA by r/MechanicalKeyboard, after I posted the keyboard that I use to track ships at sea carrying oil. See that post here:

My Proof:


HOW TO GET INVOLVED A lot of people are asking if they can help out/volunteer in some way. If you're interested, send me a pm, and what you're interested in doing and I will try and respond to everyone.

UPDATE Thanks everybody for your interest. I will be answering further questions first thing tomorrow morning.

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OtherIamA Chuck E Cheese Cast Member Ask Me Anything! Proof:

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OtherI had a sex change 2 weeks ago AMA Hello, my name is Anatole Konstantin. You can click here and here to read my previous AMAs about growing up under Stalin, what life was like fleeing from the Communists, and coming to America as an immigrant. After the killing of my father and my escape from the U.S.S.R. I am here to bear witness to the cruelties perpetrated in the name of the Communist ideology.

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Communist Revolution in Russia. My latest book, "A Brief History of Communism: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire" is the story of the men who believed they knew how to create an ideal world, and in its name did not hesitate to sacrifice millions of innocent lives.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has said that the demise of the Soviet Empire in 1991 was the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century. My book aims to show that the greatest tragedy of the century was the creation of this Empire in 1917.

My grandson, Miles, is typing my replies for me.

Here is my proof.

Visit my website to learn more about my story and my books.

Update (4:22pm Eastern): Thank you for your insightful questions. You can read more about my time in the Soviet Union in my first book, "A Red Boyhood: Growing Up Under Stalin", and you can read about my experience as an immigrant in my second book, "Through the Eyes of an Immigrant". My latest book, "A Brief History of Communism: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire", is available from Amazon. I hope to get a chance to answer more of your questions in the future.

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Other[Casual Christmas] IamA grapheme-color synesthete, meaning that I see letters, numbers, words, and anything of the like as having inherent colors. AMA! Proof

Wed, 27 Dec 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Other[Casual Christmas] I’m an HIV-positive non-progressor! AMA Proof

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Other[Casual Christmas] IAmA 36 year old bedwetter, and I wear diapers to bed every night. AMA. Greetings everyone my name is Ian and 10 years ago next month I flew home from Beijing on BA 38 (

This came up during the recent AMA from a flight attendant so here I am AMA.


Here's the BBC article. There is an interview linked on the right hand side but it appears that the video is lost in RealPlayer hell.

and here's me now hiding from my in laws post Christmas.

Edit: Just taking a little break to watch the Snow Bears show on BBC 1 and the mandatory socialising. I'll be back in an hour or so to answer more questions.

Edit 2: I'm back now

Edit 3: Thanks everyone it's been fun. I'm going to go to sleep now but I'll check back tomorrow in case there are any urgent burning questions left over.

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OtherWe are resident physicians in Anesthesiology and Otolaryngology, creators of the Pocket Pimps app. Ask us anything! I closed a bit early today as it was a Thursday, and thought people might be interested. I'm an owner operator for a large independent all you can eat concept in the US. Ask me anything, from how the business works, stories that may or may not be true, "How the hell you you guys make so much food?", and "Why does every Chinese buffet (or restaurant for that matter) look the same?". Leave no territory unmarked.


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OtherI am the owner of one of the most famous capybaras in the world, JoeJoe the Capybara AMA! Hello, I'm u/daddybara and one of the most famous capybaras in the world lives with me. JoeJoe the Capybara has a large following on social media and has his own Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel and Twitter.

Capybaras are the world's largest rodent. They are from South America and are semi aquatic. They are closely related to guinea pigs.

I am here to answer all of your questions you have on having a capybara, having a large social media following and any thing else you may want to ask.

Recently another capybara owner and a good friend wrote a book about her capybara named Dobby that can be found on Amazon here

I am also remodeling a large section of my farm for my capys, and have set up a gofundme here to help speed this process along so that we can set up a 24 hour live feed of capybaras for everyone to enjoy. (hopefully we will still have net neutrality!)

My Proof:

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Music-LiveHave you ever wondered what an orchestra conductor is for? I am a professional conductor and music director of two US orchestras. It's Nutcracker season! AMA! In response to-

My 5 Questions:

How much did you buy and when? - In total I got in price wise 200-600 each during 2012-2014 I bought around 320, of which nearly 100 was spent early on due to rough times and another 50 on a house down payment. Now I hold roughly 150+ (knew about it when it was only 10 sadly i did not buy and i also lost some hard drives)

What did you originally buy it for? - Average looks to be roughly 450 for my main buys however I have also bought during runups at 4k-6k and even 8k

How easy was it to turn that wealth into real cash? - Pretty easy one of the main exchanges Gemini proved very convenient and I was able to transfer nearly 200k to a bank which will be used for the down payment of my house.

Do you think the bubble is about to burst? - No I believe we are just getting started, Definitely going to keep riding I've made the mistake of spending and selling early on too many times and its been constant regret

How smug are you now? - Not too smug, I do like saying I could retire if I really wanted to though. Its been a very great feeling.

Proof - Would be able to send various crypto balances to Mods for proof. Sent a message towards /r/iama

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HealthHey Reddit, I just finished donating stem cells to a leukemia patient I matched with through the National Bone Marrow Registry! AMA! EDIT 2: I know I submitted this yesterday and I left many questions unanswered as I fell asleep and packed up in preparation of flying back home, but I will continue to answer any questions received. Also, again I apologize for leaving so many unanswered through the night. Thanks for the questions so far everyone! Once more, I will continue to answer questions until the thread dies out entirely!

I joined the National Bone Marrow Registry through the Department of Defense Bone Marrow Program back in 2010 when I joined the Marine Corps. Since then, I have been contacted several times as a potential match, and even once before as a best match, but was unable to donate. Finally, this time, I was matched with a patient and asked to donate Peripheral Blood Stem Cells through a process called apheresis. I just finished up and I'm relaxing before heading back home to California. I am here today to hopefully answer any questions, clear any misconceptions people might have about the donation process, and perhaps convince some people to add their name to a registry and one day save a life.

*Everyone in the US can register here:

*Anyone else who has been affiliated with the DoD can register here:


*Images of various emails I received and pictures during my donation.

EDIT: Some wording and more proof

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OtherWe're Charlie Harding and Nate Sloan of Switched On Pop, a podcast that breaks down how pop music works. Ask us anything! We are Modestep!

We just partnered with Jägermeister to perform an Ice Cold Gig at Cecil Peak in New Zealand suspended between two mountain peaks on a space net. Check out the video:

Next Monday we’re releasing our new single Higher. Presave link:

Ask us anything

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