Top Specialised Reddit IAmA's The latest Specialised IAmA's collected from Reddit IamA the owner of Beauty Town Plus, located in Ferguson, MO. We were looted three times then our store burned down last week AMA Hello, my name is Ellen Kim.

I am the owner of Beauty Town Plus, a beauty supply store located on 9163 W Florissant Ave, Ferguson, MO.

Our store was looted three times during the initial rioting and then burned down last week. We lost everything in the fire, and our insurance covers less than a fourth of the damages.

My son is helping me type and set up this AMA as he is better with computers and English.

More details (and proof) can be found on our gofundme page:

Please spread the word, my family lost our only income and we spent most of our savings rebuilding the store after the initial looting.

Imgur album of damages:

Thank you and please AMA

Fri, 05 Dec 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I am Ferguson Public Library Director in Ferguson, MO. AMA! The Ferguson Municipal Public Library has been doing a lot of programming for the people of Ferguson, and hosting other orgs that needed space to do thier work. I've been director since July 1. We do everything we can for the people of Ferguson.

I'm married with 4 kids, ranging in ages from 11 to 8 months. I'm pretty geeky, and into TTRPGs.

Ask me anything!

Will start answering around 2pm, central time, presuming any questions are here.

Proof pic is in this tweet:

For cross-verification, here are two pics of me from media sources:

Libraries are chronically underfunded, so we learn to make the absolute most of every dollar we get. I urge you to go to your local public library and give them a donation or volunteer some time.

If you want to help Ferguson Library: 1) Donate via paypal at our ("delightfully retro") website, using the gold button on the upper right. 2) Donate via bitcoin at 3) Volunteer or donate by snailmail at 35 N. Florissant Rd, Ferguson, MO 63135

CODA: Thank you everyone! It has been really great. But, after 3.5 hours, my brain is mush and my hand hurts. I might come back later and look at some more, read some responses, but I'm done for now. Thank you again!

Support your local library!

CODA CODA: Did a couple more rounds of answers, but now I think I really am done for the day. It's 12:15am, and I need to get on with other things. Support your local library! (yawn)

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I am Frank Warren of PostSecret. Ask me ANYTHING about a million secrets. Over 10 years, more than a million people have mailed me their deepest secrets on postcards.

I gave a TED talk. There are six PostSecret books, and a new PostSecret album.

There are 2 kinds of secrets: those we keep from others, and the ones we hide from ourselves.


Mon, 17 Nov 2014 0:00:00 EDT
Iama Vacuum Repair Technician and this is the 1 year anniversary AMA! Thanks, Reddit! Ok, so I missed the 1 year anniversary due to a summer AMA, that kept me from posting.

I'm here to make your life suck better. I'm commission free, loyal to no brand, and not plugging anything but my YouTube channel. Proof

I want to thank reddit for putting me on the map. You've so surprised me by giving a shit, at all, about anything this old asshole has to say. You made is so I got over 7 thousand subscribers to my YouTube channel in less than 72 hours! Thank you again.

I'm so happy to hear from so many people who've bought vacuums, based on my recommendations, and are much less miserable when cleaning. If you bought a Miele because of me, let me know.

So, on to's the copypasta.

First AMA (archived)

Second AMA (Open)

Last AMA

Here's some basics to get you started:

*Dollar for dollar, a bagged vacuum, when compared to a bagless, will always:

1) Perform better (Actual quality of cleaning).

2) Be in service for much longer.

3) Cost less to repair and maintain (Often including consumables).

4) Filter your air better.

Virtually every vacuum professional in the business chooses a bagged vacuum for their homes, because we know what quality is.

  • Things you should do to maintain your vac, regularly:

1) Clear your brush roller/agitator of hair and fibers. Clear the bearing caps as well, if possible. (monthly)

2) Change your belts before they break. This is important to maintain proper tension against the agitator. (~ yearly for "stretch" belts)

3) Never use soap when washing any parts of your vacuum, including the outer bag, duct system, agitator, filters, etc. Soap attracts dirt, and is difficult to rinse away thoroughly.

