Top Specialized Reddit IAmA's The latest Specialized IAmA's collected from Reddit Specialized ProfessionIamA maker of life sized animatronic dinosaurs. AMA! Hey everyone! I'm John a 25 year old over the Road Truck Driver! Been doing this for as long as has been a legal for me to do so (close to five years now!) I live and breath my work, I have no home to speak of except of course the road! Ever had a question for a trucker? Wanna know what we are thinking while you blow our doors off going down the highway? Well give it a whirl here :)

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I'm back and will be answering questions as they come in :) I've got nothing better to do so fire away I'll answer so long as there is one asked! This has been a blast thanks so much for those who have participated so far!

Tue, 08 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
NonprofitIamA Outreach Advocate who works with sex trafficking survivors and high risk youth! AMA! Hello! My name is Makoons and I work at the Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (PAVSA) in Duluth, Minnesota. We are a local non-profit that provides numerous services to survivors of sexual assault including forensic nurse exams and training, legal assistance, therapy, and general support and advocacy - all at no cost to the survivor.

As a Trafficking Outreach Worker I am contracted out to the Duluth Police Department and housed at their headquarters in the sex crimes unit. I assist investigators in contacting survivors, keeping in touch with families, tracking runaway and missing persons (as many trafficking cases begin as these sort of reports), consult and mediate between the department and Social Services, consult with local tribes, help review and sort evidence, and accompany officers on interviews with survivors and high-risk youth. I also help determine who among our runaway cases could be considered high-risk.

I just want to add a couple of things to keep in mind : I am not here representing the Duluth Police Department as they have their own person responsible for dealing with public/media inquiries. Though I'm housed here I am an employee of PAVSA.

The purpose of this AMA is to spread awareness of sex trafficking and to bring attention to our model of service, as to our knowledge we are the only org in the country with a Trafficking Outreach Advocate embedded in a police department.

If you would like to support our cause there is a donation button on our website or else supporting your local sexual assault advocacy group would be very thoughtful and appreciated!

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Thu, 03 Aug 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Specialized Profession-LiveIamA Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor AMA! My name is Dane Jasper (/u/danejasper), and I co-founded Sonic in 1994, at a time when the “World Wide Web” was brand new, Linux had just been invented and avoiding dialup busy signals was the main customer issue. Today, Sonic is the largest independent ISP in Northern California. As a 20-year industry veteran, I've seen a lot of change, but I remain committed to the concept of alternative competitive broadband access services, which is why I’m fighting for net neutrality today.

Sonic firmly believes that internet providers should NOT be able to charge content creators -- like Netflix or CNET -- more money to stream their service, or have the ability to block others entirely. The internet should remain open and equal for all.

I’ll be sticking around to answer your questions on net neutrality and what’s at stake for you and everyone else who uses and loves the internet, amid the FCC’s plans to roll back current net neutrality regulations. Ask away!


Sun, 16 Jul 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Request[AMA Request] Lord Buckethead, the Independent candidate who ran against Theresa May in the UK general election. Hi Reddit, I’m excited to be hosting my first AMA live from E3 2017.

I’ve been working in video games for the last 31 years, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented people in the industry. Not only are video games the fastest growing form of entertainment, they’re beloved by communities of players around the world and we believe that they can enrich peoples’ lives.

Beyond games I’m passionate about new technology, new methods of managing creative talent and new types of transportation… and chocolate!

Yesterday we held our annual E3 conference where we announced what I think is one of our strongest lineups of games in recent years. If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil it for you, watch it here >>

Edit 1 - I'll start answering questions at 10:30am PT keep them coming!

Edit 2 - Thanks so much for your questions, I really enjoyed hearing from you all, unfortunately that is all the time I have for today. I hope we can do this again soon!

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Fri, 09 Jun 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Request[AMA Request] The girl from Maury that was deathly afraid of pickles My short bio: I was a freelance writer for outlets like Vanity Fair, The Guardian, Skeptic, and Huffington Post when I was invited to assist a faction of Anonymous that was assisting with the Tunisian revolution. Shortly afterwards Anonymous hackers stole 70,000 e-mails from an "intelligence contracting" firm that had put us under surveillance, thus exposing the Team Themis conspiracy whereby Palantir, HBGary Federal, and other firms with "black propaganda" capabilities had proposed hacking, disinformation, and intimidation of activist groups like Code Pink as well as Wikileaks and even its supporters, including Glenn Greenwald. Although one CEO had to resign, a Congressional investigation was quickly derailed and no one suffered any consequences (despite having planned DOS attacks, the exact thing for which Anonymous participants had been pursued for via heavily armed FBI raids after they took down MasterCard and Paypal websites for a few seconds in protest of their refusal to process donations to Wikileaks).

