Top Tech Reddit IAmA's The latest Tech IAmA's collected from Reddit TechnologyIamA Co-Founders of Medicalchain - Blockchain for Electronic Health Records and Telemedicine - Dr Abdullah Albeyatti and Mo Tayeb, here to answer your questions AUA! Hi everyone,

Medicalchain Co-Founders CEO Dr Abdullah Albeyatti and COO Mo Tayeb will be personally running this AMA. Feel free to ask any questions and vote on others according to your interest. Dr Abdullah and Mo will be answering questions through the next few days and will get to as many as possible!

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Dr Abdullah Albeyatti MBBS BSc MRCS (ENT)

Linkedin Profile (

Dr Albeyatti graduated from UK Imperial College London as a doctor, gaining the majority of his experience in surgical training, then moving on to a GP training contract.

Dr Albeyatti initially founded Discharge Summary – an application used in hospitals to generate accurate medical reports on patients. He later co-founded Medicalchain and plays a key role in the development of blockchain technology, to suit the needs of the global patient and health professionals.

Dr Albeyatti is an inspiring speaker, that is passionate about improving quality of health and social care around the world.

Mohammed Tayeb MBA

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Mo Tayeb is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Medicalchain. He is a graduate from Brunel University from where he obtained a degree in e-commerce. He also holds an Executive MBA from University of Oxford, Saïd Business School. As a professional, he has a wealth of experience as an internet entrepreneur and investor. His experience in business spreads from being the founder of technology and finance to having played an active role in the development of the e-commerce sector.

He has held senior positions in companies such as, one of the UK’s largest personal insurers, where he served as Head of Development. Prior to that, Mo was the managing director of a boutique consultancy business which specialised in the field of mobile web and application development. At the time, he was active in the development of 8 games and utility applications on the Apple App store resulting in of millions downloads.

Mo has a very active and successful track record in the technology sector. He has provided technical knowledge, capital investment and advice for a variety of start-ups, acquisitions, mergers and corporate-restructurings for organisations involved in technology led projects, where he has very often served as a director or senior adviser.

He is a partner at Hearn Capital and a non-executive director on the board of Salic (UK), an agricultural investment company.

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyI’m Nick Macario, CEO of and, an Ethereum based protocol for a professional network. AMA Hey reddit!

I’ve built multiple platforms in the in the professional networking space, which each grew to millions of users . I’m currently the CEO of which is one of the largest job networks in the world for remote work, with over 2.5 million users. I have lived and breathed this space.

The consistent problem I’ve encountered has been that centralized data controls the professional industry. Despite being the creator and contributor of your professional data(resume/cv, network, reviews), these hard earned efforts are now confined to one platform, as it is not possible to transfer this data and value.

I am passionate about the future of work, and believe there are much better ways of doing things than current industry standards. This is the reason I co-founded, an Ethereum based protocol that will decentralize user data by giving them complete control and ownership of their data.

AMA Proof: The photo I sent to the moderators

I’ll be answering questions starting at 12pm EST to about 2pm EST.


Alright I’m off! But thanks for being awesome. I'll try to check back in and answer questions as they come. If you’d like to learn more about dock, feel free to join any of our communities below: Telegram Subreddit Facebook

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TechnologyIamA 15 year old boy and owner of an bionic forearm worth 30.000€ AMA! Hi Reddit! Brian Volk-Weiss here to chat about The Toys That Made Us, and much more.

I am an avid toy collector but also run the entertainment company, Nacelle Company which owns and operates the company Comedy Dynamics.

The Toys That Made Us premiered on Netflix on December 22nd. Netflix gets on the nostalgia-train with this eight-part series focused on iconic 1980s toys, including Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Barbie, He-Man, Star Trek, Hello Kitty, and Lego. The documentary includes interviews with some of the most important people involved with making the icon toys that we all know and love.

The second part of the series will premiere this Spring. Watch the first four parts on Netflix here.

And you can learn more about the series here.

Read more about me and how the show was created: Brian Volk-Weiss's Mount Rushmore of Toys.




So, Ask Me Anything!

Thnak you for all your questions!! Was a lot of fun!!

Fri, 12 Jan 2018 0:00:00 EDT
IamA translator and subtitler working in-house at one of the largest subtitling companies in the world. Have you ever wondered why professional subtitles are so different from amateur ones? AMA! I work as a translator and subtitler for a large localisation company - that is, it does dubbing and subtitling in something like 41 languages, as well as SDH (subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing) and audio description (spoken segments that help blind and visually impaired people follow along in films). It's one of the market leaders and has offices in over a dozen countries, as well as many thousands of freelancers.