Types of vacs:

1) Generally, canister vacs are quieter and more versatile than uprights are. They offer better filtration, long lifespans, and ease of use. They handle bare floors best, and work with rugs and carpets, as well.

2) Upright vacuums are used mostly for homes that are entirely carpeted. Many have very powerful motors, great accessories, and are available in a couple of different motor styles. Nothing cleans shag carpeting like the right upright.

3) Bagless vacs are available in a few different styles. They rely on filters and a variety of aerodynamic methods to separate the dirt from the air. In general, these machines do not clean or filter as well as bagged vacuums. They suffer from a loss of suction, and tend to clog repeatedly, if the filters are not cleaned or replaced often.

4) Bagged vacuums use a disposable bag to collect debris, which acts as your primary filter, before the air reaches the motor, and is replaced when you fill it. Because this first filter is changed, regularly, bagged vacuums tend to provide stronger, more consistent suction.

My last, best piece of advice is to approach a vacuum, like any appliance; Budget for the best one you can get. Buy one with idea you will maintain it, and use it for many years. And, for the love of Dog, do not buy from late-night infomercials or door-to-door salesmen! Stay out of the big-box stores, and visit your local professional who actually knows what they're talking about.

Wed, 05 Nov 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I risked, my career, my life savings, investor money and my personal relationship(s) to start a company because I passionately believe it can change sports safety. AMA My short bio: I am Anthony Gonzales, Co-Founder of Force Impact Technologies, exclusive producer of the FITGuard: Impact Indicating Mouthguard.

My Proof:

In May 2013 quit my job at a fortune 100 company, and packed my bags and moved in with my parents (temporarily), half way through a full-time MBA program.

I have since, completed my MBA in Supply Chain, raised and spent $140k of seed funding, moved into my own place, and continued on my goal of producing a device that will improve sports safety in youth athletics. My journey has been filled with many setbacks, a ton of controversy, and a hell of a lot of desire to succeed.

Update Thanks very much for all of the great questions. I will be back Nov 3rd 12:00 PST to answer the rest of the questions that get posted over night

Sun, 02 Nov 2014 0:00:00 EDT
IamA Suicide Hotline Operator AMA! Hey!

I've been working on a national suicide hotline for almost two years now. I've had many interesting experiences talking with people. I've talked to someone who was holding a gun to their head, to someone who was slipping into an overdose, to many different kinds of sex callers, to lots of people who were lonely and just wanted to be heard. I love what I do and have a lot I could say about it.

I unfortunately can't say much about who I am or where I work in order to maintain confidentiality. I can say that I and my coworkers are all disgruntled because we are not respected by the people we work for, though! I have a lot to say about this as well.

So go ahead... ask me anything!

EDIT: Thanks for all the replies! It's been fun sharing my thoughts and experiences. I'm off to bed for the night (This is my first night off in a long time so I'm going to catch up on missed sleep, oh yeah). I just wanna say that I don't intend for this thread to be a counseling session. If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal then I encourage you to call a hotline. Here's a Google search just for you:

Tue, 28 Oct 2014 0:00:00 EDT
IamA animal cop with 13,000 calls for service under my belt,AMA! My short bio:

I work for a large police department in the southern United States. I meet people everyday who need to be educated and re-educated on all things involving animals and their welfare. I have also found that people rarely understand their rights as American citizens, and are often taken advantage of by their local government (to which I greatly enjoy this type of re-education, much to my employer's chagrin). I have thanked more than one person for telling me to get off their property until I have a warrant, seriously.

I have found that creativity and humor have been my best assets in resolving issues and complaints on a regular basis. Creativity catches animals, humor deescalates potentially dangerous situations involving their owners. I am a realist when it comes to animals: save the ones we can, some should be killed.

My Proof:

UPDATE: I'll check back to answer any remaining questions. Thanks Reddit!