Thereafter I repurposed my online "think-tank," Project PM, to continue researching these firms and others like them, compiling our research on a wiki called (since moved). The FBI eventually raided my home and my mom's house, with the search warrant listing our website and group as subjects of interest. Thereafter they threatened to indict my mother if I failed to cooperate; instead, I threatened to "ruin" the life of the lead agent, using the same tactics that HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr had planned to use against activists with the DOJ's blessing. Separately, I vowed to defend myself against any further raids. The two statements were conflated by the DOJ and used to indict me for threatening a federal agent, which actually requires one to make a violent, non-conditional threat, whereas I'd made one non-violent threat and one conditional threat.

Later, I was charged with 11 counts of aggravated identity theft for having copied and pasted a link from one chat room to another that I believed contained more e-mails, but which in fact included credit cards. I faced 22 years for that link alone, in addition to other charges. The DOJ later had to drop those and other charges, and I plead guilty to one count of internet threats, one of interference with a search warrant, and one of accessory after the fact (I called Stratfor, a company that had been hacked, and offered to help redact any e-mails that could put someone in danger). I was also ordered to pay over $800,000 in restitution to Stratfor.

There are several documentaries covering much of this, including Hacker Wars, We Are Legion, and Alex Winter's 18-minute film Relatively Free, as well as some pretty good articles at WhoWhatWhy and The Nation describing the other plots we uncovered and documented.

While imprisoned, I continued writing, doing a column called The Barrett Brown Review of Arts & Letters & Prison that was later picked up by The Intercept, and for which I won the National Magazine Award for commentary/columns in 2016.

I was released November of last year, and am now preparing a new project, called the Pursuance System, by which to build up a cohesive yet agile network of opposition to criminalize institutions while also helping activists and non-profits to cooperate more efficiently. You can read more about it here.

My Proof: Picture from last week sent to mods here. Here's a live video from my Facebook. Can resubmit that picture as well if needed.

EDIT 5:34 CST I'm going to run down to the store, but will be back in fifteen or twenty minutes to answer more questions.

EDIT Am back, and will continue to answer questions sporadically through the evening.

EDIT 9:00 PM EST I'm going to play some Team Fortress 2 for a bit and relax and whatnot but I'll be back to answer more questions later tonight, and will get to more tomorrow as well.

EDIT 1:53 am EST Well, my Facebook account has suddenly been disabled without explanation, in case anyone's wondering why the link above no longer works.

Sun, 04 Jun 2017 0:00:00 EDT
I was a blackhat hacker and went to jail for 2 years - still on parole. My short bio: I was a blackhat hacker and served 2 years 2 months in prison, i'm on parole now. I was sentenced to 3 years and 6 month, but i was a nice prisoner and so i'm on parole now.

They got me after a partner in crime went to jail, he served his sentenced and started hacking again, they got him again and he revealed my identity for a lower sentence.

English is not my first language, obviously. Please ignore all those stupid grammar and translation mistakes.

My Proof: (its my penalty order and lists all my crimes, the entire letter is 21 pages in total) there was no media involved, so there are no articles in newspapers or something (thank god)

Crimes summarized: Sabotage of computers, fraud, preparation and committed spying out of data, dealing with stolen digital data, exploitation of secrets, forming of a criminal organization, instruction, approval and reward to commit crimes, money laundering, taking pictures and recording the voice of a person without permission.

Mon, 22 May 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Request[AMA Request] Stock Image People Hi Guys,

I was very disappointing when browsing Reddit earlier as I came across an IAMA from someone claiming to be a Commercial Pilot. It was full of downright lies and bullshit. He was quickly shot down by the Pilot community on reddit and he deleted his post but the IAMA is still up.

It inspired me to do an IAMA of my own so you guys on here could be given proper answers rather than be lied to by a stupid kid.