Personally, I do subtitles from scratch in two languages (both translated and same-language), translate existing subtitles, write audio description scripts, and to a lesser extent translate synopses, dubbing scripts and other text. I end up doing work for a huge range of clients, from the world's largest media conglomerates to small museums and everything in between. I work in-house in one of the offices of the company rather than from home.

As long as I don't break any non-disclosure agreements or reveal industry secrets, I should be answer to most things about the work and the ideas behind it. AMA!


Wed, 10 Jan 2018 0:00:00 EDT
Technology-LiveI am an iPhone repairman and right to repair activist. Let's talk batteries! I’m Ken Seeley and I’ve been involved professionally and personally in recovery since 1989. I’m honored to have the privilege to educate millions of people through the television show Intervention on AE since its 2nd season.

This season of Intervention premiering tonight, January 2nd at 9pm, is a special 8 part series. For the first time in series history, we follow interconnected stories of addicts and their families suffering at the hands of the national opioid crisis. Living in a cluster of communities within the affluent Atlanta suburbs known as the “Heroin Triangle,” the families chronicled highlight the desperate need for support and help during this national drug emergency. Each episode focuses on the journey of those plagued by their opioid addictions and their families who are left to pick up the pieces, as well as the city officials who are on the ground fighting as they attempt to intervene and save the lives of those affected while helping to heal the community. I’m joined by my fellow veteran interventionists Candy Finnigan and Donna Chavous. We’re partnering with interventionist and Georgia native, Heather Hayes, as well as new team member, Michael Gonzales. We’re attempting to help these victims of addiction as well as the community it’s impacting.

Watch this season’s trailer:

Learn more about Intervention:

More about my expertise as an interventionist:

As an interventionist, I apply my experience to help transform the lives of those who suffer from the disease of addiction. I’ve changed the lives of thousands of people through my work performing interventions and working with families. I’m Certified Intervention Professional, Board Registered Interventionist Level II, Registered Addiction Specialist, and Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor. Today, I derive the greatest personal satisfaction from the hundreds of interventions I’ve conducted, organized, or facilitated through my private intervention service, Intervention 911.


Fri, 05 Jan 2018 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyI'm the CEO of Winnie, an app for parents that grew to 100k active users in just under a year. AMA. I served as MPP’s Director of State Campaigns from 2015 - 2017, and helped lead successful ballot initiative campaigns in 2016 in Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada. At the end of November 2017, I was named MPP’s Interim Executive Director.

Today, there are reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will rescind the Cole Memo, which provides protections for states with legal marijuana from the federal government. If the Cole memo is rescinded, that would enable federal law enforcement agents to raid licensed, regulated, and tax-paying businesses -- businesses that employ thousands of Americans and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue for public services including substance abuse treatment programs and new school construction. Jeff Sessions is ignoring the will of the people and he must be stopped.

I am determined to fight this move, to legalize marijuana, and to remind Mr. Sessions that marijuana must be a states' rights issue. Ask me anything!

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EDIT: Hey everyone, I'm signing off. Thank you so much for all the questions. Sorry I couldn't answer everything -- it's been a busy day as you can imagine. Please visit to learn more about our organization's work -- we're fighting for medical marijuana and full legalization policies in states across the country, and we're fighting to fix marijuana policy at the federal level. If you can, please consider making a donation to Thank you -- Matt

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Request[AMA Request] Nick, the grunge kid who got an unnecessary makeover on Oprah in 1993. My short bio: Hi Reddit! My name is Jacob Orth, and I currently work as a VIP Host at a strip club in Las Vegas called the Hustler Club. It's a 3 story, 70,000 square foot building, with 21 bottle booths, 3 stages, 2 VIP rooms, female and male strippers (weekends only for males). I've worked in Vegas strip clubs for about 5 years now, and know the strip club industry in Vegas very well. Ask me anything!

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Sat, 09 Dec 2017 0:00:00 EDT
My name is Sarvesh Sadana. I built a working fusion reactor in my garage. I also conduct research at Berkeley and run a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. AMA! Hiya Reddit! I'm a longtime lurker, but some friends convinced me to do an AMA.

My name is Sarvesh Sadana. I'm currently a senior (17) in high school.

