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Wed, 08 Nov 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceAstronomer here! AMAA! Hi everyone! I work at a retirement home/demantia and due to there being prohibit rules workers aren't allowed to speak about whats going on and people will always ask me a lot of questions about my work so Here I am! I will of course still follow this prohibited to talk rule by not speaking in details about the individuals or places or who I am but I will still answer questions about the work. Atm I work on night shifts and it is pretty quiet so I was thinking I could spend the night answering your questions. So fire away!

(EDIT:) Reading your stories and other caretakers experiences warms really makes me smile! I had no idea that this AMA would get this kind of exposure

(EDIT EDIT:) I think some my comments got deleted or I just forgot to save them so RIP. I wanted to make sure that I read every question thoroughly. So back at it again.

(EDIT 3X:) I will go to bed. Im pretty tired at the moment. I will look through the comments when I wake up and answer some more and then I'm gonna close the AMA. Im really happy that I could help out some of you and give you some clarity. Take care!

(EDIT 4X:) Alright im gonna end it here. I have had so much fun reading your stories and answering your questions. Never thought this would be such a huge AMA. Take care everyone and I wish you guys all the best! <3

Mon, 06 Nov 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceI am a polar bear biologist, AMA! I am the Senior Director of Conservation at Polar Bears International, the world's only non-profit focused solely on protecting wild polar bears. I am a member of the Polar Bear Specialist Group, the U.S. Polar Bear Recovery Team, and chair the Human-Polar Bear Conflict Working Group. AMA about polar bears, conservation, impacts of climate change on the Arctic, or what we need to accomplish at COP23.


Join us for Polar Bear Week next week:

Watch live polar bears here:

Thanks for all the great questions today! We are signing off now so no new questions here, but feel free to write in through Tundra Connections and via our Facebook and web page at Polar Bears International!

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Fri, 03 Nov 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Science-LiveIamA I am Miguel Chaves, a Costa Rican biologist and I prevented hydroelectric damns from being built on the Savegre river, which is now a UNESO World Heritage site! ASK ME ANYTHING! My short bio:

Our indie game development company turned 5 years old today. Two years ago we were at the brink of bankruptcy with my brother, after 3 years of work we had $50 000 in debt. Today, after a long series of events caused by a Reddit post and Redditors rushing to help, I paid it off, and our company is now debt-free!


Our Story:

5 years ago I had embarked on an unpredictable journey with my brother, after one year of hard work we managed to release our very first game accompanied by a lot of excitement. Excitement soon turned to disappointment, total sales ended up at $1000. After some contemplation, we decided we were not ready to give up on our dream.

 However, to give ourselves a chance, we needed to take a loan of $50 000. Through a series of coincidences, a third person appeared in our lives, and it quickly dawned upon us he had been the missing link. We grabbed him with us and started on a new game, which in hindsight ended up taking way too much time. After almost two years of work our second game was released and ended up with $2000 in total sales.

  Devastated and with very limited funds left, we made a 180 degree turn in our strategy. Despite everyone stating premium games were dead, we decided to try anyway. We realized spending time trying to figure out how to milk money from customers wasn't for us. We wanted to create a game, ask a fair one-time price and let players play without restrictions.

  Time was ticking, and we were developing our most ambitious game yet. We stretched as far as we could, but we eventually ran out of funds. With only $1000 left on our company account, I called our landlord and canceled our office tenancy agreement ahead of time. We thought we were done.

  But fate would have it otherwise. In my darkest moment I decided to post here on Reddit, and found myself overwhelmed from all the help we received from you Redditors. With your help our then released game (Battlevoid: Harbinger) was to send out a message to the world that the story of this small indie game development company was not yet over, and today I can happily state the game has sold over 150 000 copies across all platforms. It feels so surreal after many years of struggle.

  Through our story I want to encourage you to follow your dreams. You don't have to be super smart or know everything to try something you really want to do. We made so many mistakes on our journey, but persistence kept us alive. Let your passion guide you, stay persistent and be ready to learn new things every day.

  The gaming industry is ruthless, and we continue on one game at a time. Today we released a new game into our "Battlevoid" series on Steam, Google Play and Apple App Store and once again we are excited to see how it will fare out there among all the other games. Feel free to ask me anything about our journey, our games, game development in general or the gaming industry!


My Proof: Battlevoid Twitter

Thu, 26 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceWe are Mini and Gideon, wildlife biologists, who take our toddlers with us to work in remote rainforests: Ask Us Anything! Edit: Okay! Thanks r/IAmA for all your questions, it's now time for us to trudge home. Thank you for having us and we loved answering your questions.