My Proof: My Commercial Pilot license, along with the A320 type rating endorsement.

Sun, 21 May 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Specialized ProfessionI previously served at sea on cargo ships as a Navigational Officer AMA! I have loved games all my life, made board games as a kid, started programming computer games in 1975 in college, then professionally since 1980. I was one of the first 10 employees at Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts, The 3DO Company, and Dreamworks Interactive. More recently I focused on Serious Games in education, health, training, and neuroscience, before becoming Google's Chief Game Designer for 4 years. I quit there last month to get back to my first love: making games people love to play, with cutting edge technology, new creative tech niques, and great collaborators.

Some games I've contributed to include the arcade game Sinistar, LucasArts games like their flight simulator line, as well as Graphic Adventures like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis, The Dig, and the first two Monkey Island Games.

Here's a more complete (but still partial!) list:,1657/


Sat, 13 May 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Specialized ProfessionIamA Court Reporter. I use a shorthand language to type at speeds potentially over 300+ words per minute. AMA! My short bio: Hey, all. There seemed to be some interest in me doing an AMA after I posted in /r/hockey last night, so here I am!

I'm a 28-year-old guy living in Ontario, Canada. I graduated in 2011 and have been a court reporter for the past six years.

Please feel free to ask me anything at all, and I'll do my best to answer all questions (assuming there are any, lol).

My Proof: Proof 1, Proof 2, Proof 3.

Just because I think it might be helpful to anybody wondering what this is or how our shorthand language works, this is what our keyboard layout looks like, and this short video gives a pretty decent idea of what the best of us are capable of.

Wed, 19 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Specialized ProfessionIAMA technology manager and lighting specialist for a family owned light bulb company! It's a slow afternoon so AMA about lighting, bulbs family businesses or whatever! My short bio: I was a senior about 7 weeks away from graduating when 4/16/2007 happened. I knew several people that were either killed or injured. There isn't a single week that goes by since that day when it doesn't cross my mind.

EDIT: Some additional insight so you don't have to dig through comments:

  • I was not in a classroom, and I was not shot. I was on my way to an unaffected class room.

  • I was good friends with one person that was killed, acquaintances with a few who were shot, and knew several others affected.

  • The top takeaways from the incident for me were:

  1. The media is an extremely sharpened double-edged sword. The same vehicle that generated a global outpouring of support also arm-chair quarterbacked their way into criticizing our school, and stalked students around campus trying to generate tears-on-camera. I was set to graduate with a degree in mass communication, but abondoned the media industry altogether after that incident.

  2. Virginia Tech is one of the most resilient, kindest communities I've ever known. Everyone parents asked us to "leave and come home," but not a single person I know did. We all stayed. Even the 20-or-so injured students all came back to school as soon as they could. Everyone wanted to be at school to help each other and not let something like this define who we were. One guy who was shot in the leg left his hospital bed against doctor's order on crutches, just so he could walk across stage at our departmental commencement ceremony. People gave him a full five minute standing ovation.

  3. I remember being rather hurt/upset that it can branded as "the Virginia Tech massacre." No one asked us (the students) if that was okay. I realize that's not historical labeling works, but it just always bothered me.

My Proof:

EDIT 2: The intent here was to simply give folks a personal perspective on how a school/community is impacted beyond what you may recall hearing from the media. I care about my school and wanted awareness for my 32 heroes to live on a decade later. Even though I created a throw-away account and remained anonymous, there are redditors here who somehow believe I'm doing this for personal attention(?). There are certainly accounts and stories to be told of those "closer" to the incident itself, but I never claimed to be one of those accounts, so I'm having trouble reconciling some of the outrage and hatred in the comments.

With that, I'm going to stop responding to things now. My sincerest apologies if any one found this exploitative or disrespectful, it certainly was never the intent.

neVer forgeT.