For the past year and a half, I've been building an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement fusion reactor (fusor) in my garage. It utilizes an extremely powerful electric gradient in a high vacuum to accelerate positively charged ions toward a negative central grid. The charged ions have such high velocity (30 million Kelvin) that they collide with one another and fuse. Half of those fusions produces a neutron, which is then measured using a He-3 proportional counter and a digital oscilloscope. It took hundreds of hours, but as of September 16, 2017 I achieved fusion.

The project I'm currently working on is a liquid helium generator. It consists of a high-psi air compressor, high-pressure stainless steel tubing, a reservoir, a regulator, tanks of nitrogen, neon, helium, and more. It utilizes the Joule Thomson effect to cool the gases down to near absolute zero (helium liquefies at 4 Kelvin, and has a JT inversion temperature of 45 Kelvin). The generated liquid helium will be used to cool a superconducting electromagnet, which will reach extremely high levels of magnetic flux.

I've also been conducting research at UC Berkeley for the last 6 months. I create composite 3D printing filament with superior mechanical and thermal properties. I'm currently working with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers, and their potential applications in 3D printing. It's super exciting stuff!

Lastly, I'm also the co-founder and CEO of a nonprofit called Shoecyclist. We hold shoe donation drives where we donate new and used shoes to the homeless. We also have several local chapters across California.

Feel free to ask me any questions about anything! I have opinions on everything from Star Trek to scientific publishers. (My fusor) (Pic of fusion plasma) (Liquid helium generator - in progress)

Neutron club application:

If you want any more proof, please feel free to ask.


Sun, 12 Nov 2017 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyWe’re the founders of Anki, a robotics and AI company. We make a little robot named Cozmo and a robotic battle-racing game called Anki Overdrive. AMA! Hi! I impersonated Joel Osteen and got to the stage at one of his arena events. They threatened me with jail but I'm free and I'd like to chop it up from 9am PST- 10:30am PST with anyone who watched the video!,

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyCo-Founder of Me Anything. <Edit>It's 12:30am here now so I'm going to hit my Kindle for a bit and turn in. Thank you so much for the cool questions, I didn't think I'd get a third as many as this and some of them were really great. If there are any more questions or responses I'll take a peek tomorrow. Cheers! I'm Hayden Hewitt and I'm a Co-Founder of and I was also part of the team. I guess you can ask me anything!

Wed, 18 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyWe're MegaBots, Team USA in the Giant Robot Duel. Our robot fights tomorrow - AUA! Hey Reddit, I'm here again!

After starting standup at 19, I wrote, starred, and produced my own television show TITUS from 2000-2002. After I pissed off the Network President and the show got canned I've done seven 90 minute comedy specials and I'm working on my eighth called Amerigeddon, which is touring now.

I also just finished my first feature film called Special Unit, a cop movie starring actors with real disabilities and my emotional ones. We used handicapped actors in a way that has never been done before, in a balls out comedy that is as if Mel Brooks made Lethal Weapon with retards. You can check out the movie below.

Special Unit:
Available Here
And on iTunes

No I have not heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise, and one more thing...catapults, no question.

My Proof:
Tweet at me:
Instagram me: @TitusNation

Bring it!

EDIT: I need to jet people! Thanks so much for the questions and some of your hilarious responses. If I get some time later I'll come back and answer a few more! And guys, PLEASE see the movie, no bullshit you'll laugh your ass off. If you don't want to give the corporate overlords at Apple any money you can get it on my website Until we meet again Reddit!

Mon, 16 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyI discovered a novel design for Sustainable Energy Generations Systems and released my proprietary rights into the public domain. AMA! While completing my MSEE degree, I got an idea for how to design sustainable energy generation systems. To give some background, the electric power system delivers electricity to homes and buildings to power televisions, refrigerators, computers, and every other device that plugs into an outlet. A sustainable energy generation system is an off-grid (stand-alone) electric power system that can independently provide reliable electric power to a home/building from renewable energy resources. The main challenge in designing sustainable energy generation systems, i.e. solar and battery storage, is determining how much solar and how much storage are required to reliably supply power year-round.

By considering oversized PV, I pioneered an algorithm that approximates the energy storage requirements for increasingly oversized PV. The result was a graph of all possible configurations of oversized PV and storage, and I found an inverse relationship between PV and storage. Here is an animation of what this looks like.

This relationship is important to optimize for the cheapest system. Since PV and energy storage have different costs, the algorithm computes the price for each system and determines the most cost-effective configuration shown by the red “x”. This data represents the results for a residential home; however, this solution is scalable to any size.