Answering your questions today are senior reporters Shona Ghosh and Sam Shead, who have been following Transport for London’s surprise decision last month not to renew Uber’s license to operate in London. Catch up on all of our Uber coverage at You can follow Business Insider UK on reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


Sun, 22 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceIamA (We are) Earthquake and tsunami experts with a focus on the Pacific Northwest AMA! Edit: Okay! Thanks r/IAmA for all your questions, it's now time for us to trudge home. Thank you for having us and we loved answering your questions.

Answering your questions today are senior reporters Shona Ghosh and Sam Shead, who have been following Transport for London’s surprise decision last month not to renew Uber’s license to operate in London. Catch up on all of our Uber coverage at You can follow Business Insider UK on reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


Thu, 19 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceWe are Arctic and Antarctic scientists celebrating International Polar Week! Ask us anything! For this International Polar Week, members of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS; are highlighting how we all live in a #PolarWorld, where issues happening in the poles affect everyone on the globe. To help celebrate, we want to discuss the interconnectivity of Earth, international collaborations, and people living and working in the poles. APECS is the future of polar science; ask us anything!

As we’re logging in from around the world (Belgium, Canada, India, Portugal, South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States), you can expect our answers over the next 24-hours. You can also join in on the Polar Week discussions across social media at #PolarWeek and #PolarWorld, or learn more about APECS’ celebrations here.

APECS members participating in today’s iAMA are, in alphabetical order by surname:

  • Tonya Burgers is an ocean chemist from Canada and collects seawater samples to measure dissolved inorganic carbon to understand rates of ocean acidification and air-sea CO2 exchange in the Arctic.
  • Henrik Christiansen is a marine biologist from Belgium and investigates the connectivity and adaptation of Southern Ocean fish.
  • Archana Dayal is a biogeochemist from the UK and studies snow and ice microbes/biogeochemistry in the High Arctic (Svalbard) for her PhD. (Twitter)
  • Jean Holloway is a scientist in Canada who is interested in how permafrost is responding to climate change in the Canadian Arctic. (Twitter)
  • Kyle Mayers is a marine biologist from the UK, and interested in studying the interactions between algae and their grazers (zooplankton). (Twitter)
  • Ricardo Molina is a scientist from Guatemala and working in the United States, and his research is part of the The Polar Earth Observing Network (POLENET) project.
  • Swati Nagar is a biologist from India, studied freshwater lakes and interested in conducting outreach activities in polar sciences for students and public. (Twitter)
  • Gabriela Roldan is a researcher from Argentina and works in New Zealand, and studies connections that Antarctic Gateway cities construct, resulting in a unique “Antarctic identity." (
  • Marius Rossouw is a plant ecophysiologist from South Africa, trying to understand how sub-Antarctic ferns are coping with climate change. (Twitter)
  • José Seco is a Marine biologist from Portugal, and is interested in looking to the pathway of heavy metals on the marine food web (from crustaceans, fish, squid, marine birds). (Twitter)
  • Sara Strey is an atmospheric scientist in the United States, studying interactions between the Arctic and midlatitudes from the perspective of air sea interactions. (Twitter)
  • Alex Thornton is a marine ecologist from Alaska in the United States, and is interested in studying how polar marine mammals and seabirds respond to environmental change. (Twitter)
Sat, 23 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceI’m Jürgen Götz, neuroscientist. My lab has reversed Alzheimer’s symptoms in animal models. AMA. I was born at home in California to two anti-establishment parents who didn't file a birth certificate or social security number for me or my two brothers and opted to give me limited homeschooling that lacked structure or consistency wherein most of the academic subjects I know I learned independently prior to attending an adult school this year.
EDIT: I made a small GoFundMe for anyone interested.

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceIamA former NASA astronaut with 1000 hours aboard the Space Shuttle and a professor in MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. I'm Jeff Hoffman– Ask Me Anything! THAT'S IT FOR TODAY. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR GOOD QUESTIONS. SORRY I COULDN'T ANSWER ALL OF THEM, BUT I HOPE THIS HAS BEEN INTERESTING FOR YOU.




I'm Jeff Hoffman - former NASA astronaut and current MIT Professor. In my spare time, I'm the director of the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium and Deputy Principal Investigator of an experiment on NASA’s Mars 2020 mission.

I've logged 1000 hours of flight time aboard the Space Shuttle, spent four years as NASA’s European Representative, and joined the MIT faculty in August 2001.

My free Introduction to Aerospace Engineering course on edX begins September 26th.

I'd love to answer any questions you have about outer space!