Mon, 27 Oct 2014 0:00:00 EDT
IamA Keith Alexander Ashe, CEO & Founder of Spendology. I am representing my company on my own in a trademark dispute against one of the largest banks in the US. AMA! My short bio: Spendology is a tech company that develops content, software, and services that activate financial intelligence. I founded Spendology back in 2010 with the goal of creating smart online financial calculators. My company used and applied for the SPENDOLOGY trademark first; then, PNC Bank applied for the same mark 8 months later and then succeeded in canceling my company's trademark application. Despite initially having a lawyer and then interviewing, hiring and firing man lawyers, I ended up personally representing my company before the US Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Trial and Appeals Board.

My own legal research revealed that there are common law rights in addition to federal registration rights. Moreover, the Supreme Court will be hearing a landmark trademark case on December 2, 2014. This case will determine if Federal District and Appellate courts need to give deference to USPTO decisions on trademarks. This will directly impact the case between Spendology and PNC.

My Proof:

Spendology Spendology on Twitter Spendology Founder, Keith Alexander Ashe

First Use of Spendology Trademark Overcoming Irrationality: Spendology Blog Post, July 21, 2010

PNC Bank Current Use of Spendology Trademark

USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeals Board Opposition Proceeding Spendology LLC vs. The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

SCOTUS Landmark Trademark Case B&B Hardware, Inc. v. Hargis Industries, Inc.

Starting at 3:30 pm Eastern

UPDATE: You guys have been amazing. I am going to wrap up the IamA. I really want to thank you for your great questions and your support. Thank you Reddit!

Sun, 26 Oct 2014 0:00:00 EDT
Iam Emily Quinn, and I'm intersex. Happy Intersex Awareness Day! I just 'came out' on MTV and I also work on Adventure Time. AMA! Happy Intersex Awareness Day! I'm Emily Quinn, and I am intersex. I have Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, meaning my body is completely unresponsive to testosterone. I have XY chromosomes and undescended testes, but I have a female phenotype (breasts, vagina, etc)

Recently I came out publicly as intersex in this PSA on MTV, and I wrote a letter about it to my friends and family:

I also wrote and voiced an animated video that aired today with this article:

I was ALSO on a podcast for the bisexual community that aired today:

I work with Advocates for Informed Choice [] to provide awareness for intersex people. I'm also a member of Inter/Act, the first advocacy group run by and for intersex youth! [] I've given presentations to GLAAD, medical communities, classes, the list goes on. Awareness is SO important for our communities.

By day I work as Production Coordinator on Adventure Time. I'm young so I'm just getting started in the animation industry, but you're welcome to ask any questions! No spoilers! (Previously I interned on Scooby Doo and for DC Nation, and worked on Teen Titans Go. I was also a PA for live-action commercials/music videos/promos for a few years.) By night I've been consulting with MTV on their show Faking It, the first television show ever to have an intersex main character! It's a HUGE step for intersex awareness, and it seriously makes me cry just thinking about it. Maybe it’s the hormones?

Other cool things? I'm 4+ year vegan, competitive irish step dancer, and a mermaid. (That last one is up for debate.)

My views are not representative of those of Turner, Cartoon Network, or Advocates for Informed Choice.

Twitter: Tumblr: IG:

EDIT: I'm taking a break! I'll keep responding tonight and this week, so feel free to keep them coming. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

EDIT: I went for a jog and am eating thai food and even though it's 12:30 at night I'm going to answer some questions. To my bosses: if you're reading this....I might be late tomorrow.

edit: It's almost 2. I'm off to bed. But I'll respond intermittently! Thanks for all your awesome questions! I'm still going to be late tomorrow.

Sun, 26 Oct 2014 0:00:00 EDT
Hi. I am Caitlin Doughty, licensed mortician, Ask a Mortician, and author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes! AMA! Hello mortals, doomed to someday die! I'm Caitlin Doughty, licensed mortician in California and author of the new book about life at a funeral home, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: & Other Lessons from the Crematory.

You might know me from my webseries Ask a Mortician (the Necrophilia episode was a hit round these parts, I hear). I also run a group called The Order of the Good Death and and co-founded Death Salon.


Ask me Anything about death, dying, my haircare routine, etc. There are no morbid questions, only delightfully morbid people!