After graduating, I founded OffGrid, an organization to design sustainable energy generation systems. My work involved working on the design, patent application, and funding opportunities. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure funding for this organization and found a job a few months after. I uploaded the algorithm on GitHub and released all potential proprietary rights, pertaining to the system, into the public domain. AMA

My Proof is a technical document with more information about the system and a link to the algorithm.

Wed, 11 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyWe are a solar racing team about to embark on a 3,000km journey through the Australian Outback in a solar car that we built, AMA! Hello, Reddit! Mike from UC Berkeley's public affairs office here. Since free speech on college campuses is a hot topic - especially at Berkeley - I asked the dean of our law school, Erwin Chemerinsky, to sit down for an AMA to discuss it and other subjects.

Erwin is an extremely humble person, but I need to quickly brag for him before we begin: In addition to being our law dean, Erwin is one of the country's foremost scholars of constitutional law, and earlier this year was named the most influential person in legal education in the United States by National Jurist magazine. Before coming to Berkeley, he helped establish UC Irvine's law school, and before that taught at Duke University and USC. He has argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals, has written hundreds of law review articles, and is the author of ten books - including “Free Speech on Campus,” his latest. You can learn more about him here.

I'm just here to facilitate; Erwin will be responding to all questions himself. No need to stick solely to the topic of free speech, either - he's willing to discuss all manner of legal subjects. He'll begin answering questions at about 5:30 PM pacific time.


EDIT: Mike here again. I'm afraid that Erwin needed to sign off for the evening, but he asked me to pass along the following: "It was a pleasure to participate in this, thank you for all the very good and well-informed questions - I answered as many as I could and I'm sorry I could not do more. I'd love to do this again." We'll try to make that happen!

Sat, 07 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyWe’re Kor Adana and Ryan Kazanciyan of Mr. Robot My name is Sean Stratton I am a 24 year old environmental scientist and I am currently running for New Jersey District 18 Assembly as the Green Party candidate. I’m here to talk to you about my political platform and the experience of running as a young adult and third party candidate.

I decided to run for office 5 months ago after a friend’s tap water test came back containing 82 ppb of lead. This led me to research the federal Lead and Copper Rule along with conducting Open Public Record Act requests (for anyone not in New Jersey this is called Freedom of Information) to my hometown and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. What I found was that my hometown was not sampling the correct locations as per the federal regulations and they were not providing the correct notification to residents who had their homes tested. From this I began to look at other towns and found that we have multiple towns and cities here in New Jersey that have breached the federal action level for lead in residential drinking water. 3 examples are Newark, Trenton, and Milltown. This is significant because even during the height of the Flint Michigan crisis, Flint never exceeded federal standards.

This is when I decided I would run for office; I believe that everyone has the right to clean drinking water and in order to provide this we need to drastically rebuild our infrastructure including our water distribution system. I also believe that every worker deserves a livable wage which is why I support increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour here in New Jersey. Finally, I believe that all citizens no matter how rich or how poor have the right to healthcare. I support universal healthcare and will push for a New Jersey single payer healthcare system.

Want to get involved? You can check out my Facebook page or Nationbuilder:


EDIT: Wow! 7 hours and I definitely got way more questions than anticipated! Was great talking with everyone and I definitely learned a lot! Remember to vote in your state and local elections, they're important!

Fri, 06 Oct 2017 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyWe are the Prepar3D® team at Lockheed Martin AMA! EDIT: That's all the time we have for today. Thank you for all the great questions!

Hey Reddit! We are part of the Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® team. Prepar3D (pronounced "prepared") is a visual simulation platform that allows users to create training scenarios across aviation, maritime and ground domains. Prepar3D engages users in immersive training through realistic environments. Prepar3D can be used to quickly create learning scenarios anywhere in the virtual world, from under water to sub orbital space.

The enhancements we have made in our Prepar3D v4 platform completely changes the simulation landscape with improved virtual reality features, unbelievable realism, and improved performance for commercial, educational, military use and aviation enthusiasts.

It’s been really exciting to see pictures and videos of Prepar3D v4 shared and discussed by the Reddit community since our launch in May!

PC Pilot Magazine just published an in-depth user review and we just released v4, so we thought this would be a great time to answer any questions you all might have.

Answering your questions here today are:

Adam Breed, Prepar3D Engineering Project Manager

Howell “Beau” Hollis, Prepar3D Rendering Lead and Architect

Robert McCarthy, Prepar3D Commercial Product Lead

For more information and to download your own copy of Prepar3D check out these links:

Visit our website:

Check out videos and tutorials:

Go Around the World in Prepar3D:

If you're interested in Software Engineer jobs, check out this link:

Proof: Twitter

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