Here's my proof

Wed, 20 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceI’m Sandro Galea, dean of Boston University’s School of Public Health. I’ve also studied natural disasters and their impact on our health. AMA. Since 2005, I've worked through my websites and personal seminars to educate people about ID theft issues. In that time, I've traveled to various schools, businesses, military bases, and conferences to talk about ID theft and created a recent video series due to the OPM data breach in 2015:

ID theft is a dirty industry that is full of scams and dirty tricks like monitoring and insurance plans. Every time there's a breach, they give you the same bad information about what to do and try to shift the blame to the hackers when it's almost always their own negligence at fault.

My goal today is to make sure everyone gets the RIGHT information about how to handle the Equifax breach (short answer: Freeze your credit reports)

Proof: (at the bottom).

Proof of my history: (check out the top non-ad link :) )

Wed, 13 Sep 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Request[AMA Request] "Robert", the 9-year-old boy who robbed a bank in NYC with just a toy pistol back in 1981. Hi Reddit! I am New York defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman, the lawyer for alleged Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Through my career, I have represented a number of other high-profile clients including John Gotti Jr. and rappers The Game and Fat Joe.

Here is my proof, my website, and a New York Times article.

Thank you all for spending two hours with me and asking such intelligent questions. If you have any more interest about what I do for a living, I have a pretty informative website as linked above which will give you an idea about the types of cases I have and my results -- and thoughts as contained in my blog.

Thu, 31 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
AcademicI'm a PhD candidate and public school teacher who has created after-school video game clubs in Des Moines and now in Detroit. I am studying how video game clubs are affecting student engagement. AMA! Greetings everyone!

TL:WR (Too long, won’t read): I created a couple high school video game clubs, current one is in Detroit. I’m trying to give schools/students/parents the tools they need to start their own successful video game clubs. We have an opportunity to engage students into school through their interests in gaming. Everyone wins: students’ education, parents, and gaming companies.

My name is Nick Lenk. I am a physics teacher in Detroit Public Schools Community District teaching at Cass Technical High School. With enrollment at ~2400 students, it makes Cass Tech the largest high school in Detroit.

I run the Cass Tech Video Game Club. Without going into too much detail here, boiled down to the basics, the club meets nearly every Friday from 3:30-6:00pm and through our 26 meetings last year we had an average of 110 students come each week. The basic model for the club is that the students bring in their gaming consoles (one kids brings in his PC), and I provide the monitors they use. We’ve 13 monitors that typically all get used each meeting. The games range from NBA 2K, to Smash, to Just Dance. There’s also a lot of students who bring their TCGs in, with Yu-Gi-Oh! being the most popular.

I am a PhD candidate at Wayne State University (3rd largest public Michigan university located right here in Midtown Detroit). My dissertation is studying how after-school video game clubs have affected their student’s engagement. In my multiple case study of video game clubs in Canada and the US, I’ve found them to be incredibly beneficial at helping the students feel better about school.

Specifically, the most beneficial part is the students feeling like they have a community at their school. The students felt like because of the club they’ve been able to meet several people who they didn’t think liked the same stuff they liked. The students routinely described being appreciative of having peers, and a support community, surrounding their interests. They described this as a large factor in their happiness about school. Students describe their club as being a significant factor in forming their group of friends.

I am trying to lay down the literature that students, teachers, parents, and administrators can use to convince their peers that these kinds of clubs are far more than just a place where students can come to play video games. They’re a place where students build relationships with classmates, have healthy interactions with adults, have a place where video game addiction can be discussed, and have a place that will help them reengage with schooling.

The after-school club model has existed for nearly a century. We can still use this approach for our current students’ interests. Sports teams, drama, chess, and debate clubs all have been positive influences on our students’ lives. Video game clubs can achieve just as positive results those groups historically have.

I have created the website as a means to help anyone who is interested in seeking information regarding starting their own video game club at their school. It has recommendations of successful video game clubs, helpful structural suggestions for your club, and published literature that you might be able to use to help support your argument if you’re facing stubborn administration. Also, people can use /r/videogameclubs as a way to shoot questions off me if they’re not feeling my website.

If I couldn't pick teaching science, I think my dream job would be to work for a video game company or be a consultant or something, traveling and helping interested k-12 districts and universities start these kinds of programs. It helps them recruit prospective students; but most importantly it helps their current students stay engaged with school and gives them a vector to feel like they have a community in which they belong. I really feel like I'm helping the world become a better place through these clubs. That being said, I’ve no idea how to pitch this job to Blizzard/EA/Riot/Nintendo/etc., hah!