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Specialized ProfessionI am Erik Singer, dialect coach and accent expert, and I'm back for more! I just released a new video with WIRED breaking down famous fictional languages. AMA! Almost a decade ago, I bought an abandoned house in Detroit for $500. I fixed it up with my own hands and live there with my dog. The city has changed immensely since I moved in, and I wrote about the experience for BuzzFeed. My book based on the piece comes out today. AMA!$500-House-in-Detroit/Drew-Philp/9781476797984


More proof:

Edit: alright folks, it's been real, and I had fun. I have to run, but I'll try to stop by in the next couple of days and answer some more of these questions. If you missed it, here's the Imgur link to photos of the house:

And some more "after" photos I took this afternoon when I got back home today:

Wed, 12 Apr 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Specialized ProfessionWe are Hackers for Hire, aka Professional Pentesters. AMA! Thanks for all the questions! I had a great time. See you down the road!


I’ve had an amazing and crazy career in gaming! Sneakers on the Apple 2 was my first game, then I went to work for Activision making Atari VCS games, moved on to Hasbro/Isix to make interactive movie games, shifted to Midway Games for 20 years leading hits like Smash TV, NBA JAM, WWF Wrestlemania, NFL Blitz, NBA Ballers, then joined EA as Sr Creative Dir for EA Sports, and finally as Sr Creative Director at Zynga brought fun and the “On Fire” mode to Bubble Safari. Today I’m still applying the old coin-op lessons to our mobile Wizard of Oz: Magic Match game - learning more and working just as hard every single day to bring fun and smiles to game players. Boomshakalaka! Best. Job. Ever.


Thu, 23 Mar 2017 0:00:00 EDT
Specialized ProfessionIAmA Video Game Tester, AMA! HEY THANKS FOR ALL THE QUESTIONS! I have to wrap up because my hands are starting to feel like two tiny hamster paws, and also I need to edit DIY Astronaut EP 2. Pick your social media poison if you want more shitty robots: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

See you soon Reddit!!

Hi Reddit!

Fricking excited to do my first AMA. I don’t want to go all cheesy on you but Reddit is where this journey started for me and how I got this -very- weird job. I owe you.

So about two years ago I started building robots and posting them on my YouTube channel and /r/shittyrobots. Today I’m a full-time inventor of useless machines and a host of Adam Savage’s I’m also, more recently, the founder of my own shitty astronaut training program. Because if nobody else will have you, just make your own thing.

Ask me anything!

Sat, 04 Mar 2017 0:00:00 EDT
NonprofitI'm Nancy Lublin, Founder of Crisis Text Line and Dress for Success. Previously CEO of AMA! My short bio: Founder of Crisis Text Line. Previously CEO of and Founder of Dress For Success. Author of XYZ Factor, Zilch, and the Handbook. Ask me about tech, data, entrepreneurship, Star Wars.

This AMA is not for crisis support. In crisis? Text 741741 for free, 24/7 crisis support in the US.

My Proof:

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 0:00:00 EDT
GamingIamA Game Designer, Magic the Gathering Hall of Famer, and the CEO of White Wizard Games. AMA! I  founded White Wizard Games in my garage with my best friend, and have raised over $1M on Kickstarter to fund the development of 3 games and 2 apps. Our first game, Star Realms, has won 7 Game of the Year awards. Last year I gave away $100,000.00 in the first Epic Card Game World Championship. 

I have over 20 years of industry experience spanning nearly every aspect of hobby gaming: • Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Champion and Hall of Famer • Game Designer • White Wizard Games CEO • Designer and Co-Creator of Epic Card Game • Co-Creator of the Star Realms Deckbuilding Game • Co-Creator of the Hero Realms Deckbuilding Game • Co-Founder/Co-Designer of the Ascension Deckbuilding Game • Gary Games Inc. COO • EpicTCG CEO • Your Move Games Inc. Co-CEO • Stoneblade Entertainment Organized Play Director • Game Store Owner • Premier Tournament Organizer for WoTC and Konami • Tournament Judge (Level 3 Magic Judge) • Organized Play Designer/Consultant

I am also a dad to 7 kids and a St. Bernard. 

Ask me about running a game company, designing games, running a Kickstarter, playing professional Magic, marketing/sales distribution for games, game manufacturing, developing game apps, or .... anything :)

Here's a link to the Kickstarter that we are currently running:

The White Wizard Games website is here:

My Proof: There will be a post in the Kickstarter comments on the Kickstarter page and also on our White Wizard Games instagram that I am hosting this iAMA. 

I will start answering at 4 pm EST today, February 14th, so ask away!

Tue, 14 Feb 2017 0:00:00 EDT