Thu, 23 Oct 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I've spent 4 years making a free operating system for calculators (in assembly). AMA! KnightOS is a free, open source operating system for Texas Instruments calculators. I've been working on it for over 4 years now. (begin nerdy stuff) It's over 25,000 lines of assembly code (which is arguably a pretty tough language to write things with), and it's built with its own toolchain, which is mostly written from scratch in C. It's a passable Unix-like enviornment with multitasking, dynamic memory management, etc (end nerdy stuff) In the past year or so, the project has picked up steam and now there are over a dozen talented people helping me out with it. Maybe some people here will want to get involved, too!

My Proof:


Mon, 06 Oct 2014 0:00:00 EDT
IAmA ship captain/author/lawyer/pilot named Max Hardberger. I steal ships back from pirates. Ask me anything! Hello, reddit! After making the front page of TIL the other day, there were many who requested that I do an AMA, so here I am! If you want to know a bit about me, here is a short bio:

Max Hardberger received his MFA in Fiction and Poetry from the University of Iowa before working a series of odd jobs including: English teacher, crop-duster, newspaper reporter, private investigator, and oilfield "Mud Engineer" in Guatemala during the Guatemalan Civil War. He currently works as a maritime lawyer, novelist, and vessel repossession specialist. In other words, he steals ships back that have been corruptly seized and hidden in seedy ports around the world and then returns them to their rightful owners. Max has been featured in interviews, articles, and book reviews by The Guardian, BBC News, Fox News, Men's Journal, NPR, and the Los Angeles Times. He has also had two separate television specials air about his exploits on The Learning Channel and American Heroes Channel.


If you are interested in reading more of my exploits, please download a kindle copy of my book, Seized.

OK, everybody, let's shut it down for tonight. I'll check in tomorrow morning. Thanks for the great questions.

Sun, 05 Oct 2014 0:00:00 EDT
IamA underwater archaeologist. Want to learn about underwater exploration, shipwrecks, pirates, and sunken cities? AMA! Hey Reddit, I'm underwater archaeologist Peter Campbell and with me is the staff of the free online course Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds ( We're here to answer any questions you have about underwater exploration: shipwrecks, sunken cities, underwater caves, and the best technique for fighting a giant octopus, let's hear what you've got!


EDIT: Thanks folks! This was so much fun. Its after midnight here in the UK so that is a wrap for today. Here's a picture of me exhausted:

If you have questions in the future, I'm always on Reddit and Twitter (@peterbcampbell). There are lots of good questions left, so I'll try to answer them tomorrow.

Check out the online course if you found this interesting. Its totally free and you can do it at your own pace. Skip things you aren't interested in and you are under no obligation to complete it (though please try!). There is some great info on shipwrecks, sunken worlds, pirates, naval warfare, and everything else you can imagine relating to underwater research.

There appears to be enough interest that I'll set up a future AMA with a live feed from the research vessel, so you can see what life on board is like and what the robots are finding underwater!

Fri, 03 Oct 2014 0:00:00 EDT
IamA tattooer in Huntsville, Alabama who was recently featured in a video of slow motion tattooing on the YouTube Channel Smarter Every Day that has over a million views in just 24 hours! AMA I work at Timepiece Tattoo Company in Huntsville, Alabama and I was recently in this super cool video on Smarter Every Day. Here's the link:

Since being posted yesterday, the video has been picked up by The Washington Post, The Daily Dot,, and I Fucking Love Science ( It's gotten over a million views in 24 hours!

People have been asking me questions who have seen the video, so I thought, why not do an AMA? I am a female tattooer who grew up in the South. I am a mom and a wife (my husband is an economics professor), and I'm an avid reader and learner. I have lots of tattooing stories, as well as personal life experiences, and you may ask me anything.

You can see my work here: I'm also on Facebook as LeahFarrowArt and have instagram account as well under the username spittingwisdom

I hope this suffices as proof:

Thu, 25 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I am a 21 year old bush pilot in the Australian outback AMA Been flying out here for 6 months. It's plenty entertaining. Ask me anything but where and who I work for.


Argyle Diamond Mine


Edit: /u/deadcunt is going to be here as well. His proof.

Edit 2: Our Chief Masturabatory Officer /u/carra909 is trying to get in on the action. Feel free to call him a cunt.

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