Special thanks need to go out to /r/leagueoflegends for helping me get the attention of Riot Games back in 2014. They flew out to my club in Des Moines to make a video feature about the League club I had there. That video can be found here: . I didn’t know what I was doing was so valued by parents and students at the time. Shortly after that video came out, I decided to pursue this as a PhD topic. 3 years later I’m about to defend my dissertation, and I’m here to help anyone else start their own club through the resources I’ve found helpful.


Edit 1: I'll be back in 2 hours to start answering questions.

Edit 2: Forgot to plug my recent video about the club in Detroit: . Keep sending the great questions everyone!! I'll be up for a few more hours!

Edit 3: Alrighty everyone, I'm heading to bed. Please feel free to post questions here still and I'll get to them in the morning.

Wed, 30 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Unique Experience-LiveI am James "Attrition" Lunning, and I am a swordfighting vagrant who has spent the last 30 months hiking over 15,000 miles around the US. At the ripe young age of 21 I quit my job as a machinist to hike around the US. I've hiked across the US nearly 4 times, thru 29 states, and over 15,000 contiguous miles. Currently taking a rest day after watching the Solar Eclipse, in the last state of the Continental Divide Trail: Montana.

When I set out on the Appalachian Trail on February 12th of 2015 I had planned to hike until I ran out of either money or trails I could reasonably connect, but it was sort of a joke and I couldn't have understood what I was really up for. I've snowshoed across the High Sierra in November, the San Juan Mountains in May; trekked across the Great Plains, Death Valley, the Mojave and Sonoran deserts; shiverred my way through the Upper Midwestern winter; been swept down rivers and steep icy slopes. I've cried at the sight of grocery stores, and been kicked out of buffets for staying too long/eating too much. All the while carrying my trusty longsword.

If I had to pin down why I'm doing this, flippantly its because I played too much (or not enough) Dungeons and Dragons. More seriously would be that many things conspired to give me this opportunity, not least of which was my father having a cancer scare just before retiring, which made it clear as day that I couldn't count on retiring, so if I wanted to go traveling I needed to make it happen. The dumb heady reason is that I don't believe in free will so this is all post-fact rationalization anyways. Hiking was chosen as the mode of travel as combination of having started on the Appalachian Trail, and an inspiring meeting with another hiker doing a similar walk to what I've been up to, I am considering Kayaking the next leg of my trip. I carry the sword partly as a dedication device, I study Historical European Martial Arts (mainly Fiore if we have folks from /r/wma) and figured if I didn't bring it along then I wouldn't be likely to go back to it when I returned; but also I like the frame of mind carrying it puts me in, very adventurous and kindof like I am on some sort of quest.

I am not independently wealthy, but I did go to a low cost trade school to become a CNC machinist, and worked for about a year while pinching my pennies pretty tightly. I bought food in extreme bulk before I left and my parents help me by mailing boxes of it to post offices along the way. I do pay the postage but I'm trading the labor with my Mom, in exchange I'm planning to take her on a thru hike of the John Muir Trail in CA, during the summer after I call my hike complete.

Sporadically updated Blog:


Proof links:

Wed, 23 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
RestaurantCurrent Taco Bell Employee. AMA Ive been working at a Taco Bell for nearly a year now and have seen it all. I work both making the food and as a cashier/order taker. AMA


EDIT: Thanks for all the great questions! We even made it to MSN! Ill keep this going live as long as you guys keep questions coming. Thanks again!

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceIamA elephant scientist AMA on World Elephant Day! We are Solar Team Twente, a group of 19 students who took a break of a little over a year from our studies in order to build the world’s most efficient solar car. Also, here we are with our solar car and bonus points for finding our mascot in the 360 view of our car and race team.

Our car will be partaking in the biennial World Solar Challenge in Australia, which will be held again this year in October (8-15 October for those wondering). There are multiple classes and we’ll be competing in the Challenger Class, which we like to call the F1 of solar car racing. This basically means that we built a single seat efficiency masterpiece built according to regulations set by the organization.

The team consists of a management team, communications team and technical team and basically functions like a small business, except we don’t get paid ;). We are also proud of the fact that we do almost everything ourselves; from designing, building and testing the solar car to securing all funds and in kind sponsoring and even our own management and public relations. As you would expect we have a great variety of study backgrounds, but let’s not give away everything just yet!

Of course, this wouldn’t be a proper AMA introduction without proof. The image is a little bit outdated (oops sorry), but the guy on the right is clearly so ugly that he can only be me. The two people in the image are also your hosts for this AMA. I, Luc, am one of the aerodynamicists of the team, while Gearte Nynke (good luck pronouncing that) is our communications manager. You can ask us anything you want. Questions could be about the car or other technical aspects, but also about our motivations to join the project or any other aspect of the project you can think off. Don’t be shy, Ask Us Anything!

Sat, 12 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT